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The Kosher Taco

Open House to Hire 20 Lakewood Youths to Take Place Tonight

sgAn open house event which seeks to employ 20 qualified, promising, and talented young men, will be taking place this evening. The hiring opportunity is being coordinated by Rabbi Simcha Greenwald, Read more ›

Alleged Drug Dealer Apprehended following Foot Pursuit

lpd tls chargerAn alleged drug dealer was caught after a foot pursuit, which started with a suspended license offense, Detective Sergeant Greg Staffordsmith said today. Read more ›


Levaya of Reb Yisroel Meyer Z”L

candleWe regret to inform you of the Petirah of Reb Yisroel Meyer Z”L, who was Niftar today. Reb Yisroel Z”L, 89, is the father of R’ Yossi (Lakewood), R’ Shlomo (Lakewood), R’ Avraham Read more ›


Acting Attorney General Reports Upsurge in Driver Inattention Behind 1.4 Million Crashes During “New Jersey’s Distracted Driving Decade”

attorney general njActing Attorney General John Hoffman announced the staggering toll driver inattention has taken on New Jersey’s roadways in the past 10 years, declaring that the State experienced a Read more ›


Raising Children with Emotional Health Part 2 – by Moshe Norman

moshe normanIn our previous article we noted that since parents feel responsible to protect their child from discomfort, they often either dismiss their child’s complaints, or they will try to pacify the child. Read more ›


Burglar Shatters Window, Steals Electric Cigarettes, Accessories

lpd chargerOn April 22nd Officer Robert Meyer responded to “Ok 2 Vape” located at 1880 West Countyline Rd in reference to a burglary that had occurred overnight, police say. Read more ›


Sefira Alerts Update: System Can Now Accommodate The Thousands Who Signed Up

sefiraNearly 7,000 people signed up for the Sefira Alerts, causing an overload in the system. As a result, many who signed up have not been receiving the alerts. Read more ›


Post-Pesach Diet: If Not Now, When? By Ezi Levi

ezi leviWhile munching on your post Pesach pizza, I thought I’d give you something else to chew on. You’ve promised yourself that you would start, but there has always been an excuse – Read more ›


Rabbi Heinemann: Purchasing Chometz From Target Immediately After Pesach Is Not Okay

targetNOTICE: Purchasing Chometz from Target – even locally – immediately after Pesach is not okay, Rabbi Shmuel Heinemann of the Star-K told TLS today. Read more ›

PHOTO: O.C. Prosecutor Hails Narcan Success as it Saves Third Life in Less Than a Month

narcan saveUPDATED: PHOTO: Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato and Seaside Heights Police Chief Thomas Boyd today announced the third time in less Read more ›

Video: Learn To Make Shlissel Challah

ScVideo: On the first Shabbos after Pesach, many have the custom to eat ‘Shlissel Challah’. The Challah, either braided in the shape of a key or baked Read more ›

Renowned Speaker Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz to Speak at CHEMED This Evening

atWorld renowned speaker Rabbi/Dr Akiva Tatz will be lecturing in CHEMED this evening, April 23rd (Isru Chag) for men only, at 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:30 p.m). Read more ›

Masked Burglars Steal Thousands of Dollars from J2 Pizza

j2 jpegTwo masked and hooded burglars broke into the J2 Pizza shop over Yom Tov, making off with thousands of dollars in cash, the shop’s proprietor confirms to TLS. Read more ›

LCSW Looking for Stolen Vehicle

Stolen vehicleA vehicle left running with the owner just feet away, was stolen moments ago from Second Street, LCSW says.  Read more ›

Gut Yom Tov

ysTLS wishes you on these final days of Yom Tov a Chag Kosher V’sameach. In observance of the Yom Tov, we will Read more ›