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VIDEO: Atzeres Tfillah Taking Place Now for Aaron Sofer

Atzeres Tfillah in Lakewood for Aaron SoferVIDEO of the packed Atzeres Tfillah currently taking place at the Ateres Reva hall on Summer Avenue.

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Where is Governor Christie on the Missing New Jersey Boy?

press 1Relatives and friends of Aaron Sofer, the Lakewood boy missing in Israel, are wondering why the Governor of New Jersey has not come out with a statement Read more ›

VIDEO: Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW on News 12

ch 12VIDEO: Licensed Clinical Social Worker Mordechai Weinberger, whose show is live on TLS each Tuesday, was recently interviewed by News 12. See the interview below. Read more ›

VIDEO: Police Release Video of Aaron Sofer Getting onto Train Prior to his Disappearance

TONIGHT: Large Atzeres Tfillah for Missing Lakewood Bachur Aaron Sofer

asifa 3 Read more ›

UPDATED VIDEO – Full Press Conference in Lakewood in Reference to Aaron Sofer

VIDEO: [We apologize, previous video did not work]

PHOTOS: Six Days into Search and Still No Trace of Aaron Sofer; Is the Israeli Government Doing Enough?

search 1PHOTOS: Police and volunteers continue to search the Jerusalem Forest area where Aaron Sofer was last seen this past Friday, but there’s still no trace of him. Read more ›

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Vandal Shatters New Downtown Store Window

laundry 1CAUGHT ON VIDEO: A new downtown store got a welcome to the neighborhood they weren’t expecting. Sunday night, police received an alarm call for ‘Laundry Time’ – a new laundry store on Ocean Avenue expected to open soon.

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Kiruv Korner – by Rabbi Meir Goldberg

rabbi meir goldbergBy Rabbi Meir Goldberg, director of Meor Rutgers Jewish Xpereience. Whether we are reaching out to unaffiliated Jews or educating our own children, one of the most crucial points that we need to convey is that Judaism isn’t a religion; It is a relationship. Read more ›

PHOTO: Apparently-Drunk Man Arrested after Breaking into Random Home While Owners Were Present

arrest 8thA man was arrested this evening after allegedly breaking into a Lakewood residence, causing the homeowners to run out of the home, sources told TLS. Read more ›

FULL VIDEO & PHOTOS: Press Conference in Lakewood in Regards to Aaron Sofer

press 1Amid growing concerns over the fate of Aaron Sofer, an American citizen who went missing in Israel on Friday afternoon, a press conference was held today in Aaron’s hometown, Lakewood. Read more ›

PHOTO: Officials Meet with FBI Agent in Lakewood

fbi lkwdPHOTO: In light of widespread terrorism and recent anti-Semitic events taking place around the world, as well as the recent disappearance of a local resident overseas, Read more ›

VIDEO: NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind in Lakewood: Israeli Authorities Must Do Everything Possible to Locate Aaron Sofer

assemblyman hikindVIDEO: NY Assemblyman and activist Dov Hikind was in Lakewood for this morning’s press conference, and interviewed by Peretz Eichler for TLS. Read more ›

HEARTWRENCHING VIDEO: Parents of Aaron Sofer Plea for Help in Locating Missing Son; Announce Reward

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Live from 12-2: Therapy with LCSW Mordechai Weinberger; Submit Your Questions

weinberger live[LIVE 12-2] Beginning at 12 p.m., Social Worker Mordechai Weinberger LCSW will be answering your therapy questions – live on TLS. Read more ›