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Following Sassoon Fire, Local Retailer Discontinues Sale of Shabbos Hotplates

shabbos hotplateFollowing the horrific Sassoon tragedy, a local retailer stopped restocking Shabbos hotplates – the item that reportedly caught fire and fatally ignited the Sassoon home, TLS has learned. Read more ›

AUDIO: Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz Releases New Song in Memory of Sassoon Children

rechnitz“We do not understand the Chesboines in Shomayim,” said Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, the composer of this new song ‘Madua’ – composed in memory of the Sassoon children, “but we all have to continue to believe and trust in G-d that everything done is for the better.” Read more ›

New Lakewood Shuttle will Provide Service on Chol Ha’moed

bus shuttle 3The Lakewood shuttle – the “L” – will be running on Chol Hamoed, the Shuttle offices confirm to TLS. The Joblink route will run as scheduled. The Westgate route will run daily on Chol Hamoed from Read more ›

Pesach Safety Tips from the Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department

lfd radio tlsWith the Pesach season upon us the Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department would like to remind the community to be mindful of the following safety hazards and take steps to ensure safety all around. Read more ›

Obama Approves Targeted Sanctions Against Cyberattackers

US_Department_of_Homeland_Security_Seal_2President Barack Obama authorized the first sanctions program directed at individual or group cyberattackers that constitute “significant threats” to the interests of the United States in an executive order issued on Wednesday. Read more ›

A Mop, a Bucket and Salvation: Chesed of Lakewood Volunteers Sweep Away Despair

colBy R.S. There’s doing chesed and then there’s living chesed. The latter – that’s Chesed of Lakewood. Read more ›

Frum Assemblyman Gary Schaer Introduces Bill that would Enhance Kavod Hameis in New Jersey

gary sAssemblyman Gary S. Schaer has introduced legislation to ensure that any autopsy that must be performed in New Jersey is done so while recognizing the religious beliefs of the deceased and their families. Read more ›

‘Fiveish in Flight’ Feature Film on Shmorg7 Making Waves in the Jewish Community

fiveish-3D-for-PR[COMMUNICATED] The animation “Fiveish in Flight,” feature film on the Shmorg7, has been making tangible waves in the Jewish community. The following is a statement made by one of the producers at Oorah: Read more ›

Get The Chance To Win a 2015 Tesla Model S While Supporting a Great Cause

tesla raffle[COMMUNICATED] We all live on different budgets, and for most of us, a Tesla vehicle is a luxury that hasn’t even made it close to our wish lists. But for some among us, the same can be said about new clothing or shoes. Or chicken for Shabbos. Read more ›

Chometz Drop-off & Burning Schedule

kid w trash binPolice Chief Rob Lawson issued the following message and schedule concerning the upcoming yom tov of Pesach. Read more ›

Opinion: Cruz Control – by Yosef Stein

ysAs a conservative Republican, it is quite rare that I find myself agreeing with Jerry Brown about anything. However, when the liberal California governor and past Democratic presidential contender told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday that Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz (R-Texas) is “absolutely unfit” to be president, I couldn’t help but concur. Read more ›

Thank You! Over 100 Sedarim Sponsored in TLS/Sponsor-a-Seder Campaign; 3 Days Left

tls webathonOver 100 less-fortunate Lakewood families will have basic necessities for their Pesach Seder, thanks to the generous donations from TLS readers like yourself. Read more ›

VIDEO: Renowned Chazzan R’ Pinchos Rabinovicz Singing Hallel at the Lakewood Matzah Bakery

VIDEO: Provided by the Lakewood Shopper.
Read more ›

Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW Releases his First Book ‘Alive'; Exclusive Offer from Artscroll for TLS Readers

alihAfter his more than two years of insightful lectures and one and a half million callers, it’s safe to say that Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW, knows human nature and how to help people. Culled from his work aiding over 3000 clients, Weinberger discovered that the vast majority of people could be helped with advice on ten main issues. Read more ›

IRS: Don’t be Fooled, Phone Scams Continue to be Serious Threat Nationwide

scam alertAs April 1st approaches, the IRS warns taxpayers not to be fooled by the tricks scammers use to take advantage of those they target. Read more ›