Residents Getting Scammed Into Signing Up For JCP&L’s Easy Green Program?

ThermostatBEWARE: If you’ve been thinking about signing up with JCP&L’s Easy Green program, be sure you you know what you’re signing up for. This afternoon, TLS was told, Raintree residents were solicited to sign up for the program, which they were told “is to be able to tell when there’s a brown-out”.

The incentive offered by the salespoeple, is a $50 dollar gift certificate.

In essence, the program, is an energy management program offered by JCP&L to its customers in selected areas, designed to reduce the level of energy needed on the hottest days of the year to prevent outages.

However, residents today were not made fully aware of the the ‘fine prints’ of the program, and many signed up for it.

What you should know, it hat EasyGreen manages your central air conditioner with a small sensor connected to your central air conditioning unit and a sensor that plugs into an outlet near your thermostat, inside your home, to helpe reduce your electric bill during the hottest days of the year, while staying within your chosen program level.

Here’s the ‘catch’ though. On the 10 to 20 hottest days, when regional energy consumption is high, EasyGreen will be activated and the temperature inside your home will increase to the level you agreed to. Which means, you will not be able to lower the temperature below that agreed upon temperature. TLS.


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There are 18 Comments to "Residents Getting Scammed Into Signing Up For JCP&L’s Easy Green Program?"

  • Anonymous says:

    They called me a few months ago and the salesman told me that I could disable it after it was installed. I did not believe him and I declined, but apparently those salesman are getting a high commission for this. Shame on JCP&L.

  • Phil McKoon says:

    In addition to the above mention item they install outside your house by the AC unit- its a very ugly box with an antenna sticking out. I flipped when I walked out one morning to find a guy installing “what my wife signed up for”!! I plan on removing it myself!

  • tree trimmer says:

    If its good for the trees sign away your wife oops I mean life

  • Anonymous says:

    Never sign anything on the spot, under pressure. Ask for the literature to review it on your own time.

  • Ms. Candy Kane says:

    I’ve had it for years, its a non issue. save a few bucks. you wont notice a thing.

  • I know... says:

    Last summer, they shut my AC using the device. I had the little black box plugged in near the T-stat, which should have read my interior temp and should have restarted the system. Well, after my house reached 82 degrees, I bypassed the device. All the device does is bypass your thermostat. So you just have to go outside, slide the cover off the condenser, and reconnect the thermostat wire right back where they removed it from. Very simple for any home owner.

  • Happy with it says:

    I have it over a year, receive gift cards every quarter, never had a problem. In case of a brown out, they will turn off everyone’s AC units before the electricity when there is an override on the system. Rather be hot and have my fridge working, than no electricity.
    It’s not a scam – no one is losing anything, it’s an incentive by the electric company and you can opt out at any time.

  • anon says:

    I came home one day to find the green box installed without my permission. The salesperson actually forged my signature to get the hefty commission. The company that installs is actually an independent company that gets commission from JCP&L. The company sent me a copy of the workorder, and I sent them a signature sample that was totaly different than the forgery. they disciplined the salesman, and removed the green box.

  • EMES says:

    hey its lakewod we need to decorte the house with a diffrent coler !!!!

  • to 7 says:

    u get gift cards every 3 months! how much and can u please provide more info i wana sign up!

  • Watts up says:

    With all the building taken place over the last few years the load on the local grid is at close to it’s max capacity when the weather is very hot. This promotion is one way to control the usage when the grid is at a critical point and possible save the town from a local system wide overload and eventual shut down. The power company has upgraded many of its circuits and substations, but more will be needed if the town permits the building of more units in some areas. Like anything else the utilities need time to catch up to the building explosion that has taken place. Just remember when the utilities ask for property or rightaway to expand, please support them, otherwise get a block of ice to keep cool.

  • raised in lakewood says:

    its a multi level marketing shtus.

  • Fresser says:

    I don’t like the idea of someone else controlling my a/c. Once that control is in place, who’s to say that there won’t be a ‘malfunction’ or an ‘unauthorized override’.

  • anon says:

    You can NOT just opt out at any time. You have to send in a written letter explaining why you are opting out, and they will decide if it is a good enough reason.

  • aa says:

    I had it. it only shuts the AC on those real scorcher days when you need it most.
    I got rid of it.

  • g says:

    do u have to leave the black thingamejig in the outlet

  • Anonymous says:

    I do the installs for jcp&l, its no scam, no camera in the sensor, you can opt out anytime you want. Its worth having.

  • V says:

    How do I remove this thing? I bought a house with it on there. The power company will not come out to remove the unit!

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