“U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” campaign ends: Here are the results for Lakewood

The “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” campaign is officially over. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Informational Agudah Workshop Helps NJ Schools Identify and Maximize Government Funding Programs

It was a full house on Tuesday, April 17th as more than 60 principals and administrators took part in a workshop hosted by Agudath Israel of America’s New Jersey office. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Miracles on Ice – Spring classic to benefit the cancer patients of RCCS

If there was one word that would describe the inaugural RCCS Spring Classic, it would be EPIC. There were over 800 people Read more ›

Lakewood Memorial Day Parade date announced; Organizations invited to join

Lakewood Township will be having its annual Memorial Day Parade on Monday, Read more ›

Lakewood Board of Education RFP: Leased Educational Preschool Program Space for 2018-2019 School Year

[Public Notice] The Board of Education of the City of Lakewood, New Jersey, hereby advertises for Request for Proposals (RFP) for the School Year 2018-2019: Read more ›

Study: PCBs Linked to Learning Difficulties in Children Can Be in Your Kitchen Cabinets – by Ron Benvenisti

I do a lot of scientific research in my field of cybersecurity but occasionally I come across a study in other areas which are also important. Read more ›

Tragic Petirah of Hayalda Ahuva Zirkin A”H [UPDATED]

We regret to inform you of the Petirah of 11-year-old Ahuva Zirkin A”H, who was Niftar at her home today. Read more ›

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lakewood mother and child escape vehicle just before it bursts into flames

Read more ›

The Suggestion Box: How can Township officials improve Lakewood?

With many resident-suggested ideas already implemented, TLS is once again offering readers the opportunity to submit their ideas that would help improve Lakewood. Read more ›

Petirah of Reb Simcha Bunim Grunhut Z”L [UPDATED]

We regret to inform you of the Petirah of Reb Simcha Bunim Grunhut Z”L, who was Niftar this morning. Read more ›

Multiple stop signs installed along Caranetta between Sunset and Route 9

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Monday, Tuesday: Free photo shoot of your baby

The event is being hosted by Chemed and the LRRC in honor of National Infant Immunization Week. Read more ›

PHOTO: Oak St and Albert Ave Traffic Circle removed

Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer answers your ‘Ask The Chief’ questions: Traffic stop

The following is an ‘Ask The Chief’ question submitted to TLS, and the Chief’s response. Email your questions for the Chief to Read more ›

Lakewood Board of Education to hold general consultation meeting

[Public Notice] LAKEWOOD BOARD OF EDUCATION NCLB Title I, IDEA, Chapter 192, 193 & 226 will hold a general Consultation Meeting Read more ›