Hundreds Attend Chai Lifeline Purim Party With Avraham Fried

avraham fried mickeyPHOTOS & VIDEO [Updated 9:15 a.m.] This evening, hundreds of sick children and their families enjoyed a party ahead of the Yom Tov Purim. The guest singer this year, was world renowned singer Avraham Fried. Besides for the singing and dancing, the children enjoyed face painting, Haman Tashin painting, Mishloach Manos painting and bag painting arranged by Rabbi Yisroel Braunstien.

Also enhancing the evening, was the Misameach organization who added a special excitement to the air with their dozens of dressed up volunteers.

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  • Always Right says:

    Avraham Fried always does this kind of Chesed.

  • RaYaatz says:


    Keep it going

    Dor Hashvei

  • impressed says:

    There was also a very entertaining storyteller there I didn’t catch his name my kids were glued!! Shkoach reb sruli.

  • Music says:

    Yaakov Zeines is the man!

  • anonymous says:

    I was there tonight! Chai Lifeline is an amazing organization thanks to everyone who helped with this party! It really braught smiles to the kids and parents faces!! I was amazed and very impressed to see how the Bais Kaila girls really outdid themselves and went all out to make the kids laugh and have a good time! What a kiddush Hashem!!

  • hhhh says:

    misameach!!! always there for every1!

  • Anonymous says:


  • member says:

    Misameach is the #1 source of bringing smiles to the less fortunate. #1 source.

  • dowhatsright; says:

    i did not know mickey mouse was frum..!

  • Simach says:

    MIckey U ROCK!!!!!

  • dan says:

    i heard misameach was the one that brought fried. lets thank them!!

  • Chai Lifeline friend says:

    A huge thanks to all the Misameach vol you guys where Amazing!! And a specia Thanks to C.R for making it happen.

  • Anonymous says:

    Chemi Rosenfeld the mickey mouse!!!!! great job!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Rabbi fried your Amazing!!!!!!

  • meyer r says:


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