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Letter to the Editor: My Grandfather Marched with Reb Moshe in 1943; We Must Act Now

[VIDEO] Dear Editor, Thank you so much for your high-quality publication. In October 1943 my great grandfather, Rabbi Eliezer Poupko marched with R’ Moshe Feinstein, Rabbi Eliezer Silver, and

WIC Announces New 2015-2016 Income Guidelines

The New Jersey State WIC Program (Women, Infants’ and Children), a supplemental nutrition program for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under the age of 5 years, who qualify, have released the new income guidelines,

VIDEO: And then there were 17: Former Virginia Gov. Gilmore Announces Presidential Bid

VIDEO: “I am a candidate for President because our current Washington leadership is guiding America on a path to decline, and I can reverse that decline,”

UPDATED: Over 1,400 JCP&L Customers in Lakewood Without Power

Over 1,400 JCP&L customers in multiple different developments in Lakewood are without power this evening.‎

Trump tops CNN poll of 2016 Republicans, says he leads ‘movement’

Real estate magnate Donald Trump moved to the top of the 2016 Republican presidential field in a CNN poll released on Sunday,

Watch Live at 6:15 PM: Tisha B’Av Event at Pine River Village (REPLAY)

WATCH LIVE: The event will feature Harav Shraga Feivel Cohen, Harav Yitzchok Dwek and Harav Yitzchok Sorotzkin.

FIRST REPORT: State Rejects all Courtesy Busing Deals; Over 10,000 Public, Non-Public School Children Affected

A final decision from the state a short time ago will result in approximately 11,000 public and non-public Lakewood

Christie 10th as Trump leads Republican 2016 field in 3rd straight poll

Donald Trump received the most support among Republican presidential candidate in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday,

VIDEO & PHOTOS: Officials Estimate Over 10,000 Attend Levaya of Rebbetzin Rishel Kotler A”H (UPDATED)

VIDEO: Despite temperatures reaching close to 100 degrees, officials estimate over 10,000 took part in the Levaya Sunday of Rebbetzin Rishel Kotler A”H.

VIDEO & PHOTOS: New Mike J. D’Elia Emergency Management Center Unveiled in Lakewood; Center will be First in Country to Use New 911 Texting App

A newly-renovated state-of-the-art Emergency Management Center was unveiled in Lakewood on Wednesday, and it was named after one of the longest-serving OEM members in Lakewood, Committeeman Mike J. D’Elia.

Trump Campaign Sets his Personal Fortune at $10 Billion

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled new documents Wednesday setting his personal fortune at more than $10 billion and his annual income at more than $362 million.

Worth Recycling? Ocean County Saw Nearly $100,000,000 in Savings since Material Processing began in Lakewood

Ocean County sees its year-round population double in the summer hosting thousands of visitors here to enjoy boating, beaches, backyard barbecues and a host of recreational activities found throughout the County.

Ocean County Board of Realtors: June Closes Out the First Half of 2015 on a Positive Note for Ocean County

Ocean County and New Jersey are reporting strong numbers for the housing market, continuing the recovery trend seen from the beginning of 2015, County Board of Realtors reports.

PHOTOS: Sellout Crowd of Nearly 1,000 Pack LTB 2015

Nearly 1,000 frum Jewish businesspeople gathered at The Rockleigh of New Jersey on Wednesday for a once-a-year summit that’s been hailed as the Jewish community’s premier business education and career growth event.

Hackers Stole Social Security Numbers from 21.5 Million, Gov’t Admits

Hackers swiped Social Security numbers from 21.5 million people – as well as fingerprint records and other information from background check investigations – in the massive breach