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A Gut Mo’ed!

birchas kohanim sukkos 9 22 2013 tls mm lrPhoto credit: M. Mutterperl.

Nice Weather Forecasted for 2nd Days of Yom Tov

2nd daysThe weather forecast, from the National Weather Service, is for Lakewood.

Girl Injured after Sukkah Collapses on Family

hatz ambulance tlsA girl in Lakewood was injured on Shabbos after her family’s Sukkah collapsed, TLS has learned. Read more ›

Lakewood OEM Holds Meeting to Discuss Severe Weather; Police Chief Warns of Possibility of Downed Trees, Power Outages

lakewood oem hq tlsDuring a meeting held today at the Office of Emergency Management headquarters in Lakewood, Police Chief Rob Lawson warned of severe weather over the next few days, despite the fact that Hurricane Joaquin turned away from the East Coast. Read more ›

Bikur Cholim Prepares over 2,000 Hot Meals, Lends out Hundreds of Pieces of Equipment over Yom Tov Season

bikur cholim new vanBikur Cholim Rooms in all area hospitals have been prepared and stocked for Succos– stocked with machzorim, Lulavim and Esrogim, grape juice, reading material, hot and cold food — anything a patient or their family may need during Yom Tov. Read more ›

Hoshana Rabba Night: BMG Presents ‘Shivti’ – Live Shiurim in English & Yiddish

shivtiThe live event will be held on Motei Shabbos, Hoshanna Rabba at 10 PM. The Shiurim can be accessed by calling 732-806-9090. Click here to download the Choveres.

Today: 2 Local Indoor Events to Benefit Tzedakah

ChuckECheese Succos 2015_-page-001ice skating

UPDATE: Hurricane Joaquin Turns Away from East Coast, Flooding and High Winds Still Expected

hurricane joaquinHurricane Joaquin – still a Category 4 Hurricane – has taken a turn away from the East Coast, the National Weather Service says. Read more ›

UPDATED: Over 2,500 JCP&L Customers in Lakewood without Power; Possibly due to Overturned Vehicle

overturn oberlin[UPDATED 8:50 PM] Over 2,500 JCP&L customer in Lakewood are without power this evening, partially possibly due to an overturned vehicle that took out power lines. Read more ›

Agudath Israel Urges Residents in Path of Storm to Secure Sukkahs

agudahFrom Agudath Israel of America: Agudath Israel of America has been asked to publicize the following alert from the New York City Office of Emergency Management in advance of Hurricane Joaquin. Read more ›

Friday Chol Ha’moed: ChuckE Cheese Event to Benefit Chai Lifeline

ChuckECheese Succos 2015_-page-001The tokens never expire, and come with 500 free game tickets when purchased during this exclusive Chai Lifeline event. See flyer for details.

Christie Administration Issues Price Gouging Warning During Severe Weather State of Emergency

nj attorney generalThe Office of the Attorney General, the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, and the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice are reminding consumers about New Jersey’s price gouging law as the state prepares for possible effects of the coming Nor’easter and potential for Hurricane Joaquin. Read more ›

Township: Change in Trash Pickup Schedule due to Impending Storm

recycling trash dpw tlsDue to the impending storm, there will be a change in next week’s trash and recycling pickup, the Township announced today. Read more ›

SHOCKING: Jackson Resident Issued Violation Notice for Sukkah on his Rear Deck (PHOTOS)

sukkah viloation jacksonA former Lakewood resident who now resides in Jackson received a violation notice for erecting a Sukkah – a hut built by Jews for the Sukkot holiday – on his rear deck. Read more ›

URGENT UPDATE: Governor Chris Christie Declares State of Emergency in Preparation for Hurricane Joaquin as it Becomes Category 4 Hurricane

hurricane[VIDEO – Gov: Be Prepared but Don’t Panic] As earlier reported, Governor Chris Christie today declared a state of emergency throughout the state as a result of severe weather conditions expected in the coming days. Read more ›

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office Urging Residents to take Precautions in Preparation for Storm; TIPS

monmouth county sheriffThe threat of Hurricane Joaquin travelling up the east coast in the days ahead has the potential to cause severe weather in Monmouth County. Read more ›