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Mazel Tov! Son of BMG Rosh Yeshivah engaged

lechayimM‎azel Tov to the BMG Rosh Hayeshiva Harav Malkiel Kotler Shlita and his Rebbetzen upon the engagement of their son Shneur this evening to Read more ›

VIDEO: Mayor Menashe Miller Dancing with School Children on Lag Ba’omer

mayor miller lag baomer[VIDEO BELOW] Read more ›

Bill to ban smoking at public parks and beaches in NJ gains final legislative approval

smoking in park lkwd - tls photoBy a vote of 51-6-4, the General Assembly on Thursday granted final legislative approval to a bill sponsored by Assembly Democrats Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Angelica Jimenez and Paul Moriarty to protect public health by prohibiting smoking at public parks and beaches. Read more ›

TRAGEDY: Sudden Petirah of Lakewood Infant Chaim Diskind A”H [UPDATED]

candleA Lakewood infant was suddenly Niftar today, officials and Askonim tell TLS. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Lag Ba’omer at Mesivta of Eatontown

moe[PHOTOS BLEOW] Read more ›

PHOTOS: Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Acknowledged by Leading Senators and Other Dignitaries on Capitol Hil

ojc1By: Shimmy Blum. Several dozen entrepreneurs, activists and journalists from New York, New Jersey and Maryland descended upon the Russell Senate Building in Washington, DC, Read more ›

Tomchei Tzedakah of Lakewood Seeks Sponsors for Reflector Belts for Meshulachim

reflector free from mayor tlsFrom Tomchei Tzedakah Lakewood: Tomchei Tzedakah offers each meshulach a free safety reflector belt. Read more ›

Trump reaches 1,237 delegate count to clinch GOP nomination

trump - pr tls

PHOTO: Lakewood Shade Tree Commission Recognizes Arbor Day Poster Contest Winners

shade treeLakewood Mayor Menashe Miller and members of Lakewood’s Shade Tree Commission recently recognized the winners of the 2016 Read more ›

VIDEO: The SCHI Challenge releases new Music Video

schi[VIDEO BELOW] For more information about the SCHI Challenge, which will be on Thursday, July 14, 2016, click here. Read more ›

Tonight: Minyan Shelanu Lag Ba’omer BBQ; Zchus Hadlokah & $10,000 Raffle

pine park minyanThe event will once again take place at Pine Park, beginning at 7 PM, and the Hadlokah at 8 PM. The event will feature a barbecue, slush, rides and more. Read more ›

VIDEO: Lag Ba’omer at Belz Lakewood

belz2[VIDEO BELOW] Read more ›

Lechayim! Lag Ba’omer in front of Satmar on Forest Avenue


VIDEO: Strumz Presents ‘Umar Rebbi Akiva’

strums[VIDEO BELOW] “Some call it a Kumzitz band, and some think of it as an acoustic band with a fresh sound. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Lag Ba’omer at Belz Lakewood

belz1Photos by Faigy Murray photography. Read more ›