JUST IN: The Race Gets Nastier: Sign Posted On Rabbi Katz’s Door

door sign rsm Katz_wm(Click on image to enlarge).The attached sign has just been posted on the door of Harav Shmuel Meir Katz Shlita-one of the Poskim of BMG. The sign reads as follows: “There is a letter that says that Rabonim were consulted who were Maskim that it is Mutar to vote for Corzine. If this is Mashma to you, that me or R’ Forscheimer or R’ Felder or R’ Lieberman or R’ S B Cohen were consulted-that is not so. SM Katz.” (Due to the heavy traffic on the site, the server has crashed several times. Our technicians are working to correct the issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience).


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There are 110 Comments to "JUST IN: The Race Gets Nastier: Sign Posted On Rabbi Katz’s Door"

  • anon says:

    How can we trust anyone anymore? This is getting more and more ridiculous

  • we need moshiach says:

    What a bitter golus, money, chutzpa, kovod, envy, seems to be the streaking to the finish line.
    aicha yoshva badud ?????
    seems like well have alot more to cry about this tisha b’av

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    ….It doesn’t imply that they would not have agreed with the psak had the shaila been presented to them. After all, they were not presented with the facts that had allowed other poskim like R’ A Shteiman to approve Corzine vote.

    All that the sign says to me…all you people who want to bother me and others about this…please stop..we had nothing to do with it..

  • bochurim4christie says:

    nu where r u Yungerman4Corzine?? next we’ll c 1 on R’ Malkiel’s door!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Does the Lutzke Rav support corzine.

  • Elementary says:

    I would think that as an elementary level, they should consult with the “local” Rabonim b4 coming to any determination. Anyways, since Corzine’s accident, it is very obvious to me that his mind is not fully there, probably due to the strong pain relievers that he has been taking.

  • nebach, so sad says:

    המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים HaMakom yenachem eschem besoch …

  • Anonymous says:

    I wasnt going to post this before but now I will . Reb SM Katz told people last week that it is ossur to vote for pro toievah candidates He did not name names

  • NetRabbi says:

    Reb Shmuel Meir Katz has GUTS – unlike Yungerman4corzine and his ilk.

  • friend says:

    it says rabbi lieberman, nor R’ benny heinamen who is not a posek.
    REad the sign again. Please correct this.

  • daykan says:

    the name is not rabbi heineman it is rabbi lieberman. please correct in
    your post

  • Anonymous says:

    Yungerman4Corzine. you dont get it!!!! most of Lakewood does NOT want Corzine no matter how much spin you put on it.

  • TLS Editor says:

    To friend and dykan: Thank you for the correction. My mistake.

  • Anonymous says:

    The VAAD believes that local Rabonnim should stick to bosor becholov . When it comes to DAAS Torah on politics they should not be consulted

  • Simple Math says:

    A vote 4 Cristie = A vote against the Vaad

    Please B aware ‘ who’s behind ‘ all pro corzine comments here

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    anon: I get it that many people don’t like Corzine, that’s why I am here…Voting for Christie is a big mistake…

    For a thousand’s time, if you are concerned about ss issue it’s better to vote for Corzine. Since Corzine is a liberal Democrat his ss position is of no real consequence. Compare it with Christie who is a Republican who broke ranks with his party to support ss civil unions which differs from ss marriage in name only…

  • NetRabbi says:

    Lets hope that Reb Shmuel Meir doesnt lose his job.

  • NetRabbi says:

    how about changing your nane to:

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    simple math: please tell us who is behind this obnoxious pro-Corzine comments…

    Please relalize that politics is not a simple math as some of our oilom unfortunately think…

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    What about Rav Lubin?

  • Refreshing to see says:

    refreshing to see ehrlichkeit, leshem Shomayim, and plain guts still exist in Lakewood. RALS made it clear that his MAIN reason was zilusa d’beis dina, and be-dieved R’ Malkiel should not be forced to be mevazeh himself with a retraction. That’s not nearly an endorsement of the shameless vaad position, which was and remains totally indefensible.

  • LkwdGuy says:

    Without naming names, there is a dayan/posek the gives a shiur in alumni after davening on shabbos morning. I was told that he said to the shiur this past shabbos “C”V to follow the VAAD and vote for Corzine.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Yungerman4Corzine thats condescending and irresponsible to say that most of Lakewood is totally in the dark about the issues and you are the enlightened one. We understand the political climate and understand Christie wont deliver on all of his promises but if it sounds like a duck and quacks like a then its a duck. Corzine is saying all the things we don’t need or want to hear

  • matter of time! says:

    So much for all u vaadnicks!! How can people go against the rosh yeshiva and reb ALS???? Same way all the poiskim in town can! If there is a corrupt and twisted psak- nobody will follow! Sounds like the vaad’s reign of power is now over!! Even if R’ Malkiel would sign a thousand letters pro vaad- its over!! We now see who is in control.

  • Elvis was a Jew says:

    I’m taking bets to see how long this pic will last here. I’d say one hour before its removed

  • Yungurman for yashrus says:

    Y for Corzine
    youare a class one spin master. The sign says says clearly you can’t vote for Corzine. Stop with your sheker.It is embarrasing. Sheker Ain Lo raglayim!

  • do not despair says:

    the state of machlokis is depressing, but remember as a nation better times are coming ” we rise because we fall”
    only thing is how low do we fall
    shir hamalos mimamkim

  • do not despair says:

    the state of machlokis is depressing, but remember as a nation better times are coming ” we rise because we fall”
    only thing is how low do we fall
    shir hamalos mimamkim

  • Anonymous says:

    TLS keep up the gr8 work, its abot time the people do whats good for the people and not whats good for some.

  • A Lomed Choshen Misphat says:

    “Without naming names, there is a dayan/posek the gives a shiur in alumni after davening on shabbos morning. I was told that he said to the shiur this past shabbos “C”V to follow the VAAD and vote for Corzine.”

    Rabbi Finkel is NOT the Rav of Alumni. And he is PRO the Vaad. He told me personaly that I should vote for the Vaad canidates

  • TERM LIMITS says:

    please let us know what the frum candidates have done for the good of the entire tzibbur, post your record of fighting for our needs, when there was strong opposition and you pulled thru, running to schi for a photo op is nice
    but id prefer a leader in his office accomplishing behind the scenes them one doing whats in his self interest and getting a nice photo op

  • Ahhaaaaaaaaa! says:

    So we have all come to figure out the YUNGERMAN4CORZINE is employed by ak or bmg as a PR person. His job is to answer all day claims against his boss. Who else can be working 9 years and pay a mortgage and not be on any government programs and be on the TLS all day defending his agenda. btw your responses show you have an agenda b/c they don’t answer any ? your are being asked. you keep repeating the same thing over and over.

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    anon 1:40: in my previous comment I never said that most! of Lakewood are in the dark about politics…. I said some. Do you see the difference?

  • Reb Shmuel Meir FAN says:

    Another timeless coup by the great Rav.

  • Mr.Naive says:

    Does anyone think these poskims jobs are now in danger? I seem to recall a politician in NY who referred to himself as a steamroller and we all know what happened to him! Maybe those in power should take note and realize that this could backfire much more than it already has! I think we can all agree that if R’Elya zy’a was with us things never would have come to this sorry state of affairs.

  • Reb Shmuel Meir FAN says:

    NetRabbi says:
    NOVEMBER 3, 2009 AT 1:39 PM
    i hope you are self employed, otherwise you are a thief as well as a fool.

    Yungerman4Corzine says:
    NOVEMBER 3, 2009 AT 12:32 PM
    anon 11:24: My seder is at 8pm, Sun throughThu, now I am at work…

  • Yungerman4Christie says:

    There is emes and sheker in this velt! Nu, so what does the Mashgiach shlita say on this??

  • Aaron Kolter says:

    Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow…

  • Mark says:

    Thank G-d this happened the vaad now dug their own grave for good but dont hold your breath they’ll be back under a new name soon. this is what i think, it doesnt make sense for r’ malkiel to get so involved in elections he never has so why is he doing it. i think they are scared of christie that he will do a big clean up job in town and end the corruption that will net alot of people in prison, thats the only thing that makes sense

  • richel says:

    oy vey voite for ze vaad

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Ahaaaaa: It is correct that I have been working for 9 years, but it’s not that I am paying a mortgage, it’s long paid up…The reason I am spending my time here instead of making money to send my wife on an another shopping spree is because I have many chaverim who I am afraid will end up badly affected if Christie is elected. Also, I don’t want the man who enraped an 89 year old Syrian Rabbi get elected…That’s it, there is nothing more to it..

    If you have a specific question about the election, I will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge, of course in good faith…

  • the emes says:

    I voted 4 cristei
    agenst obama
    down with obama
    that’s the way to get this sick man out of the white house

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Dear Rabbi Shmuel fan: Yes, I am self-employed. I commend you on being dan me on tsad zchus…

  • me says:

    for those of us who are trying to follow daas torah, it sure is confusing. which daas torah do we listen to?

  • M&M says:

    Were you always self employed, or only as a result of your internet addiction?

    Yungerman4Corzine says:
    NOVEMBER 3, 2009 AT 2:30 PM
    Dear Rabbi Shmuel fan: Yes, I am self-employed. I commend you on being dan me on tsad zchus…

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are the Roshei Hayeshiva & rabonim schlepped by a few individuals through such schmutz.
    The Gemorah says Wow to the city whos administrators are Talmidei chachomin, the Reshoinim explain why.
    We now see it.
    The amei Oretz who have time for this are the ones who should run it.
    We should also have zayin Tovei hair voted al pi shulchan aruch who are not manipulated by intimidating self gain individuals.

  • Trefene Baal Habos says:

    Me says: It is very simple to follow Daas Torah in this election. Just follow the following formula. When you are in the booth put the following thought in your head “How do I make a Kiddush Hashem”. Not How will i personally gain or will someone else personally gain (or lose!), but how do I make a Kiddush Hashem. Good luck.

  • Anonymous says:

    yungerman4corzine :
    works in nyc & on weekends works 4 bmg ! he is personly a:k adviser
    thank you

  • M&M says:

    Thanks for being another living proof that daas baal habayis hepech daas Torah. We couldnt do it without YOU!!!

  • referendum says:

    Lets have a referendum on who exactly is DAAS TORAH

  • RE:yungerman4corzine says:

    I knew you were the one who made up the mr.k story. fyi why didn’t corzine do anything to help all those people beforehand, look if we are all clean then we have nothing to worry about . WE need change here in NJ and I think today would be a good start.It may be painful in the beginning bit with HaS-hems help we can do it he runs the world and decide how much anyone gets on rosh hashano time . He also only wants us to do his will, and his will is morality, honesty and Not killing tzelem elokims, even goyim are bztelem elokim and we should do all we can to prevent abortion . If we’d stop approving all this crazy building without seichel, we wouldn’t need this rt 9 expansion in the first place . and as far as the gelt goes h-ashem has other ways of sending money, why do we need obama/corzine to get all that zechus, I am niw decided @ will vote chrsity, I think that all the details may not have been outlined to rav shteinman especially the outrageous chillul h-ashem that the ayno yehudim vote 4 morality but the am hakodesh voted 4 kesef .

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Vote your conscience – vote for Christie!!!

  • daas baal habayis says:

    yungerman4corzine, your not a yungerman your a baal habos for corzine dont try red yourself ein your yungerman, your a daas baal habos who maybe is kovea ittim , very nice.

  • Lakewooder Yid says:

    I proudly voted for Christie. I think the private citizens of Lakewood have been kept in the dark. Christie will lower our taxes. My property taxes have doubled in the last years. My tolls have almost doubled. Christie has offered to consider vouchers. Mcgreevy and Corzine have ruined this State. I love the Vaad but not when its costing me thousands of dollars a year in taxes. So to vote for a man who will also keep on raising my taxes is impossible to any sensible person.

  • Ahhaaaaaaaaa! says:

    yungerman4corzine tell your friends to be bsimcha and have emunah!
    In regard to the Rabbi who you claim was christie who entraped him, how do you know it was him, maybe it was SD people is desperate places wil do desperate things! And BE”H he will be found Zakai.

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    I give in – I changed my mind – vote for christie!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i just spoke to r s m son and he said his father never meant not to vote for corzine he just mean what peaple where saing bshame hime isnt true

  • yashrus says:

    Y4C – please explain. you were very passionate for two days. Are you serious?!

  • simple yungerman says:

    I just returned from the voting booth and am proud to report that, although my conscience was originally unsettled concerning whom to vote in for Governor, I followed daas torah and voted for CORZINE.

    I feel very good that my decision was totally lesheim shamayim. (And on the issue of SS, there’s no real nafka mina between the candidates, as their ikur chiluk is just noigea to semantics and what terminology they want to use in the legislation recognizing this abomination.)

  • Yungurman for yashrus says:

    all u cristy fan u dont even have a clue what ur in for! and i dont mean bec u dont listen to dastorah wich of corse ul regret

  • Yungerman4Christie says:

    I also give in. I will be mekabel on myself to stop listening to my krume yetzer hora.. I will stop fighting against daas torah — and I will be voting for Corzine!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i just spoke to r kats son and he said that his father did not mean not to vorte for corzine al he meant was what peaple were saing bshame him wasnt true. yea and btw i r a l shteinman did say to vote for corzine thats a fact!

  • Please post it says:

    Oh why didn’t we listen to Maran. We can now see the gadlus and
    foresight of a Gadol and Manhig.

  • self-appointed spokesman says:

    Latest polls are showing our guy — Corzine — in the lead. Yey for Cozine!! Let’s keep getting those votes in there!!!

  • TLS Editor says:

    Please post it says:
    November 3, 2009 at 3:24 pm (Edit)
    Oh why didn’t we listen to Maran. We can now see the gadlus and
    foresight of a Gadol and Manhig.

    Please note: We cannot approve your comment until we can fully understand the hebrew contents. Please translate it to english.

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Hi guys, somebody impersonated me. So mush for TLS moderation….

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    now im being impersonated!! Please dont make it hard for me. I already gave up!! Christie already got my vote.

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Corzine could not possibly ‘help’ with Syrians, because the investigation was carried out by the feds, not by the state.

    As far as the Rabbi Kessin’s likely verdict. I hope he is acquitted…Though things are not looking up good…All the experts agree that juries rarely buy even the most slam dunk entrapment defense.This is despite the fact that they must acquit…It’s similar to the child abuse cases where juries rarely let off alleged perp, even where the uil is in doubt…That’s by the way a reason, why some are reluctant to refer these cases to authorities.

  • Yungerman4Christie says:


    I promise it wasn’t me — because I was shoi’el eitzah and decided to voted for Corzine. So if you see anything to the contrary in my name — DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!!

    Go Corzine Go!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    hey self appointed spokesman , where do you get your rolling data from?

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Guys, the guy who impersonated me is still here, I cannot do anything about it…. I am sure you can tell who is who…

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Guys, the guy who has impersonated me is still here…I cannot do anything about it…I am sure you can tell who is who…

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    I am sorry for the double post…I think it’s something to do with the site….

  • self-appointed spokesman says:

    I culled my info from > < where they qouted from sources that Corzine was up by 6 points.

    They also said that in all likelihood we will not know by tonight who the winner is because it is probably too close and there are too many mail ins & provisional votes that still need to be counted.

  • yungemann4corzine says:

    I finally see the light and finally see the true colors of corzine. I am officially dropping my original statement anf voting YEs FOR CHRISTIE!

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    For all you guys who keep on talking about Bitochon and Kiddush Hashem etc, I want to remind you that in Chumash there are two people who always used to mention the Shem Hashem, one is Yaakov Avinu and the other one is Lavan….I hope you get my message…

  • simple says:

    I voted for Corzine. Its simple. If I was wrong, Rav Shteinman is big enough to take responsibility for my vote after 120. But if I would vote for Christie and was wrong, placing the blame on that loud group of guys hanging out in the coffee room today just isn’t going to cut it in shomayim. Simple.

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:




    The christie camp is feeling extremely desperate today and are trying all sorts of childish tactics to persuade voters away from listening to Daas torah, rch”l.

    Don’t fall for any of their gimmicks stating that I would c”v go against Daas torah!!

    I am pleased that CORZINE is currently in the lead according to 101.5

    GO CORZINE GO !!!!!!!

  • yankel says says:

    i asked rabbi blech who is on the vaad and he said lhalcha you can vote for chirstie and r yisroel nueman said that the question of chilul hashem wasn’t asked to r a”l shteinman and therefore he is voting shev val tasa REMEMBER VADAY CHILUL HASHEM BEMAKOM SOFEK SOME PEOPLE MIGHT NOT GET PROGRAMS AIN SOFEK MOTZIE VADAY

  • yungemann4corzine says:




    The christie camp is feeling extremely desperate today and are trying all sorts of childish tactics to persuade voters away from listening to Daas torah, rch”l.

    Don’t fall for any of their gimmicks stating that I would c”v go against Daas torah!!

    I am pleased that CORZINE is currently in the lead according to an earlier post from spokesman qouting the 101.5 news radio station.

    GO CORZINE GO !!!!!!!

  • chaim shell sholom says:

    TLS why are lots of comments with real issues not getting through I thought this site is impartial did ak and the vaad hijack you too as they did to all other print media in town????

  • yungemann4corzine is a shakrin! says:

    yesterday you said on one of these blogs you are nor part of the VAAD, and have no negiyos because you live in brooklyn, today you just said you went out and voted for corzine??? i guess you were soyser yourself – which is no surprise.

  • yisroel says:

    R’ Shimon Shwab used to say that the frum community must vote for the candidate that most closely represents the torahs values, and after that hasem will take care of the rest.

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Shakrin: As I said, somebody is impersonating me…I gave my vote today to M. Bloomberg…

  • outraged taxpayer says:

    im outraged, and now know where alot of tax money gets dumped in this town.. i was just at the franklin works park – acres and acres of land for what? buildings and buildings for what? the building i went to vote in wase huge, and empty!! why is there a lunchroom fit for a yeshiva? who in the township committee let all this money to be wasted?

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Yungerman4Corzine impersonator:

    I am not amused by your silly tricks. Believe it or not, I am trying to to contribute here to a serious discussion. I am not doing it for fun… I have been following NJ campaign for Governor for a quite some time and this coupled with my other experience makes me think that I can and should dispel some untrue rumors that have been circulated here by some misinformed commenters. The rumors such as Christie cannot cut the programs because they are funded by the federal government or Cristie had nothing to do with this summer’s raid because he had left the office long before the raid…

    I, and I am sure many people here, have many friends in Lakewood who unfortunately are addicted to the government programs and who will not fare too well in their absence. That’s why I am here, and not to have a good time…

    It also pains me that some people lack a basic sense of solidarity with the Syrian community, whose Chief Rabbi was publicly humiliated. He was paraded in front of the whole world in handcuffs. They wouldn’t even let him to surrender himself… If you don’t want to vote Corzine, I can accept that…But to vote Christie who entraped this Rabbi is beyond me…Sorry

    All the Best

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    To my impersonator: I might add…that I feel good in a way that others want to impersonate me….

  • The fake Yungerman4Corzine says:

    To the real “Yungerman4Corzine” –

    It was me that was impersonating you, because it became quite obviou that the very desperate christie campers were hijacking your name to make it seem as if you retracted from your pro-CORZINE position — an obvious fabrication.

    I figured that if they can play that devious game, then so can we.

    In line with the daas torah that we follow, I would remind the oilam of the doctrine established in Tanach:


    Anyway – my new friend – I hope both our chosen candidates win, and their hearts will be swayed by our father in heaven to lead our government in the right direction.

    Take care & Hatzlocha Rabba.

  • Yungerman4Corzine says:

    Anyway, pleasure being here with you guys…I hope whoever wins, will make a great governor for New Jersey and our community…If Christie is to win, I congratulate his supporters, may be my fears were not justified after all….

    All the best

  • Anonymous says:

    I voted “Chritie ” Whitman last time, no I didn’thad Ivoted it would have been her not Jim Florio.

  • To desperate Christie's says:

    Your guy is so scared that he’s not going to win that already this morning his gaboyim started spreading threats of lawsuits because of the unusual surge in absentee ballots this year.

    Just because they’re not confident of a win, doesn’t mean that this surge raises any “red flags,” as the christie’s put it. This is obviously attributable to the new law changing the old restrictions voting for this way.

    It’s also interesting that the Corzine camp isn’t yelling & screaming about this at all — only the christie’s are kicking their feet about this..

    And this is because Corzine knows that the vaad endorsed him and that’s all he needs to have peace of mind. 🙂

  • Lakewooder says:

    People should know, the latest exit polls show Christie and Corzine polling 46% – 46%, with Daggett the other 7%.

    This race is neck and neck. The entire country is watching. Congressional Democrats are watching to see if Obama can pull this off for Corzine. If yes, and Corzine is re-elected, Obama has a blank check from them

    The country eyes are on NJ. And if it comes down to s few hundred votes difference, the eyes of the world will be on Lakewood. Vote. Just VOTE. Take the twenty minutes to go to the polls. One more hour. PLEASE!!!!

    As for Daas Torah, speak to your local Rav. You’ll be surprised. (or maybe you won’t)

  • yungemann4Corzine says:

    After I went to vote this morning for corzine I finally came to the realization that I was caught up in politicts. Now I realize that I did a teriible thing. My only way to rectify this is to tell anyone who didn’t vote yet to go and VOTE FOR CHRISTIE. I hope hashem will be mochel me for making this HUGE CHILLUL HASHEM. SUPPORTING SOMEONE WHO SUPPORTs TOEIVA MARRIAGES AND OTHER IMMORAL THINGS IS SOFO LIGEHENOM. HASHEM PLEASE MOCHEL ME.

  • seder time says:

    now its time to say shalom uncle moishies going home

  • uncle mikes says:

    corzine is so nice he even came to get a kosher burger from me back in the day

  • berishes grill says:

    hey any of you guys need some gala
    or maybe some gefilta fish
    for your shabbas tich

  • uncle mikes says:

    actaully corzine one time got a burger from me

  • essex on the 9 says:

    party tonight at essex on the nine for christie supporters serving christie burgers

  • 3rd grader says:

    i want a cream cheese sandwich who will give it to me corzine or christie

  • r & s says:

    the real party is here but not open for the public only the vadd and old time lakewooders

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