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BEWARE: Man reportedly uses toy in attempt to lure Lakewood child

lpd crime scene 16One neighborhood in Lakewood is urging its area residents to use caution after a man reportedly attempted to lure a child to his car using a toy, TLS has learned. Read more ›

Today Only: Lakewood Hatzolah tripling entries for Eretz Yisroel raffle!

hatzolah-104[TLS is a sponsor of the Hatzolah campaign] Are you a Tomiech Hatzolah? Did you donate at least $104 to this year’s campaign? Read more ›

Petirah of Unsdorfer Rov and Rosh Yeshiva of Be’er Shmuel Harav Moshe Horovitz Zatzal

candleWe regret to inform you of the Petirah of the Unsdorfer Rov, and Rosh Yeshiva of Be’er Shmuel in Boro Park, Harav Moshe Horovitz Zatzal, who was Niftar today. He was approximately 90-years-old. Read more ›

The Honcker App Will Change the Way You Lease a Car!

honk[COMMUNICATED] For a long time, there was no way to get an actual final price and complete a lease transaction online. Read more ›

Today Is the Chofetz Chaim’s Yahrtzeit, And It’s a One-Day Chance to Quadruple Your Support for the World’s Largest Initiative to Spread His Teachings

cchf-charidy-900x500[COMMUNICATED] By C. Nestlebaum. As the only organization devoted solely to spreading the Chofetz Chaim’s teachings on Ahavas Yisrael, CCHF’s Read more ›

LSTA Director Avraham Krawiec: Update & Facts on the busing situation

school-bus-tlsUpdate from the LSTA Director Avraham Krawiec: Read more ›

Tonight: PCS Open House for M.S. in Accounting Program (VIDEO)

[COMMUNICATED] pcsThree Accountants Walk into a Room. No, this is not a joke. This is what’s happening tonight. Read more ›

PHOTOS: TRPD officers pull boeing plane to raise funds for charity

tr1Great work by Team Toms River Police this week at the Special Olympics Plane Pull. Read more ›

How would YOU solve the Route 9 Congestion Issue?

rt 9 central tlsWith the public NJTPA Lakewood meeting addressing the Route 9 congestion issue set for tomorrow, what are some ideas you think would help, and would like to see implemented? Read more ›

Guns in NJ could soon require ‘microstamping’ to help law enforcement track suspects

bullets range tlsLegislation to require the use of modern ballistic identification technology that would make it easier for law enforcement to analyze gun crime evidence Read more ›

US Embassy issues safety message to Americans traveling to Uman for Rosh Hashana

flight plane tlsIn order to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season in Uman, we ask that you take the following precautions: Read more ›

Poll: Who do you think won the presidential debate?

Read more ›

WATCH LIVE AT 9PM: The First Presidential Debate [UPDATE – FULL REPLAY]

debate[LIVE STREAM BELOW] Read more ›

VIDEO: Cyclist hospitalized with serious injuries after being struck by a vehicle on New Hampshire Ave

img_4643A cyclist was struck by a vehicle and seriously injured this evening, officials says. Read more ›

Opinion: The Basket of Deplorables – by Yosef Stein

ysOn September 9, Hillary Clinton violated one of the cardinal rules of campaigning for any office- not to attack your opponent’s voters. At a fundraiser for Hillary in New York City, just the sixth one this year that was open to the press, she proclaimed that “you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” Read more ›