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Reader-submitted: Anyone else having issues with Verizon Wireless recently?

I’ve been a customer with Verizon Wireless for many years now, as they apparently had the best service around Lakewood. Read more ›

@LakewoodNJJobs: Real jobs, real opportunities; Over 1,100 signed up to the Free public service

Have a job to offer? List it free by sending it to (280-character limit). Read more ›

Dozens more vehicle burglaries reported in Lakewood (PHOTO)

Over the past week, there have been dozens of vehicle burglaries around town, residents report to TLS. Read more ›

Scoop Outdoor: Reserve now for your Purim/Pesach campaign

Inquire here about Purim/Pesach specials and availability for your next campaign. (Limited slots available.)

MORE PHOTOS: New officers join the Lakewood Police Department

A graduation ceremony for 22 new police officers marked the completion of five months of extensive training at the Ocean County Police Academy, Lakewood. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Agudath Israel of America Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah Day 4

Read more ›

PHOTOS: State repaves parts of Route 9 in Lakewood due to dozens of potholes, thousands of dollars in vehicle damage

With dozens of potholes causing thousands of dollars in damages this past week, the state today repaved a portion of Route 9. Read more ›

Ad: 100 Seconds to WATCH! And Use Promo Code ALEX for Free CD of Your Choice with $100 order!

[COMMUNICATED] On Motzei Shabbos January 27th there will be an aura of excitement filling Ateres Chynka. Sinai Academy’s 21st annual Chinese auction is the auction everyone is talking about! Read more ›

Statement from White House Press Secretary on Government Shutdown (VIDEO:

Read more ›

EXCLUSIVE: Lakewood Hatzolah member viciously attacked by Pitt Bull (PHOTO)

A Lakewood Hatzolah member was viciously attacked by a pitt bull today. Read more ›

PHOTOS: 5 Lakewood Police Officers among graduates of latest O.C. Police Acadaemy Class

Five Lakewood police officers were among the graduates of the latest Ocean County police academy class which graduated today. Read more ›

Driver charged in fatal pedestrian accident in Lakewood; Victim identified

Police this morning said they charged the driver arrested for striking and killing a pedestrian in Lakewood. Read more ›

Shurkin Shiva information

The Shurkin/Lachman families will be sitting Shiva at 242 Joe Parker Road. Read more ›

First Look: Lakewood rolls out New Leaf Pickup Trucks; Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Instead of ten minutes, the two new Lakewood Township leaf pickup trucks will suck up all your leaves in about fifteen seconds. Read more ›

Minyan needed for Meis Mitzvah [UPDATED]

A Minyan is needed this morning for a Meis Mitzvah, whose family agreed to a Jewish burial. Read more ›