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Daf Yomi Completes Mesechta Kesuvos, Begins Nedarim; List of Shiurim around Lakewood

siyum hashas 12 tls[LIST OF SHIURIM AROUND LAKEWOOD] Today, tens of thousands of Yidden around the globe completed Mesechta Kesuvos, and are beginning on Tuesday Mesechta Nedarim, Read more ›

Petirah of Mrs. Freida Gluck A”H

gluckWe regret to inform you of the Petirah of Mrs Freida Gluck A”H, who was Niftar in Lakewood over Yom Tov. She was 91 years old. Read more ›

VIDEOS & PHOTOS: LFD Battles Two fires over the Weekend; Multiple Families Displaced

The Lakewood Fire Department over the weekend battled two structure fires – one which left several families displaced, officials tell TLS. Read more ›

Wishing you a Chag Sameach

kol_aryeh_tlsTLS would like to wish you on this Erev Shavuos a Chag Sameach and a Gut Yom Tov. Read more ›

Important Announcement from LCSW Ahead of 3-day Yom Tov

lcsw bike regAs we come upon a 3 day Yomtov, LCSW would like to remind the public that in matters of safety and security, time is absolutely of the essence, every time. Read more ›

School Board Attorney Zitomer Disputes ‘Hard Facts about Professional Development Funds’ Presented by Board Member

zitomer2By: Marc H. Zitomer, Esq. As Board Counsel to the Lakewood Board of Education, I have been asked by the Board President to clarify certain inaccuracies about professional Read more ›

Following Incident, Askonim Remind Parents Not to Leave Children in Vehicle – Even for a Minute

child_left_in_car_edited_pic_tlsAskonim today, taking into consideration the Erev Yom Tov rush, are reminding parents to never leave children in a vehicle, even for a moment. Read more ›

Legislators seek to Strengthen NJ Leash and Fencing Laws to Deter Dog Attacks

pitbull attacking bachur tlsAssembly Democrats Benjie Wimberly and Pamela Lampitt have introduced legislation, known as the “Responsible Dog Ownership Act” to Read more ›

PHOTOS: Acting Commissioner of NJ Department of Community Affairs Visits Lakewood


Mr. Charles A. Richman, the Acting Commissioner of the NJ Department of Community Affairs, visited Lakewood on Wednesday, meeting with local dignitaries and activists. Read more ›

Spy Agencies Target Mobile Phones, App Stores to Implant Spyware

iphone4Canada and its spying partners exploited weaknesses in one of the world’s most popular mobile browsers and planned to hack into smartphones via links Read more ›

S.S.S.S. Nesivos Shalom Bamidbar-Shavuos: Not Just Cheesecake and Flowers

yisroel meir shapiroVIDEO (audio below) of the weekly Nesivos Shalom Shiur delivered by Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro. Read more ›

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Time to Grow – Released First to TLS after Several Years in the Making

time to growAfter several years in the making, Eichler Media and LEARN Inc. have released the much-awaited video entitled ‘Time to Grow. Read more ›

UPDATED: Israeli Flowers being Sold in ShopRite; Statement from ShopRite

flowers2PHOTO: TLS has learned that Israeli flowers are being sold in the Howell ShopRite, and is an issue with Shmittah. Read more ›

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Multiple SWAT Teams Hold Joint Training in Lakewood

swat 1Special Weapons And Tactics teams from several local agencies took part today in a joint training exercise in Lakewood. Read more ›

Two Lakewood Police Officers Collide with Each Other

crime scene lpd tlsTwo Lakewood Police Officers were involved in an accident this afternoon – with each other, officials say. Read more ›