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PHOTOS: Agudath Israel NJ Director Congratulates George Helmy on New Appointment: “His Genuine Care for Each Individual is Inspiring

schnall helmyOn Tuesday afternoon, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) announced that George Helmy will serve as his new State Director, succeeding Mo Butler as Booker’s top staffer in New Jersey. Read more ›

Petition Started: “NJ DOE: Keep your Word on Lakewood Busing”

busing[SEE PETITION HERE] An online petition was started, demanding that the Governor and NJ Department of Education keep their word Read more ›

Harav Yaakov Sonnenfeld to Address Tomchei Shabbos Event Motzei Shabbos

Layout 1[COMMUNICATED] Hearing divrei chizuk from HoRav Yaakov Sonnenfeld, Rov of Rechasim and an ainikel of the legendary Rov of Yerusholayim Rav Yoseif Chayim Sonnenfeld, is an opportunity that is hard to pass up. Read more ›

Police: Stay Away from Downed Wires

3Multiple wires – including live ones – have come down in Lakewood this morning due to the heavy snow. Read more ›

Petirah of Mrs. Regina (Rivka) Ruvel A”H

candleWe regret to inform you of the Petirah of Mrs. Regina (Rivka) Ruvel A”H, who was Niftar today in Lakewood. She was approximately 99 years old. Read more ›

YOUR PHOTOS: Snow-Covered Lakewood

snow 2-5-16Send your snow pictures to to have them added to the album. Read more ›

VIDEO: Hundreds from Hispanic Community Pack Town Hall in Protest of Lost Busing; Committee Says We’re in this Together

hundreds pack town hall about busingTownship Committee members let their frustration be heard last night, joining in the frustration of hundreds from the Hispanic community who packed town hall upset over the loss of courtesy busing. Read more ›

Child Struck on Ocean Avenue by Hit and Run Driver

hit run ocean aveA child was struck be a vehicle this morning on Ocean Avenue, and the driver fled the scene, police say. Read more ›

S.S.S.S. Nesivos Shalom Shiur Mishpatim: What is a Chasid?

yisroel meirVIDEO (Frum Tube below) of the weekly Shiur delivered by Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro at the Bikur Cholim headquarters. Read more ›

UPDATED: Lakewood Blanketed with 2-3 Inches of Heavy Snow; Messy Commute

snow 2-5-16 lkwdPHOTOS: (Follow @LakewoodScoop for important updates.) About 2-3 inches of snow already came down during the early morning hours, and it’s still coming down. Send your photos to photos@thelakewoodscoop.comRead more ›

School District Sends Home Note to Parents about End of Courtesy Busing

imageAs earlier reported, the school district sent home a letter about the failed referendum and the end to courtesy busing. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Helmet and Protective Gear Lakewood Firefighter was wearing when he was Injured

ff1The firefighter, injured in a flash over during yesterday’s fire on Ridge Avenue, was thankfully released from the hospital and is recovering. Read more ›

SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Burglar breaks into Tips & Toque, Goes on Shopping Spree

burg tipsAuthorities are investigating after a burglar forced his way into Tips & Toque – a downtown shop – and then continued to ‘shop’ around the store. Read more ›

DPW: Crews on Call for the Incoming Snow; Plowing Begins at 3 Inches

twp plow 2016A DPW official tells TLS the Department has a crew on standby for an icy conditions that may occur due to the impending snow. Read more ›

Home Ransacked after Burglar Finds Key

csi lkwdIf you’re going to leave a key outside your home, make sure it’s well hidden. Read more ›