Cop Involved In MVA On Route 9

PHOTO: A Police Officer was involved in an MVA a short time ago, but nobody was injured. The Accident occurred at the intersection of Route 9 and Route 88. The other vehicle ended up on the sidewalk, a bystander said.

Multiple Police Officers responded to the scene.

Hatzolah was also called to the scene.

The area has been taped off as police conduct an investigation.

Traffic & Safety responded to the scene as well, since it was an official vehicle involved. TLS-24 A/B/TLS-YT.


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There are 24 Comments to "Cop Involved In MVA On Route 9"

  • Anonymous says:

    no matter who was wrong, the cop wont be blamed for it. its gonna be counted as the other guys fault

  • truth now says:

    i want a independent investigation ,what if the cop was on the phone??these questions must be asked

  • different accident says:

    I was driving on route 88 on march 1st at 3:20pm and saw an accident, I was late to a meeting and unable to stop and be a witness if needed. If you were the blue camry turning into the post office, and was hit by a black car going in reverse on 88, and need a witness, please post a way to contact you or contact thelakewoodscoop. I will also send my contact info to thelakewoodscoop.

  • Dirt says:

    To the first comment….. Really?? Grow up. To the second comment….. how about giving your info to the police and telling them your story

  • cool masmid says:

    I was driving on Route 88 – or Main St as the first police car (actually the second- the first being the one involved in the mva) was arriving on scence – literally within seconds there were police cars coming from all direction – there was actually a police car behind me with no lights or sirens. I guess he felt 7 or 8 police cars is enough for a 2 car mva with no injuries. My point is if police really want to respond to a call fast they could.

  • wow says:

    #4, Police, Fire, and Ems are a family, they respond since it was a family member. Wouldn’t you want to go check to make sure, they are ok if someone from your family chas v’shalom gets into an accident?

  • Lakewood Resident says:

    #1 is nuts.


    Your point is????? Wouldn’t you respond quicker to your brother in need? Does that take away from their dedication to the well-being and safety of the community at large? It seems that to some it’s just second nature to bash cops.

  • Riva says:

    please go and pray for the little boy in Lakewood who needs our tefilos. stop arguing through comments and let this b a zechus.

  • someone says says:

    to Riva, I could’nt agree with you more, this little boy needs our tefilos more than ever and so does his family.

  • Lakewoodtaxpayer says:

    Was the office driving north up Rt 9? Was the other car making a right onto Rt 9 from Rt 88 because if so it is a NO Turn on Red a the intersection of 9 and 88. Very few drives actually stop and wait until the light turns green there.

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    and here come the cop-bashers ready to fire away.
    with the amount of accidents in this town from you folks, you’d think that understanding the one time in months that a police car is involved – you’d keep quiet; but no….

  • Sarge says:

    Lets see if this makes into print without important points “moderated”. I won’t guess who was at fault because I wasn’t there, maybe everyone else should do the same. As for some many vehicles responding I have 2 comments. First, as police are responding they don’t always have all the information as to whether people are injured and the severity of injuries. (moderated) Let’s be fair, instead of automatically blaming the police before the accident is even cleared off the street.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t like bashing cops but still I want to make the following points

    (1)The knowledge that cops give out “courtesy cards” to allow friends and family to break traffic laws and not get ticketed really lowers my respect for the police

    (2)I frequently see police not obeying traffic laws even when not on the way to a call

    (3)About 15 years ago I witnessed an accident where someone didn’t stop for a red light and crashed into a police car going through the intersection.When the medics came I heard them saying that this is only crash involving police that they been to, where the police were 100% innocent

  • ck says:

    To mr. anonymous. True, cops might not be blamed for being in a motor vehicle accident. But there are nice cops out there. The main thing is that no one was hurt and maybe the cop was nice to the other person as in making sure he/she was ok.
    There’s nothing we can do if cops aren’t blamed for it so why waste our breath on it. I respect cops in this town and respect what they do for us. Let’s all hope to have a healthy and safe purim tomorrow.

  • ck says:

    and mr. conservative. “you folks”? what’s that supposed to mean. people have a right to express their feelings about something.

  • wow says:

    hey Anonymous i have one of them cards , and i havnt had a ticket in 10 years hahahahah guess you need better friends

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    “The knowledge that cops give out “courtesy cards” to allow friends and family to break traffic laws and not get ticketed really lowers my respect for the police”

    -OH PLEASE!! would you stop that. like in your like of work, job, place of business- you never gave out a discount to a family member? these are perks just like every other single job out there has. think of it as family/employee discounts. so stop crying you hypocrites.
    (these cards are not a permission to break the law like you claim- they are simply if you do unintentionally break a law by a small amount. they will not work when someone is driving like a blatant crazy person; or with the intention to race, be aggressive, or like a (moderated).

  • To "wow" says:

    I haven’t gotten a ticket in over a decade, because I follow the traffic laws. And no, I do not have a courtesy “card.” It’s called being a courteous “driver.”

  • FIREBUG says:

    The cops will never be wrong come on even if it is ther falt they get away with it it is “(moderated)”

  • wow says:

    number 18 good for you , when u make a mistake and u get a ticket i will be ha ha ha backoff the police they do a great job

  • Me says says:

    I have a courtesy card. I have never had to use it to get out of a ticket or anything. I would be embarrassed to have to use it and let my relative know that I was stopped. I drive safely with or without the card. I do like having it in the event of an accident, a relative could be easily reached if I’m unable to speak. Think things through before you write. You’ll save yourself embarrassment and looking like a fool.

    Think of all the LPD does for you before you look to tear down and destroy. Such ungrateful people!

  • ???? says:

    so ive heard thru a family member of the other vehicle that the patrol car struck the 1st car who already was in the intersection making the turn when struck by patrol car.. then the other driver recieved the ticket..

  • anonymous says:

    Hey # 13 how do you get one of these “courtesy cards”, you seem to know so much about them.

  • Anonymous says:


    If my private business I can give whatever discounts I want. Someone who was hired to uphold the law but instead helps friend and family break (even “minor”) laws is a CROOK.

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