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BREAKING VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Men arrested at gunpoint for allegedly burying drugs in Lakewood

gunpoint arrest[CAUGHT ON VIDEO] Two men were arrested at gunpoint in Lakewood this afternoon for allegedly burying drugs Read more ›

Mayor Coles urges caution as strong winds move in; Crews on standby for downed trees, other hazards

damage from storm 9-16Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles is urging caution as strong rains and high winds move into the area, potentially resulting in serious damage. Read more ›

Hundreds of JCP&L customers in Lakewood without power

JUST IN: Lawsuit being filed against President Trump

trump inauguration tlsPresident Trump will be facing a lawsuit tomorrow morning. Read more ›

PHOTO: President Trump’s senior staff, including Jared Kushner, being sworn in today


24 hours only: Free shipping at with special TLS promo code! No Minimum!

artscroll[ADVERTORIAL] For 24 hours only, get Free Shipping – NO minimum – at with promo code Read more ›

Daf Yomi to Begin Bava Basra; List of Shiurim Around Lakewood

siyum 4[LIST OF SHIURIM AROUND LAKEWOOD] Tomorrow, tens of thousands of Yidden around the globe will complete Meschtas Bava Metzia, and begin Mesechtas Bava Basra.  Read more ›

The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell – by Ron Benvenisti

njgovcsFor the last six months, our very own State of New Jersey has been cultivating its own state of the art Cybersecurity resource, Read more ›

NWS issues High Wind Warning; Gusts up to 60 MPH for the area

wind rainA High Wind Warning was issued by the National Weather Service for strong and potentially damaging winds moving into the area. Read more ›

Lakewood Shuttle adding trial route in Industrial Park

l-shuttle-tlsLakewood’s “L” bus, will be adding an additional route in Industrial Park on a trial basis, the Shuttle service said. Read more ›

New Ambulance at MMCSC in Lakewood

monoc-tlsMonmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus, will now have a state-of-the-art ambulance on site to help transfer patients needing critical care services to other acute-care hospitals Read more ›

PHOTOS: President Trump’s Inaugural Parade

IMG_2123[PHOTOS BLEOW] Read more ›

Levaya of Mrs. Ruth Klugman A”H

candleWe regret to inform you of the Petirah of Mrs. Ruth Klugman A”H. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Plaza on 9, Premier Women’s Shopping Mall, Debuts this Sunday in the Heart of Town

Rendering with signs[COMMUNICATED] The shopping experience for women has been transformed and upgraded as the all new Plaza on 9 debuts this Sunday at Read more ›

WATCH LIVE at 8:45 PM: The Dirshu Convention with the participation of Gedolei Yisroel; Marking 20 years

dirshu[LIVE STREAM BELOW] At 8:45 PM tonight, Dirshu, celebrating its 20th year, will hold its annual convention. Read more ›