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Update on 2018-2019 busing from the LSTA

Rabbi Avrohom Krawiec of the LSTA provided TLS with the following update for the 2018-2019 school year. Read more ›

Letter: Please make sure my son doesn’t have access to alcohol at your home

While plans for Purim get underway, I have a serious request from Balei Batim: Read more ›

Graves of Mordechai & Esther still Pristinely Maintained

[COMMUNICATED] Many are surprised to learn that the tombs of Mordechai & Esther are maintained to this day in Iran. Despite being a Muslim country, they are still regarded as important figures in Persian history.  Read more ›

Check out these limited exclusive Megillas being sold in Lakewood; The price? Starting at $12,000

[COMMUNICATED] Of course, these Megillahs need to be seen in real life to appreciate the extent of the beauty, talent, and detail, but here is a sneak peak. Read more ›

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Tens of thousands attend the Levaya of HaGaon Rav Shmuel Auerbach Zatzal

(Thank you Chaim!) Read more ›

Cash, electronics stolen in Lakewood home burglary

A Lakewood family returned home Motzei Shabbos to find their home burglarized. Read more ›

Sunday: Kinus Shloshim for Rav Chaim Mordechai Kastel Z”L

A Kinus in honor of the Shloshim Rav Chaim Mordechai Kastel Z”L will be taking place today, Sunday, February 25. Read more ›

WATCH LIVE 2:30 AM: Levaya of Hagaon Rav Shmuel Auerbach Zatzal

Live coverage will begin at 2:30 AM EST. Read more ›

A Timeless Mesorah – The MIR

Read more ›

PHOTOS: Lakewood family awoken by vehicle slamming into their home

An apparent drunk driver slammed into a Frum Lakewood home early this morning. Read more ›

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes: Petirah of Hagaon Harav Shmuel Auerbach Zatzal

We regret to inform you of the Petirah Hagaon Harav Shmuel Auerbach Zatzal, who was Niftar over Shabbos in Yerushalayim. Read more ›

Jackson Mayor encourages residents to report Pothole locations

The winter weather has wreaked havoc on Jackson Township’s roads, leading Mayor Michael Reina to encourage residents to report any potholes that they encounter around town. Read more ›

Police: Drunk driver strikes multiple homes in Lakewood (PHOTO)

A drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and struck multiple homes in Lakewood, police confirmed to TLS. Read more ›

EXCLUSIVE: Update on the Lakewood man who was ticketed for speeding on the way to the hospital

So what ever happened with the Lakewood man who was ticketed for speeding to the hospital with his pregnant wife in the car? Read more ›

Follow-up: Thank you Mr. Mayor, Meir Lichtenstein, and TLS

I must give The Lakewood Scoop, Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein and Mayor Coles a VERY BIG thank you. Read more ›