UPDATED: Lakewood-Based Group ‘Garden State Parents For Moral Values’ Plan Demonstration In Trenton Against Same-Gender Marriage

CORRECTED: The organization ‘Garden State Parents for Moral Values’ have scheduled a rally to make their voices heard against the Trenton politicians looking to pass same-gender marriage in New Jersey, TLS has learned.

The group, which demonstrated the first time it was brought up for legislation, has organized for a bus to head from Lakewood to Trenton and plan to demonstrate at the State Capitol.

The group tells TLS the bus will be departing on Monday February 13 9:40 AM from 7th Street and Private Way, (and stopping on Forest and 11th) and will be returning  at 1:30 PM.

All who wish to participate are requested to bring along photo ID to enter the Capitol building, the group says. 

“Donations are also being accepted to offset the many expenses incurred in lobbying against the bill”, the organization said. TLS.


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There are 27 Comments to "UPDATED: Lakewood-Based Group ‘Garden State Parents For Moral Values’ Plan Demonstration In Trenton Against Same-Gender Marriage"

  • Misameach says:

    How many spots are available on the bus?

  • lkwd resident says:

    is this bus for Frum only?

  • One gender says:

    Is the bus for same gender only?

  • . says:

    Is there local rabunim backing this rally? If yes why isn’t there any support letter?

  • RebRambo says:

    To One Gender:

    If you are an Amoeba, yes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I truly don’t understand- if it doesn’t affect you, what’s the big deal?

  • god gave u brains. use it says:

    If someone in your community gets killed and leaves over ten yesomim. Why do u show any concern? After all it does not affect you.

  • Anonymous says:

    With all due respect…why are there no demonstrations against Geneiva? Why not against Sinas Chinam with schools non acceptance policy? Why not against Sheker? I just don’t get it. maybe someone can explain.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why do you have to make such a big deal about this? Everyone should have the right to make their own is their life..not yours..or the governments. And..taking donations?!?! Are you kidding me?? If you want to spread your hate pay for it yourselves!

  • see you says:

    I am going tomorrow! -big Mitzvah (I am taking off from work)

  • with all due respect says:

    I imagine if there would be a referendum about legalizing geneiva there would be a demonstration too

  • RebRambo says:

    It’s not about “spreading hate”; it’s about cramming abominable legislature down our throats. It’s about having to explain to the children of those religiously opposed to this nonsense what same-gender parents means. It’s about forcing private catering and wedding halls to cater to these couples even against the owners religious beliefs. And keep one word in mind:
    Lest we forget what happened after the NY State legislature passed the this bill.
    There are some out there that still don’t believe in “Chance”…

  • Gerry Mullen says:

    I believe in Los Angles, CA, there are local laws that mandate that 10% of the population are “same-gender”. Consequently, 10% of the police, muncipal employees,
    firemen, school teachers, EMTs in emergency vehicles
    etc., must be same-gender.
    I do not know Torah at all, but I believe it is an abomination againist the Almighty to support, nuture or quietly acquiesce to such laws.
    I must say there is no limit to such nonsense. I venture to say that a marriage with a dog, a cat, a rat, a rhino,
    a giiraffe etc. are not far behind.
    To all Jews, b’vah’cha’shah, may i suggest u do more Talmud Torah, more davvening amd more deeds of kindness.
    A goy, Gerry Mullen

  • PrettyBoyFloyd says:

    How does this bill concern us exactly?? Is the govrnmnt forcing us to marry someone we don’t want to??
    Just like we as Frum Jews want the right to freely practice our religion with all it’s shenanigans as some might see them, so do same-gender people.

  • Really in the know... says:

    Monday is a legal holiday – Trenton deserted. Whats the point?

  • Anonymous says:

    Please post my comment. I am truly curious as to why there is such an outrage over this

  • genius says:

    Just to clarify: the people living the way we are told not to, were already living this way. They will continue to live this way. The legality of claiming taxes together is all that is affected. Honestly, many man/woman unmarried couples live together and seek a similar legality. We don’t advocate their lifestyle, either. All they want is a doggy biscuit for committing to someone. I don’t think they should call it marriage, but throw them a bone if it means so much to them. So, while we don’t recognise same gender marriage, we do accept that for whatever reason, these two are committed to eachother. If it wasn’t such a large number of people, the whole discussion would never have started.

  • kid ish hashem says:

    You are a smart person.

  • I Love Lakewood! says:

    Names, please, of the members.

  • Anonymous says: says:

    This article is ridiculous already. The Governor says he will never sign it into law. Go back to study or work

  • Anonymous says:

    Is that Bresler from Shatnez?

  • hiemishe says:

    ven se tut vey-SHRAIT MIN!!!

  • Lkwd says:

    Let people live their lives like they want as long as it does not directly affect you.

  • Boruch says:

    Yasher koyach to these askonim for making a kiddush Hashem!

  • Allison Levin says:

    How can you stand in the way of good people wanting to live their lives with family and stability and commitment and all the legal benefits that others in the same situation enjoy? Why do you feel threatened by these people, because they are different from you?

    Let people live their lives!

  • Anke says:

    most of the readers doe not know the legality behind this !! If you are in a Relationship of the same gender then your partner can not make Medical ore other decition for you ,if you are in a coma .
    They dont bother you,so what is it for you .Live & let live
    I think they could find a better way ore word,but it is not my life ,

  • David says:

    Do you know that Idolatry is permitted in the US.

    Why is no one demonstrating?

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