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LCSW: Remain vigilant with Pesach Cleaning Help; Tips

LCSW: As the race to Pesach intensifies, so does the frantic search for and desperate reliance on quality cleaning help. Read more ›

Sudden Petirah of R’ Ovadia Goldblatt Z”L [UPDATED]

We regret to inform you of the sudden Petirah of R’ Ovadia Goldblatt Z”L. Read more ›

Bein Hazmanim Jobs

bein hazmanim jobsDo you need extra help for this pre-pesach season? The Chesed agency ‘Bein Hazmanim Jobs’ is back this season to help you find bochurim that are looking for something to do with their time off, and make some money on the side. Read more ›

‘Kashering R Us’ Back for their 7th Year in Lakewood

Kashering-Ad-(web)[COMMUNICATED] Pesach is almost here and there is a seemingly endless list of things to do before yom tov begins. Read more ›

Local officials warn of increased IRS scammer activity during tax season

With the filing deadline for income taxes quickly approaching, IRS scammers are taking full advantage of tax season calling unsuspecting taxpayers and attempting to dupe them. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Hachnosas Sefer Torah at Yeshivah Bais Aron

The Sefer Torah was dedicated by Talmidim and alumni of the Yeshivah, which is under the auspices of Rav Binyomin Schulgasser. (Send your Yeshivah event to Read more ›

Bikur Cholim of Lakewood launches Pesach Raffle: Win all of your Yom Tov needs for just $10!

[COMMUNICATED] Bikur Cholim offers you the opportunity to get all of your Yom Tov needs for just $10, while helping to provide for families in crisis a Yom Tov worth millions. Read more ›

Pesach/Spring cleaning: DPW trash drop-off and bulk pickup schedule

bulk trash dpw tlsUntil the satellite locations open ahead of Pesach, you may drop off your trash at the Department of Public Works Read more ›

Township to be presented with new Fire Budget

The Township Committee during their next meeting will vote on the revised Fire Budget, after Read more ›

Yom Kippur Katan Minyanim; List your Shul schedule [UPDATED]

Feel free to list your Shul’s Yom Kippur Katan Minyan in the comments section. Read more ›

Ad: Incredible New Free App – Win $1,000 Just For Downloading!

[COMMUNICATED] How would you like to get the following? 10% off of purchases at Brooklyn Southwest… Dimensions Maternity… Esti’s World of Fashion… Juvenile Planet… Little Loungers…. Hosiery Boutique Read more ›

PHOTOS: Accident lands overturned vehicle through fence on Chestnut St.

[PHOTOS BELOW] Luckily, there were no serious injuries. [TLS-007] Read more ›

Pesach/Spring cleaning: Make the most of used clothing; Deja New donation bin locations

While conducting your Pesach or Spring cleaning, make the best of wearable clothing you no longer need by dropping them off in donation bins around town. Read more ›

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lakewood Fire Department holds department-wide training at the Toms River Fire Academy

The Lakewood Fire Department held a department-wide fire training yesterday at the Toms River Fire Academy. Read more ›

Wearing reflectors on Shabbos

In response to inquries regarding wearing reflectors on Shabbos, attached is Piskei Halacha regarding the mater. Read more ›