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Poll: Should the Township install more Traffic Circles to reduce the number of accidents in Lakewood?

traffic circle oak st

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Monday: Morning Shiur for Baalei Batim to begin 6th Mesechta with Harav Lazer Apter

r chaim r apterA Shiur and Chaburah of Baalei Batim now in its seventh year under the leadership of the popular Magid Shiur Rav Leizer Apter Shlita, will begin tomorrow Learning Mesechta Brachos, its sixth Mesechta together. Read more ›

One seriously injured in Head-on collision in Lakewood

image[VIDEO BELOW] The accident occurred around Noon at the intersection of Lanes Mill Road and Alamitos Drive. Read more ›

It took dozens of firefighters from surrounding towns hours to battle Lakewood blaze (NEW FOOTAGE)

fire east 7 drone tls[NEW VIDEOS BELOW] [TLS-D1/TLS-58] Read more ›

10:30AM-12PM: Career Seminar for Women

PCS_2016_Career-Fair_Banner_900x500[COMMUNICATED] Back from Seminary? Joining the job market? Read more ›

TODAY: Center ‘Jog4Center’ BBQ & Kumzitz

jog sundayThe event will take place at 7 PM at the Sherie Court Cul-de-sac.

The Chesed in Lakewood Shines once again

fire east 7The fire on Erev Shabbos destroyed a family’s home and nearly all their possessions, but the Chesed and Nosa Be’ol Im Chaveiro it brought forth was beyond remarkable. Read more ›

Child Hopsitalized after Being struck by vehicle

imageA child was struck by a vehicle this evening, landing him in the hospital.  Read more ›

BREAKING: Lakewood home destroyed in blaze [VIDEOS & PHOTOS – UPDATED]

image [VIDEO BELOW] A Lakewood home was destroyed in a large blaze this afternoon. Read more ›

Brexit Results are the Red Flags We Pretended Weren’t There – by Duvi Honig

brBy Duvi Honig. British voters shocked the pollsters and betting markets by voting to “Leave” the European Union yesterday. Read more ›

VIDEO & PHOTOS: ‘King of Jewish Music’ MBD in Lakewood to benefit Chai Lifeline

mbd chai lifeline[VIDEO BELOW] The event took place at the home of Joe Neuman. Read more ›

VIDEO: Shuvu

Read more ›

PHOTOS: Twins from France at the Special Children’s Center Respite Camp

cen156 children are at the Special Children’s Center being cared for, entertained and having fun at The Center’s Respite Camp. Read more ›

Newly Renovated Mikvah at Strulowitz now open

mikvahRenovations at the Mikvah at the Strulowitz Bais Medrash have been completed, and the Mikvah is now open to the public, the Shul told TLS. Read more ›

S.S.S.S. Nesivos Shalom Behaaloscha: Humility

yisroel meir shapiro bikur cholim hqVIDEO (Frum Tube) of the weekly Shiur delivered by Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro. Read more ›