Man Robbed At Gunpoint

JUST IN: [UPDATED] A man has just been robbed at gun point, sources say. Police are on the lookout for a Hispanic male who allegedly pulled a gun at a man in the area of Route 88 and made off with the victim’s wallet.

The suspect is described as a short male wearing a blue sweatshirt.

Multiple officers have swarmed the area in search of the armed suspect.

UPDATE: Police tell TLS the ‘victim’s’ story is inconsistent – but they are still investigating the alleged incident.


There are 20 Comments to "Man Robbed At Gunpoint"

  • sam says:

    wow now even in daylight these crooks are doing this
    this town became the wild west

  • morris says:

    this is why i wont carry more than $5 cash on me at all times !

  • Lemisah says:

    Was Shomrim “LCSW” needed

  • I know from the inside says:

    No “LCSW” was NOT needed

  • wow says:

    In broad day light?!

    My granpa always told me to carry a decoy wallet with me, and I do. Its filled with $10 in singles, some old business cards, fake credit cards etc. If I get mugged, I hand it to him and he runs away, leaving me with my real wallet, including all my cc’s, license, cash, important documents, etc.

  • jj says:

    Why wasn’t lcsw needed? What makes them needed or not needed in any particular case?

  • enough says:

    (moderated)…get these people out of lkwd

  • chaim says:

    #6 Do the math

  • ? says:

    whole thing sounds ?????????????

  • I know from the inside says:

    #6 good question, I don’t the answer to that, do you?

  • jamesat15 says:

    to number 7 what people?

  • Anke says:

    to No.5 ,you had a wise Grandfather. i doe the same .

  • me says:

    this hapened last night around12:30 i live around there and i had cops in my yard and in the yards around mine

  • Josh says:

    Be careful of your surroundings

  • Brick Resident says:

    This is why NJ needs to allow law abiding citizens to carry. Crooks would think twice

  • lakewood says:

    But please keep hiring his mother, sister, wife, cousins and freinds to clean your houses so he’ll have a place to stay in this town.

  • jack says:

    y dont u guys get security from lakewood plaza2help catch some of the problems out there b4 it comes2 shopping center… them guys r always out there doing their job and seem2b on top of things…security at center has kept r patrons shopping and safe at all times…2u security folks….keep up the gd work…..

  • huh? says:

    hey #5, thanx for letting the cat out of the bag! now the crooks are gonna ask for BOTH wallets.

  • nate says:

    When did this happen I have cops all around my era now I live a block away from rt 88

  • Anonymous says:

    #7 everyone is not the same . so you can’t judge everyone by 1’s actions. last time i checked it is a free country so these ppl are going to be around

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