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Mayor Honors Retiring Ocean County Warden; Longest-serving Jail Warden in State’s History

warden 1PHOTOS: A ceremony was held in Town Hall this week to honor retiring Ocean County Jail Warden Theodore J. Hutler Jr. Warden Hutler was presented with a Read more ›

Pirsumei Nisa: Even The Shirt On Your Back – By Rabbi Binyomin Radner

menorah[Click here for printer-friendly file] The Rambam (Hilchos Chanuka 4:12) states, “The Mitzvah of Ner Chanuka is especially important; one must be very careful with it and ensure the miracle of Chanuka be publicized Read more ›

S.S.S.S. Nesivos Shalom Shiur: Chanukah Light

yisroel meir shapiro chanukahVIDEO (audio & Frum Tube below) of R’ Yisroel Meir Shapiro’s weekly Chumash/Nesivas Shalom Shiur, which takes place at the Bikur Cholim headquarters. Read more ›

PHOTO: Primary-aged Schoolchildren Brought Home these Arts & Crafts for Chanukah; Your Thoughts?

arts and craftsPHOTO: The arts & crafts pictured were brought home by schoolchildren this week in Lakewood. The matches were in fact real, and not just decorated sticks. Read more ›

Chestnut Shul’s $10,000 Raffle to Benefit New Building

chestnut[COMMUNICATED] The Chestnut Shul is excited to inform the Lakewood Community about our exciting and unique raffle to benefit our building expansion campaign. Read more ›

BJ’s Wholesale Club Opens New Gas Station on Rt 9 in Howell

bj gas 3PHOTOS: As part of the BJ’s Wholesale Club opening soon in Howell, New Jersey, the company’s newest gas station today began servicing the local community. Read more ›

NJNG Shares Tips to Help Customers Manage Energy Bills and Stay Comfortable this Winter

snowed in doorway coveredColder temperatures mean increased energy consumption as heating systems kick in to keep you warm and comfortable. And every degree your heating system is adjusted affects its daily energy use and, in turn, your energy bill. Read more ›

It’s Here and Only $5!

auction-launch-image[COMMUNICATED] The Oorah Auction is here! I know, I know. You are probably wondering how Oorah can possibly top the incredible prizes from last year. Read more ›

PHOTO: How Not to Place Your Lit Menorah

menorahThis reader-submitted photos should serve as a reminder to all lighting the Menorah. The lit Menorah was lit in close proximity to drapes – a disaster waiting to happen, R’L.

Read more ›

Person Robbed, then Assaulted on Tracks

lpd tls‎A person walking on the tracks in Lakewood was robbed and then assaulted by men possibly carrying a knife, police said today. Read more ›

CHOP and Chai Lifeline Collaborate to Create 6-foot Class A 100% Fire Retardant Menorah

chai chopOn Monday, December 15th, the children of CHOP joined an exciting Chanukah celebration with Chai Lifeline New Jersey in the main Atrium at CHOP. Read more ›

Brick PD Seeks Public’s Help in Identifying Man Who Used $1,300 in Fake Bills to Pay for Merchandise

VerizonCounterfeitThe Brick Township Police Department is looking for the public’s help to attempt to identify a subject who passed counterfeit one hundred dollar bills at the Read more ›

TODAY: Riverside Abstract invites Community to Chanukah Celebration; Balloon Artist, Magician, Giveaways, Nosh & More

riverside abstract[COMMUNICATED] Riverside Abstract owes its phenomenal growth in part to the warm welcome of the Lakewood Community. Read more ›

POLL: Which Republican Would You Vote for in a U.S. Presidential Run: Jeb Bush or Chris Christie?

When Was the Last Time You Saw these Prices in Lakewood?

gasPHOTO: Lakewood, and other towns in New Jersey, are once again seeing gas prices dip to the lowest motorists have seen in years.

Read more ›