JUST IN: Missing person from Toms River found alive [UPDATE – TEHILLIM]

A Toms River man missing for several weeks, has been found alive. Read more ›

Letter: Vaccines – Nurses Speak Up

Dear Editor, I’ve read with interest the various comments re: An Open Letter to the Lakewood Community and the post of Dr Robert’s. As a relative new-comer to Lakewood I generally Read more ›

ADL Calls on Leaders to Redouble Efforts to Counter Hate; New national data says hate crimes targeting Jews spiked nearly 40 percent

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today said more must be done to address the divisive climate of hate in America after newly released FBI data Read more ›

Poll: What time would you like to hear Daf Yomi Shiurim on Scoop Radio?

Please select two below. Read more ›

Toms River Police Department Escorts a Misameach Child Home

After spending close to 7 weeks in the hospital, a Misameach child was welcomed home by a Toms River Police escort. Read more ›

Opinion: Dems Taking The House Is Good News For Trump

by Shlomo Rudman. In last Tuesday’s midterm elections, Democrats managed to flip dozens of Republican-held seats, allowing them to retake control of the House of Representatives. Read more ›

Driver who caused 5-vehicle accident in Lakewood charged with DWI, slew of other charges

The driver who caused a five-vehicle accident in Lakewood yesterday was drunk when he blew through a red light, police said today. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Lakewood Police officers surprise veteran with US flag cake in honor of Veterans Day

Read more ›

BREAKING: Dozens of anti-vaxxer children in Lakewood get vaccinated to return to school; Some remain home

The announcement from Lakewood teachers and threats from schools to not allow unvaccinated children in school, appears to have worked – at least for the most part. Read more ›

PHOTO: Driver overdoses, crashes on Route 9 in Lakewood

A driver in Lakewood allegedly overdosed on drugs behind the wheel and crashed, officials say. Read more ›

Sew N Style celebrates Grand Opening (PHOTOS)

[COMMUNICATED] Yesterday, Lakewood celebrated the grand opening of Sew N Style, an upscale tailoring and alterations shop, servicing men, women and children. Read more ›

EXCLUSIVE – VIDEO: Dr. Roberts releases attorney’s letter regarding school exclusions in New Jersey for the unimmunized

Can anti-vaxxers sue their children’s school for not allowing them into school? Read more ›

TEHILLIM: Harav Dovid Trenk in need of Rachmei Shomayim

Larger Than Life, Legend, The Real Thing, are just some of the many ways my beloved Rebbe is described by admirers and Talmidim and all are true. Read more ›

Tonight: PCS Desktop and Network Support Course Open House

[COMMUNICATED] The course open house will take place tonight, November 12, 7:30 PM at PCS, 1771 Madison. Read more ›

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Police Commissioner and Liasion Meir Lichtenstein: We saw a tremendous Yad Hashem & a lot of Nissim today; Thanks heroic first responders

Police Commissioner and Liaison Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein said Lakewood saw big Nissim today during the gas explosion in a residential area. Read more ›

PHOTOS: U.S. Army Chaplain Dovid Egert, a Lakewood resident, awarded Certificate of Appreciation for efforts in Eastern Europe

Dovid Egert, a Lakewood resident and U.S. Army Chaplain, was awarded by the Army for his efforts in Eastern Europe. Read more ›

Feeling the text? by Rabbi Dovid Abenson

In previous articles, we discussed the importance of using precision when translating Chumash, both with the words of the Torah and particularly with Rashi. If a student Read more ›

BREAKING: Gas line explosion causes fire in Lakewood; Hundreds evacuated (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

Firefighters are battling a fire in Lakewood which was reportedly the result of a gas explosion. Read more ›

Lakewood Yarchei Kallah gears up for its 8th annual program in Eretz Yisroel

lkwd yarchei kallah[COMMUNICATED] The Lakewood Yarchei Kallah, led by the Rav of Khal Tiferes Mordechai Rav Eliezer Apter Shlita, Read more ›

BREAKING: Snaps Restaurant hires armed security after hundreds of anti-Semitic comments in response to vaccination Tweet (PHOTOS)

When Snaps, one of Lakewood’s most popular restaurants, Tweeted unimmunized are not welcomed at their establishment during the Measles Outbreak, they didn’t expect an anti-Semitic firestorm. Read more ›