FIRST LOOK – Video Demonstration: Metal detectors installed in Lakewood elementary schools after 4th grader brought loaded gun to school

Lakewood School District officials today demonstrated with the new metal detectors installed in Lakewood Read more ›

New Jersey could soon require stores to impose a $0.05 fee for plastic bags

Legislation to discourage the use of single-use carryout plastic bags and reduce the damaging impact they have on the environment was approved today by the Assembly. Read more ›

Toms River Jewish Community Council (TRJCC) responds to article regarding houses of worship ordinance in Toms River

See statement below.

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AUDIO: A story of Hashgacha Pratis – by Peretz Eichler (With Photos)

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Dr. Cohen and Dr. Lempel Welcoming Walk-In Patients

[COMMUNICATED] Down Route 9 South, on the border between Lakewood and Toms River, sits a modest looking grey building, whose simple exterior belies the hive of activity taking place within.  Read more ›

The Sanz-Klausenberger Rebbe: “It is Worthwhile to Work for 50 Years to Produce One Talmid Chacham”

“My father, zt”l, would say, ‘It is worthwhile to work for fifty years – day and night – to produce one Read more ›

Lakewood Hatzolah adds new members to keep up with explosive growth

As Lakewood Hatzolah’s response area and call volume continue to increase due to the explosive growth, K”H, Hatzolah has announced they will be adding additional members to its roster. Read more ›

Officials warn about 4th of July fireworks

As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, children may be tempted by the brightly colored boxes of fireworks appearing for the first time in area stores. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Mesibah for donors of the new Skverre Cheder building in Lakewood

(Photos by JDN) Read more ›

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: More traffic-related questions

The following is an ‘Ask The Mayor’ question submitted to TLS, and the Mayor’s response. Email your questions for the Mayor to Read more ›

Don’t Blink! 12 Hour Circle Magazine Flash Sale Going on Now!

[COMMUNICATED] Of the hundreds of questions and comments that pour into our phone lines daily, this is the most common one we get: “Are subscriptions going on sale soon?” Read more ›

Statement of Agudath Israel of America on President Trump’s Decision to Pull out of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

Agudath Israel of America, a national Orthodox Jewish organization, applauds President Donald Trump for his decision to pull the United States out of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Lakewood SRT, County make drug arrests in Lakewood

The Lakewood and County SWAT teams executed warrants in Lakewood this evening, making arrests, sources say. Read more ›

VIDEO: President Trump executive order: No separating families, but zero tolerance at the border

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Opinion: Crisis at the Border – by Yosef Stein

One of the most disturbing qualities of 21st-century politics is its unparalleled tendency to bring out the worst in people. As humans, we often get so caught up in our “team spirit” – Read more ›