Resident Finds Live Worms In Organic Blueberries After Blueberry Picking

Live_Worms_Found_In_Blueberries_large_picVIDEO & PHOTOS: A resident submitted the attached video to TLS, which he shot after his wife returned from blueberry picking Sunday. He writes, “my wife went blueberry picking today to Emery’s farm and we just discovered that most of the berries are infested with live worms”.

“We randomly picked any berry from the 8 pounds we picked”, he says, “so far, we found worms in most”.

worm in blueberry“The Kof-K guide to Bedikas Tolai’m, compiled by Harav Shlomo Gissinger states on page 8 : “Cultivated blueberries do NOT require inspection. However, wild blueberries may be infested by the blueberry maggot (a whitish worm with tiny black head) and therefore each berry must be inspected individually”.(organic grows the same as wild, no pesticides are sprayed on)”.

“All the blueberries grown at Emery’s are now 100 percent organic, the owners and workers proudly announce it to everyone, there are signs posted at the farm as well. Please be aware that every berry requires individual checking”.

See video of live worm in one of the berries. TLS.


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There are 16 Comments to "Resident Finds Live Worms In Organic Blueberries After Blueberry Picking"

  • someone says says:

    bring the blueberrys back!

  • u know who !! says:

    there was no charge for the meat.

  • UGH! says:

    Ugh! I once went to Cattus Island Park with my kids (eons ago). We picked wild blueberries and my kids were eating them right off the bushes. We also brought home a few jars full, which I left on the counter over night. The next day the jars were crawling with little white worms. I threw the whole bunch out. Unfortunately my kids had eaten some of those berries as they were picking them in the park.

  • anon says:

    North Branch blueberries sprays often as soon as they see bugs. We haven’t had a problem there. Also Champion U-pick sprays. But they stop right before picking season (sometimes you also get a free wagon ride there)
    Plus both are half the pricer and more pleasant to deal with then other places (that only allow one adult per 2 children under the age of 18)

  • Anonymous says:

    At least they are 100% organic.

  • yes! says:

    two years ago i went berry picking not emerys but another local place….i found worms in my berries….i didn’t eat one since

  • howell res says:

    I would rather find a bug then have my fruit covered with chemicals. I guess no one is smart enough to post a story about the chemicals covering our food!!!!

  • ?? says:

    ugh i hope this is not where my sons camp is taking them on a trip tomorrow, they’re scheduled to go blueberry picking

  • anon says:

    what is worse than finding a bug in your fruit ….. finding half a bug…

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Howell res, I’d rather find bugs than chemicals, you’re likely to find insects on any type of fruit or vegetable it’s unavoidable

  • Loshon Hora says:

    Emery’s told me some years back that they have had scientist test their crops & many [although not every year] they find the white maggot. They are pretty upfront about it. He told me people think I say it because I don’t want the Jews to come, but I am honest & not anti-Jew.

  • be careful says:

    Chemicals are bad for the body- bugs and worms are bad for the soul… realize the ramifications of chalila eating one bug accidentally!!!

    If you feel that way and dont want to wash off the chemicals then make sure you are scrupulous when you check!

    By the way, has anyone ever heard of checking cherries from a regular (non-organic) market?

  • Checker says:

    #13 very well said!
    TY, OP!!! I thought it was safe to pick blueberries, since we can’t do strawberries anymore. Now I know to be careful.

  • Jay says:

    To howell res and Anonymous : This is not necessarily a health issue. It is forbidden by biblical law to eat worms.

  • Anonymous says:

    so they went blueberry picking…at an organic farm…that doesnt use chemicals…and found bugs. i’m shocked.

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