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CHILLING VIDEO: Peretz Eichler Interview with Har Nof Massacre Survivor & Hero Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein

har nof 3VIDEO: When armed terrorists walked into the Har Nof Shul and murdered four Kedoshim in cold blood, Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein says he saw Nissim. Read more ›

VIDEO: Tracking Vehicles on NJ Turnpike Raises Privacy Concerns

turnpikeVIDEO: Why is the Justice Department has using license plate readers to track motorists on the NJ Turnpike?

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LPD: Lakewood Men Beat and Robbed Cyclist; Suspects Apprehended

lpd tlsA cyclist riding his bicycle in Lakewood was beaten and robbed after being chased down by his assailants, police say.

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Adults & Internet Addiction: It’s Not Just a “Teen” Thing – By Avrohom Green

agreenOur initial image of an Internet addict is a teen lost in one screen or another, gaming or emailing friends or watching the latest movie. But these are also addicts: that graying head bent over an iPad propped on the steering wheel while stopped Read more ›

Halachically Speaking: Halachos of Forbidden Images

halachically speaking 3By Rabbi Moshe D. Lebovits: The posuk says one should not make images to represent Hashem. The reason is in order to show that we do not need a middle man between us and Hashem, Read more ›

5 File to Run for Lakewood Fire Commissioner Seats

lfd truck 2 tlsFive people have filed to run in this year’s Fire Commissioner elections, seeking to fill two 3-year term seats, and one one-year term seat. Read more ›

POLL: How would you Rate the Township’s Snow Cleanup?

TRAGEDY: Petirah of 11-year-old Mindy Moskowitz A”H

candleIt’s with much regret we inform you of the Petirah of Mindy Moskowitz A”H, who was Niftar today following a lengthy illness. Mindel A”H bas Reb Shulem, 11, was sick for several years.


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“Choose Safe” When Behind the Wheel in Lakewood

choose safePreserving Both Middos and Lives in New Driving Initiative. By: Fern Sidman. Ask just about anyone who has ever driven in Lakewood; either on a regular or intermittent basis what their thoughts were of the man-made conditions on the road and you might just be in store for a harrowing narrative. Read more ›

VIDEO: Senator Menendez Speaks on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

U.S. Senator Menendez: Today, as we commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we stand together in remembering the Nazi-perpetrated Read more ›

Inspection Department: Many Complaint Calls Regarding Snow or Ice-covered Sidewalks near Schools

plowing_lwkd_tlsFrom the Inspection Department: ”To all private school: For the safety of our children, teachers and the public in general, please be sure to shovel and salt all walkways, Read more ›

Authorities would Need Warrant to Obtain Cell Phone Records under New NJ Legislation

cellThe state of New Jersey says it should be able to view a person’s cell phone billing records without a warrant. Assemblyman Ron Dancer says not so fast – “New Jersey Read more ›

AUDIO: Singing Sensation Motty Steinmetz at the Tomchei Shabbos Dinner

steinmetz 22AUDIO of the musical portion of the Tomchei Shabbos event performed by singing sensation Motty Steinmetz.

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CHANGE IN PLANS: 90 Minute Delayed Busing and Public School Opening

bus snowAll public and non-public schools will be on a 90 minute delayed opening schedule for Board of Education-provided school buses this morning, TLS has confirmed.  Read more ›

VIDEO: Peretz Eichler on the Blizzard that Wasn’t: Accountability, Anyone?

peretz eichlerVIDEO: Like many today, radio host Peretz Eichler questioned the reliability of the professional forecasters that had millions truly expecting a ‘historic’ blizzard Read more ›