BREAKING – FIRST REPORT: Pesach Hotel programs in jeopardy

Open a Jewish newspaper or website at this time of the year, and you will see dozens – if not more – ads for Pesach programs. Read more ›

VIDEO: Yechiel Retter, PCS Real Estate Alumni, talks about PCS courses

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Agudath Israel of New Jersey Decries Passage of Assisted Suicide Bill

Agudath Israel of America’s New Jersey office decried the state legislature’s passage of a bill today Read more ›

At Bingo Lakewood today (Yes, they’re real)

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Last Call: PCS Real Estate Investing Course

[COMMUNICATED] The PCS Real Estate course, in conjunction with the Lightstone Group, will feature David Lichtenstein and other industry experts. Read more ›

NJ Marijuana vote off, for the moment

Marijuana in New Jersey will have to wait, after the vote today was called off due to a lack of support.  Read more ›

TRPD: We did not issue this notice

An old fake post is making its way around social media again, this time in the name of the Toms River Police Department – but it’s false. Read more ›

Opinion: Require Meshulachim To Get Vaccinated | Avi Gutfreund

Yet again, Lakewood has been struck Read more ›

DHS Warning: Major Disruption to Electrical Transmission & Distribution on April 6th | Ron Benvenisti

The  NICC (National Infrastructure Coordinating Center) Watch Operations Department of Homeland Security is on alert after the Department of Energy announced that on April 6, Read more ›

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: Pedestrian walkway/overpass over Rt. 9

The following is an ‘Ask The Mayor’ question submitted to TLS, and the Mayor’s response. Email your questions for the Mayor to Read more ›

TRAFFIC ALERT: Construction at intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Ridge Avenue to last approximately 3 months

Tomorrow, March 26, crews will begin construction on Ridge Avenue between New Hampshire Avenue and County Line Road. Read more ›

VIDEO: President Trump on the Mueller report

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Jackson Negotiations Apparently Conducted In Bad Faith | A. Webley

As noted in previous articles, recently discovered trove of emails sent by Jackson Township officials show with crystal clear clarity that officials were not negotiating with Jewish residents in Read more ›

Mueller Report: No Collusion | Shlomo Rudman

For two years, Americans have waited with bated breath for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to conclude Read more ›

Receive a daily call to join Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser live in Learning Zera Shimshon

Learn the sacred words of the Zera Shimshon, with Rov Dovid Goldwasser. Read more ›

TODAY: Kinnus Tefillah for Shidduchim in Lakewood with Rav Yitzchok Kolodetsky

1. What is a Shidduch Tefilla Kinnus? Read more ›

Agudah Live: Washington D.C. Office, featuring Rabbi Abba Cohen, Rabbi Avi Schnall and Rabbi Shai Markowitz

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Letter: Issue with wine bottle corks (Photos)

Attached is a picture of some corks from “kosher” wines. Because of the Read more ›

Opinion: The Mueller Report Won’t Change A Thing | Shlomo Rudman

On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller ended his 674-day investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with the Putin-led nation by Trump campaign individuals. Read more ›

VIDEO: Watch Mekubal Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz’s Bracha to donors during visit to ALS patient: “In this Zchus, you and your family will not get sick” [Update: Rav Yisroel Neuman adds signature]

Watch this emotional visit of Mekubal HaRav Hagaon Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz, Shlita to R’ Dovid Frid, an ALS Patient – who has family here in Lakewood. Read more ›