Was Your Car Towed This Morning While Davening Shachris?

IMG_0659_wmWas your car towed away this morning from Satmar while you were Davening Shachris? The building next to Satmar has restricted private parking. Although there are signs clearly posted from the entrance throughout the property, somehow they get ignored, leaving the management no other option but to have the vehicles towed. Betzalel from All The Way Towing asks the community to try to be more careful WHERE and HOW they park concerning private properties. “Besides Gnaivah and possible Chilul Hashem, the cost to the vehicles owner can be quite hefty”  Betzalel said. As he puts it, “This is the most unpleasant part of my job, but someone has got to do the dirty work”.


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There are 10 Comments to "Was Your Car Towed This Morning While Davening Shachris?"

  • toy store says:

    just wondering how do they enforce payment? do they keep the car as a collateral ? is that legal ?

  • anon says:

    Well it’s about time some started enforcing some of these parking rules around town. I say impound them and let the owner pay the costs to the town, owner, etc.. Hey, maybe we can even find out if the cars are legally registered and insured.

  • Anonymous says:

    And the same if u park at Dr. Shanik while u daven in satmar it could be towed as well by all the way towing

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, a tow operator is allowed by municipal and state law to hold a vehicle against payment.

  • A Golus Yid says:

    Betzalel, could you please tow the cars that block private driveways also? Once upon a time you found this problem only in Brooklyn, but now the baalei gaavah who think they are more important than the people who are supposed to park in their own parking lots or who have to get in AND EVEN OUT OF their own driveways have flown south. Go get ’em Betzalel!

  • Anonymous says:

    You car can also get towed if you park in Gertners (across the street from Satmar) without a resident sticker.And as someone who used to live there, let me say, if it happens you deserve it!

  • YITZ says:

    How much does Betzalel of all the way charge to release the vehicle?

  • moishe shmiel says:

    a nafka mina how much he charge ya, vat ever it is it cost lot more then a parking meter in brooklyn. es is nisht kdai!

  • smart guy says:

    The Chilul hashem is HUGE !! . I was standing in front of satmar when a resident of that apt buliding could not park due to “unzerer” people taking the parking spaces. This fellow was ranting and raving at the top of his lungs, how this happens all the time & he is fed up , & cannot understand why “you people” cannot read the signs & respect the rules etc. I was so embarassed, & I knew that he was 100% correct. Raboisai, PLEASE PLEASE respect the rules & residents. Plain & simple, don’t think of parking there. It’s just not worth the GEHENNOM !

  • owner adjacent apts. says:

    even with 10 plus clear signs on our lot and the docters lot next door
    people continue to park while davening. it would be nice if the shul could do something to help as signs do not work. it would save towing fees and free up parking spaces that our tenants are paying for.

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