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VIDEO: Important Message from Rabbi Avi Schnall for Jackson Yeshiva parents regarding Aid in Lieu checks

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VIDEO: The Center Run 2018 Launched

When The Special Children Center was first opened by extraordinary teenagers, their mission was to give families the strength and support they need to Read more ›

PHOTOS: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy welcomes delegation of Jewish community leaders

A delegation of Jewish community leaders this week met with Governor Phil Murphy, and presented him with a Mezuza plaque ahead of Pesach. Read more ›

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton to become Trump’s National Security Advisor, replacing McMaster

A BiG snowstorm on the first day of spring? Surprising. Hatzolah being prepared for the BiG snowstorm? Not surprising

Hatzolah was out and about plowing through the snow responding to calls in a timely fashion. The chances of a car accident obviously skyrocket Read more ›

Dr. Rich Roberts announces plans for Chol Hamoed Pesach Carnival

Dr. Rich Roberts has announced plans for the 2018 Pesach Chol Hamoed Carnival Sponsored by Kollel Ner Avrohom, Inc. Read more ›

Lakewood’s Igud Hamosdos to Lakewood School District: We stand firmly behind the Boards efforts to secure proper funding

Lakewood’s Igud Hamodos, which represents the approximately 30,000 private school students in Lakewood, sent the following letter to the District today.  Read more ›

The Vaad pens letter of support to the Lakewood School District

The Lakewood Vaad today sent a letter of support to the Lakewood School District amid its Read more ›

VIDEO: Volunteers pack up the Sedarim sponsored in our Sponsor-a-Seder campaign; Over 100 Sedarim already sponsored!

To sponsor a family’s entire Seder for just $147, click here. Read more ›

POLL: How would you rate the Lakewood DPW’s snow cleanup so far?

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Homeless man injured when tree crashes through his tent, pinning him

A homeless man in Toms River was injured  when a tree crashed through his tent, pinning him underneath. Read more ›

Over, 1,000 without power in Lakewood, over 6,000 in Jackson

Approximately 1,300 JCP&L customers in Lakewood are without power, and over 6,000 in Jackson, Read more ›

PHOTO: Lakewood gets approximately 10 inches of snow

Sen. Anthony Bucco: Hold Governor Accountable for Shocking Budget, Taxes

Gov. Phil Murphy shocked all of New Jersey with an outrageous budget proposal that would massively increase state spending while raising taxes by billions of dollars on our already overtaxed families and businesses. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Vehicle flips on Cedarbridge Avenue; No serious injuries

Thank you BT! Read more ›