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MORE HATE: Authorities investigating Swastikas spray-painted in Howell park (PHOTOS)

1[PHOTOS BELOW] Just days after Swastikas were spray-painted in a Lakewood playground (first reported by TLS here), more Swastikas Read more ›

Canadian Geese close swimming beach at Ocean County Park in Lakewood

imageThe  swimming beach at Ocean County Park in Lakewood will remain closed for the last week of the summer season because a large population of Canada Geese has settled near the park’s lake. Read more ›

YOUR SUMMER PHOTOS: Bryce Canyon National park in Utah & Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

image2[Send your Summer photos to] (Thank you ZZ!] Read more ›

AUDIO: Liska Rebbe shares personal recollections and vintage anecdotes ahead Satmar Rebbe’s 37th Yahrtzeit

satmar[AUDIO BELOW] In honor of the upcoming 37th Yahrtzeit of Satmar Rebbe, the Liska Rebbe shares personal recollections and vintage anecdotes. The Rebbe’s Yahrtzeit is tonight. Read more ›

VIDEO: Earthworms – from Rabbi Shafier’s ‘WoW’ Series

wow[VIDEO BELOW] Another inspirational video from the ‘WoW’ series by Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier of the ‘Shmuz’. Read more ›

VIDEO: Strumz band performing in Lakewood

image[VIDEO BELOW] On the guitars: Chaim  Brown, Efrayim Berger and Avrumy Rosenfeld. On the flute: Meyer Rosenbaum. Read more ›

VIDEO: World War II-era plane show and rides at Monmouth Executive Airport

image[VIDEO BELOW] Rides on the WWII-era planes ran about $2,000. The event was hosted by the Collings Foundation. [TLS-23] Read more ›

Man dead in Lakewood from apparent drug overdose

ems tlsA man died today from what appears to be a drug overdose, sources confirm to TLS. Read more ›

STUNNING PHOTOS: From a TLS fan in Alaska

20160823_171934[Send your Summer photos to] (Thank you: ZFT!) Read more ›

PHOTO: Bachurim visiting the Simon Wiesenthal Center

peek[Via] Peekskill Yeshiva Seed group in L.A., visiting the Simon Wiesenthal Center and meeting with R’ Marvin Hier & R’ Meyer May. From L-R:  Read more ›

One Week Left: You can’t win the Tesla, $50,000 or Private Airfare if you don’t enter the raffle!

ccf[COMMUNICATED] (The raffle will be taking place on September 5.) The Chicago Chesed Fund has been committed to helping Jewish families in crisis throughout Metropolitan Chicago for 29 years. Read more ›

PHOTO: New BOE member sworn in, filling seat of Hillel Brull

thea jA new Board of Education member was sworn in, filling the seat of Hillel Brull. Read more ›

SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: 3-car accident on Rt. 9 caught on video

image[VIDEO BELOW] Nobody was seriously injured in the accident. Read more ›

VIDEO: Daniel Lansky Z”L sings Nishmas just months before his Petirah; Fund set up for his 3 young Children

lansky[VIDEO BELOW] Daniel Lansky, A”H….it is just so painful and surreal. A”H? Are we supposed to use that term for a 40 year old dedicated husband and father of 3 young boys? Daniel was a friend to everyone and loved by all. Read more ›

Shiva info for Mrs. Helen Perle A”H

candleWe regret to inform you of the Petirah of Mrs. Helen Perle A”H, a Holocaust survivor. She was 88. Read more ›