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BREAKING – FIRST REPORT: Authorities Investigating after Patient is Hospitalized with Ebola Symptoms after Returning From Africa

cov 2 scarePHOTOS: Authorities this evening are investigating after a resident who recently returned from Africa was hospitalized with Ebola symptoms, Read more ›

PHOTOS: Two Lakewood Residents Help Troopers Save Unconscious Driver who Crashed into Swamp off GSP

1Two Lakewood residents at the right place at the right time Tuesday evening sprung into action to save a young driver’s life. Read more ›

Snow Plows in Lakewood Could Soon Provide Live Updates for More Efficient Cleanups

plow lkwd tls 15Snow plowing in Lakewood could become more efficient as the Department of Public Works enhances their communication systems, TLS has learned. Read more ›

Epidemic: Heroin-related Overdose Deaths Nearly Quadrupled in Recent Years; Fact Sheet

heroin drugFACT SHEET: Heroin usage and related deaths are on the rise in a big way across the US, according to a report released today. Read more ›

Local Authorities Searching for Robbery Suspect who Slashed Gas Attendant with Knife

crime scene lpd tlsLocal police are searching for an armed robber who slashed a gas attendant in Toms River. Read more ›

VIDEO: Governor Chris Christie Delivers 50% Tax Cut for New Jersey Working Families

christie tax cutVIDEO: “Governor Christie took action to reward the value of work and deliver long-awaited relief to New Jersey’s working families by signing into law a tax cut proposal Read more ›

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes: Seretz Vishnitz Rebbe Zatzal

IMG-20150623-WA0100The Seretz Vishnitz Rebbe, HaGaon HaRav Eliezer Hager Zatzal was Niftar a short time ago, YWN reports.  Read more ›

Infant Struck by Vehicle in Critical but Stable Condition

infant struck 2 7-6-15The infant struck yesterday in Lakewood is in critical but stable condition, an official told TLS. Read more ›

ATM Skimming Scheme Ringleader Sentenced to more than 10 Years in Prison; Targeted thousands of Bank Customers From Citibank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo & More

atm machine tlsA native of Romania who was arrested in Sweden and extradited to the United States was sentenced today to 121 months in prison for directing a large-scale scheme Read more ›

TONIGHT: PCS Internet & Software Development Course Open House

pcs[COMMUNICATED] The Internet & Software Development Course open house will take place this evening at 8:00 pm at PCS, 1771 Madison Avenue. The open house will be hosted by Rabbi Gedaliah Weinberger, Chairman of the Board of PCS. Read more ›

Closer to Reality: Google Selects Austin As Next Location for Testing Self-Driving Lexus (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

google self driving 2One of Google’s self-driving Lexus RX450h SUVs is now testing in Austin, and another will arrive later this week. Read more ›

Hilchos Shabbos Initiative Launched as Zchus for Girl who fell into Sudden Coma

hs[Reader-submitted] The Hilchos Shabbos Initiative. This program was launched recently as a zchus for our dear daughter/sister Chaya Malka Bas Bas-sheva who is 18 years old and fell into a sudden coma Read more ›

Delaware to Ban E-cigarettes Indoors. Should NJ be Next?

ecig tlsLegislation adding electronic cigarettes to Delaware’s indoor smoking ban is about to become law, according to a Read more ›

Chai Lifeline Holds Pre-dinner Events around Town

cl2The Lakewood Kehilah is gearing up for next week’s evening of chizuk for Chai Lifeline Lakewood at Ateres Chana (Bais Faiga Hall) on Tuesday, July 14th. Read more ›

LIST: Roads Upstate Problematic for Kohanim

Catskill  diretory annou. 5775The following was submitted to TLS by Vaad Mishmeres Kehuna, and relevant to Kohanim traveling upstate for the summer.  Read more ›