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VIDEO: Does G-d Enjoy Simchas Torah Too? – a Simchas Torah 2016 Message by Rabbi Mintz


PHOTOS: Fatal accident on GSP northbound at 102; Traffic Alert

Dunoff Photography Annual Sukkos $1 Gedolim Poster Sale

[COMMUNICATED] A huge display featuring dozens of 8.5×11 posters great for hanging in one’s sukkah or home will be sold for just $1 each in Lakewood at the BMG Arba Minim Shuk October 13-16.

PHOTO: 2016 General Elections Mail-in Ballot; How do I apply? How do I register to vote?

 [LINKS BELOW] How do I apply for a mail-in/absentee ballot? How do I register to vote?

PHOTOS: Over 100 evacuated after Jackson fire; Lakewood provides mutual aid

A fire at an assisted living facility this morning prompted the evacuation of over 100 residents, Jackson officials said.

12AM: Bikur Cholim Sukkos Raffle; Win all Yom Tov needs for $10! [UPDATED – Winner picked]

[COMMUNICATED] Often, one of the most trying times in the hospital is during a Yom Tov season.

12AM: Bikur Cholim Sukkos Raffle; Win all Yom Tov needs for $10!

[COMMUNICATED] Often, one of the most trying times in the hospital is during a Yom Tov season.

WATCH LIVE AT 1PM: Tens of thousands of children take part in annual Tehillim Asifah; Call-in info

[LIVE STREAM BELOW] You can also listen to the event live through Kol Mevaser by dialing 212-444-1100 option 8 followed by option 1.

PHOTOS: Prominent Gedolim and Roshei Yeshiva visit Chicago to Benefit French Oilim Fund, raise $1.5 Million in 8-hour Trip


Rosh Hashana 5777 – The Beginning of a New 19-Year Cycle

By Rabbi Dovid Heber. Tonight when Rosh Hashanah 5777 begins, it will not only be the beginning of a new year but will also be the first year of the 305th 19-year cycle since brias ha’olam,

AUDIO: “The rock concert noise I’m hearing at 11:35PM”; Officials respond

[AUDIO BELOW] [UPDATED] Somerset Walk and other resident in the Pine Street area and beyond are furious with the noise level coming from the rock concert at the stadium.

TLS EXCLUSIVE: HASHGACHA: Man saved from Hoboken Train Disaster 15 Years after being saved from 9/11 Attacks

We don’t always get to witness the Yad Hashem clearly, but a man is alive today to tell of the clear Yad Hashem which saved him from injury or death – twice.

BREAKING VIDEOS: 1 dead, over 100 injured in NJ Transit Train Crash in Hoboken [UPDATED]

[VIDEOS BELOW] [UPDATED] At least one person is dead, and over 100 people are said to be injured in a train crash this morning involving a NJ Transit train.

PHOTOS: LPD celebrates Lakewood resident’s 103rd Birthday

Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer, Officer Alex Guzman and Officer Kenny Burdge took part in a birthday celebration this afternoon for a 103-year-old Lakewood resident.

PHOTOS: Sensible Sukkah – the Sukkah of the 21st Centrury

[COMMUNICATED] By M.G. Over many years there have been different complications associated with building Sukkahs. Some are too complicated to assemble or too big to store.