Developments At Lakewood Airport Could Soon Accommodate Commercial Helicopters And Small Jets

EXCLUSIVE: VIDEO: New developments at the Lakewood Airport could soon accommodate commercial helicopters and small jets, Lakewood Economic Development Director and Director of the Lakewood Airport Steven Reinman tells TLS in an exclusive interview.

Located at the center of the Industrial Park, the airport is poised for some significant changes which will not only be an asset to the businesses in the area, but will also attract more businesses and enhance the value of the Industrial Park as the economy improves, Reinman says.

One of the improvements coming to the airport, is a helipad. Near the helipad, the airport intends to provide parking spaces for commercial helicopters as well as spaces for craft-owners.

Over the next year or two, Reinman says, the Township also plans to begin a number of projects which would help them reclaim some of the lost length of the runway. Doing so, will allow for smaller jets – possibly 6-10 seater jets – to take off and land at the airport.

The runway, says Reinman, is about 3,000 feet long, but has lost about 500-600 feet due to trees, poles and other obstructions which they will begin working to remove and restore the full use of the runway.

Currently, the Lakewood Airport only allows for the Cessna-type aircrafts and the closest airport to allow for those smaller aircrafts, is Monmouth Executive.

Further development at the airport,  involves the commercial development of the former jump-zone. The jump-zone, which was used for parachuters years ago, has dozens of undeveloped acres of land which the Township hopes to develop for corporate use. The benefits of building corporate offices in that space, will give businesses the opportunity of having access to airport hangars from the rear of their buildings, enabling them to fly in and out with ease.

“All of that bodes very well for companies looking to locate in this area and take advantage of all the resources in Lakewood”, Reinman says.

The Township also has longer term future plans to renovate the current airport terminal into a proper terminal with a restaurant and other amenities. TLS.


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There are 47 Comments to "Developments At Lakewood Airport Could Soon Accommodate Commercial Helicopters And Small Jets"

  • Wondering says:

    Whoa. The noise from small jets will disrupt the quality of life for the entire community. I lived near Teterboro Airport for years. The “small” jets coming in would make many houses shake and disturb classroom lessons. We have schools in the industrial park. The teachers will be drowned out by jet noise. We have nursing homes and hospitals. The patients will be startled by jet noise. This is not a good thing.

  • Josh says:

    How much money would it cost to expand for making room for
    UPS and Fedex airplanes to come in and out?

  • Yid says:

    Is there any way to make it into an international airport? That would be huge for Lakewood.

  • Lakewood international airport says:

    why dont they turn lakewood airport or allaire airport in monmouth county into a full fledged airport that can handle Boing 747s there are more than a half a million people living in ocean monmouth county and growing ther are plenty of cities in the united states with smaller populations that have international airports maybe they can have direct flights from EL AL from Lakewood airport

  • hmmmm says:

    are both of you really asking that question ? i hope you are kidding . you want to try and fly larg jets like ups or fedex or crazier yet commericial jets. really . you cannot be serious . just when i think i have heard it all. i think it is a great idea to expand thie airport in order to bring business back to lakewood industrial park. as well as creating jobs at the airport and in lakewoon industrial park. could bring in much needed income . great idea guys . lets move foward

  • lkwd citizen says:

    can the airport have a Shul?

  • hmmmm says:

    these are the stupidest comments i have ever heard in my life , turn it into a international air port ?? wow .. that said it is a great idea it will bring jobs to lakewood and possiblly bring big business back to the industrial park.. great idea expanding toheli and comm jets. totally stupid idea suggesting you make it handle commerical jets.

  • apushatayid says:

    They can run flights from Brisk and Mir to BMG and back. Perhaps several times a day. Great idea.

  • Tax cow moooo says:

    Maybe cut taxes instead????!?!?

  • Anonymous says:

    “… The benefits of building corporate offices in that space…” will be, in a few years when no one wants to lease them out, to turn them into tax exempt schools, like most of the industrial park is now.

  • Wow says:

    Maybe we can move JFK Airport to Lakewood

  • notahock says:

    In all reality this is great news for Lakewood. This can bring in a lot of big corporations into Lakewood and in return a lot of revenue from taxes.

  • Concerned says:

    To 1 the airport has been here over 60 years. The industrial park is just that , schools should never have been aloud there. I hope it brings in more business. That’s what we need more tax ratables.

  • lkwd relax says:

    We don’t need noise in this city

  • Rich Orne says:

    This is a rehash of the Airport Authority’s Master Plan for helipads. terminal and on site resturarant. Before anyone even thinks about larger jets, please conside runway length as opposed to the displaced threshholds. I can’t help but wonder who will be renting this space planned for development when there were NO TAKERS previously. One can’t help but wonder why the airport will now attract business to the Industrial Park when for how many years has the Industrail Park developed nothing? The maney for this development of the airport will come from where?????

  • blue shirt says:

    Now i will have somewhere to land my plane!

  • up up and away says:

    yes and soon it will be quicker to get across town if we can fly over it, land and walk to school nearby

  • Anonymous says:

    The way things are looking, in a couple of years there will be thousands of more townhouses, thousands of more cars and NO improvements to the infrastructure and gridlock. Helicopter and plane might be the only way to get around.

  • Ms. Candy Kane says:

    i like the idea of expanding the Airports ability to encourage business. Toms River and Brick would also benefit from our efforts without taking any risk…(Oh we didn’t think about that did we ) As far as concerns of overdevelopment, well the town is on an unstoppable run as it is, so we might as well continue the madness.

    I remember as a child driving with my Mom to Britts ( now A& P in Brick) and watching the skydivers. :o)

  • whatever; says:

    maybe if they bring the space shuttle back , we could have our own( not nasa)..but Lasa..LAKEWOOD AIR & SPACE ASSOCIATION..

  • mr. Askan says:

    Gr8 now my parents have a place to their chopper when they come visiting their kids in lkwd

  • Anonymous says:

    500 feet more of runway will not do much for the jets, 3500 feet of run way is not very safe for a jet to land. (Monmouth airport has7000ft) FedEx and ups jets cant land on that runway because its only 60ft wide, so don’t worry about the noise there is plenty of traffic going in and out of there now so if it does not bother you now it won’t bother you then

  • Anon says:

    #1 Schools don’t belong in an industrial park, they take away taxable property from the town and the students are in danger from the industrial plants that can be toxic.

  • Anonymous says:

    if you want to learn to fly visit

  • Ps says:

    To make lkwd airport a commercial airport would cost millions just to make the runway. The terminal would cost just as much. The noise level would be deafening. I think Lakewood has to grow a little more before a commercial airport. Until then, just make do with JFK.

  • Christine Abrams says:

    Oh geeze I hope they don’t allow jets! Right now the planes fly directly over my house when they take off. No lie. Many times the house rattles, not to mention sometimes having to wait to continue a conversation until the plane has passed. It wasn’t always like this. When we chose this lot to build our house, the planes did not fly directly over us, they more or less followed the Parkway. Made sense. Within a few years they changed the pattern and it’s been annoying ever since. I’ve never been able to ignore them. I always hear them. Oh geeze, they better not allow jets!

  • what?!?! says:

    I cannot believe people who are seriously asking why this cannot be made into an international airport to handle 747’s. Do you realize the typical size of an intl airport that could handle jet traffic, terminals, parking etc is as large as the entire footprint of lakewood township???

  • jake says:

    Schools don’t belong in an industrial park in the first place. They don’t have a right to complain about the noise if they don’t belong there.

  • finally says:

    finally a local place to park my jet!

  • Anon1 says:

    “Further development at the airport, involves the commercial development of the former jump-zone. The jump-zone, which was used for parachuters years ago, has dozens of undeveloped acres of land which the Township hopes to develop for corporate use. The benefits of building corporate offices in that space, will give businesses the opportunity of having access to airport hangars from the rear of their buildings, enabling them to fly in and out with ease.”

    You have got to be kidding…… you have 240 acres of land between Pine St and Cedarbridge Ave. that was supposed to be for white collar businesses, what happened, did the Town change their minds or is that now set aside for schools and town houses??

  • cool masmid says:

    Steve Reinman is a real menthsh with a brilliant mind. May he have success in all his endevours as he really has Lakewood in his heart. Nothing means more to him then helping the yechidim and the klal in any way possible. Thank you R’Yisroel.

  • aaaaaa says:

    finally gonna be able to fly into town with my gulfstream….about time!

  • Yaakov says:

    A groisa shkoiach from the LFPA!! (Lakewood Frum Pilots Association)

  • RebRambo says:

    Whatcha all griping over? Lakewood drivers already believe they ARE on a runaway. The reason they speed is because they are hoping to actually lift off even though their vehicles don’t have wings.

  • Christine Abrams says:

    amen #30!

  • Former lkwd kid says:


    I remember those days too. Britts and Two Guys, big shopping adventure! Cedarbridge from MLK all the way to the airport was nothing but trees.

    And we once went on a school trip to the airport and actually went out to the drop zone and watched them jump.

  • I Love Lakewood! says:

    Thank you #30 for your good point.
    Is this plan some kind of joke or something? All that property around the stadium with its left turning lanes that go right into a forest is bare, and a total waste of money & trees. Now all of a sudden you think the high rollers are going to fight for office space so that their back door can open up to the airport? Yeah, right.

  • ? says:

    Maybe we can get the stealth bomber to land here ? wow that would be exciting , get serious people ,some really dumb things posted here .

  • smh says:

    maybe Yehuda could run our airport as well, and you can direct the jets into the new terminal with yids wearing reflector belts and they can daven between flights in the airports new shul………this would be fantastic idea…..

  • Observer says:

    well, that’s one way to get around lakewood! now we’ll have air traffic along with road traffic!

  • resident speaks says:

    This idea is foolish. How much money would the town benefit from having helicopters and small jets using the facility vs the cost to up-grade the area.
    Has anyone done a study on taking off and landing patterns.
    The town is already on the downslide, why increase the speed of this downturn

  • Resident says:

    To #40 now that is funny!!!!!!!!!!

  • hmmmm says:

    number 41 , it is actually a great idea these larg companys need a airport for their exuc and guest to fly in. it would add value to out industrial park . lakewood used to be a huge industrial force . now we have nothing but schools in the park. this could and most likely would bring big business back to lakewood easing the tax burden for us all..

  • Rich Orne says:

    2ND POST
    Before people get all fired up about what they think could be bad….get all of the information first. I was involved with the Lakewood Airport for over 10 years…and it was a labor of love. It is also my understanding that Mr. Reinman has been doing an excellent job with and for the airport. Developing the airport makes economic sense for the entire area and if a flagship client can be attracted to the rentable airport grounds — it could help attract others to both the airprot and the Industrial Park. Will Lakewood Airport ever see service from a full sized jet commercial carrier?? I do not believe that it could ever happen. Lakewood is a general aviation airport..operative word is “general” aviation…and as such can be an incedible asset to both the Township and the local area. Please —- get all of the information on what is propsed for the airport before the emotionally charged arguements start.

  • trippy says:

    Now Dave Lichtinstien will be able to fly right into his office!!

  • I says:

    I’m all for comm flights

  • BMW says:

    the Trees and Grass have been removed as they are obstructions for the runway……..

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