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PHOTOS: At Swearing-In Ceremony for Israel Ambassador, Duvi Honig Discusses Economic Development with Vice President

by T.H. This afternoon, fifty by-invitation-only guests gathered at the White House as Vice President Mike Pence swore in David Friedman, Read more ›

PHOTO: Kipas displayed, David Friedman sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Israel

PHOTO: Chayim Aruchim Presents Case Against Assisted Suicide in Albany Meeting with Legislators; Attended by Rabbi Blech from Lakewood

By: Sandy Eller. Having spent the last several years advocating for the rights of critically ill patients in hospitals and other medical facilities all over the world, Chayim Aruchim took Read more ›

VIDEO: Governor Christie Selected by Trump to Lead America’s Fight Against Growing Drug Addiction Crisis

[VIDEO BELOW] President Trump today named Governor Chris Christie as the chairman of a newly formed commission to address America’s growing drug addiction crisis. Read more ›

BREAKING: Authorities investigating suspicious death in Lakewood

A woman has been found dead in Lakewood, and authorities say the death is suspicious.

Read more ›

Misameach: In less than 24 hours you can win$100,000!; Raffle funds earmarked for new family center

[COMMUNICATED] Misameach’s $100,000 raffle will be taking place in less than 24 hours. Click here to enter!

Statement from Attorney of Rabbi Eismann: We are confident that both SCHI and Rabbi Eisemann will be exonerated

In response to the indictment of Rabbi Eismann of SCHI today, his attorney released the following statement to TLS: Read more ›

Township sets up phone number, email address for traffic issues

For outreach and communication of traffic issues within Lakewood, a phone number and email have been created for the public. Read more ›

Farm Fresh: Contrary to rumors, supermarket has a valid liquor license

A rumor today that Farm Fresh was shut because of an unlawful liquor license, is untrue, the supermarket told TLS. Read more ›

Coming April 5th: A must-attend for small business owners

[COMMUNICATED] For small companies, Wednesday, April 5th promises to be a very big night. Read more ›

JUST IN: Ex-Christie aide Bill Baroni sentenced to 2 years for his role in Bridgegate scandal

Watch Live at 12PM: Star-K pre-Pesach Webinar

What Needs a Passover Certification and What Doesn’t? What’s new for 2017? Read more ›

VIDEO: Limo Escort by the Lakewood Police Chief kicks off Double Celebration at Chai Lifeline’s Drop-in Center

By T.H. When Hershey peered out his window this morning, the grey storm clouds reflected his mood. The side effects of his medicine combined with the lengthy hospital stay had done their job in flushing the spirit of the young and otherwise active 8-year-old boy. Read more ›

Live Stream 10AM-1PM: At the Tov V’chesed Headquarters


THANK YOU! Over 30 Pesach Sedarim already sponsored during our ‘Sponsor-a-Seder Campaign!

In just a few days since the launch of our annual Sponsor-a-Seder campaign, over 20 Sedarim have already been sponsored! Click here to sponsor a family’s entire Seder for just $147!