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EREV PURIM GRIDLOCK: Thousands Make their Purim Rounds ahead of Impending Storm

traffic clifton erev purim 2015PHOTOS: The town this afternoon is for the most part gridlocked, as thousands of families Read more ›

LIST: Places for Women to Hear the Megillah in Lakewood

Megilla Reading 2015 lkwd


AUDIO: The Tablecloth and Erev Purim; A Story of Hashgacha, by Peretz Eichler

peretz eichlerAUDIO: Enjoy a fascinating Erev Purim story of Hashgacha Pratis, as told to radio host Peretz Eichler.

Read more ›

PHOTOS: Over 500 Attend Chai Lifeline Purim Party

cllOn Monday night, over 500 children experienced a taste of Purim Yerushalayim and Purim USA at Chai Lifeline’s annual Purim Celebration at Ateres Reva Hall. Read more ›

Chesed of Lakewood: Tehillim will be Completed on Purim; Submit Names

colFrom Chesed of Lakewood: Chesed of Lakewood would like to inform the public that the entire Sefer Tehillim will be said on Purim day as a zechus for the tzibur. Read more ›

LCSW: Man Attempted to Lure Young Girl to Vehicle

lcsw lpdThe Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch is asking parents to be vigilant after a man attempted to lure a young girl to his vehicle. Read more ›

PURIM WEATHER UPDATE: Winter Storm Warning: 6-10 Inches of Snow Possible

forest ave snow tlsAs earlier reported on our News Alerts, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for tonight into Thursday. Read more ›

Purim Safety Tips from the Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department

lfd 5Purim is a joyous occasion and should be enjoyed as such by all. In order to celebrate in a happy, safe way the Lakewood Volunteer Read more ›

Congressman Smith on Netanyahu Address: Unequivocal Support for Israel–and No Illusions about Iran’s Murderous Intentions

netanyahu tlsPrime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday was heartily welcomed by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04). Read more ›

Main Street Intersection Shut due to Severe Potholes

clifton potholePHOTO: Police this morning have shut South Clifton Southbound at Main Street due to severe potholes. Read more ›

New Video Release by Oorah – “Mitzvah Tantz”

oorah[COMMUNICATED] Can you do the Mitzva Tantz? Watch this newly-released music video, which will have you humming the song on repeat from Purim till Pesach … if not longer!   Read more ›

Diet Coach Ezi Levi: This Purim….”I didn’t blow it”

ezi leviAbout two months ago we started a support group. Those who attend have achieved their weight loss goals, or are very close to achieving their weight loss goals.

Read more ›

Costumes on Purim and Cross-dressing – By Rabbi Binyomin Radner

purim lakewood 2010 tlsThe Rema (Hilchos Purim O.C. 696:8) relates an incredible chiddush: He cites the work of the Teshuvos Mahari Mintz Siman 17 (Rabbi Yehuda Mintz, Italy 1400’s) that there was not only a custom for people to Read more ›

VIDEO: Important Purim Message from Police Chief Rob Lawson

chief lawsonVIDEO: See also below for light tower and crossing guard info, and traffic pattern changes for Purim. Read more ›