Attorney Michael Inzelbuch Resigns From Second Position In School District

JUST IN: The Board Of Education has just accepted Attorney Michael Inzelbuch’s resignation as Non-Public Special Education Consultant. This was Mr. Inzelbuch’s second position in which he was paid a salary as a regular employee of the District.

After being replaced as Board Attorney last Monday night, Mr Inzelbuch chose to resign his post at his second position.

He now holds no positions in the Lakewood School District.

The resignation is effective immediately. TLS.


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There are 19 Comments to "Attorney Michael Inzelbuch Resigns From Second Position In School District"

  • OUTSIDER says:

    NU NU

  • bobbyc says:

    let’s see the promised savings and improved education materialize!

  • Bill Hobday says:

    This action by Attorney Inzelbuch is in his best interest and the best interest of the Lakewood School District.

    This is a new beginning with new players. Let us pray that the new BOE governs with fairness, justice, and sensitivity for all.

    Attorney Inzelbuch will have no problem earning a living in the legal profession.

  • Wednesday Reader says:

    The school system should be 100% audited by state and federal officials to see exactly where things went wrong and where monies allocated for special needs/education went astray or dissappeared.

  • ? says:

    (moderated) ~ dear moderator why do you try and control what needs to be read by others? you can delete my oppinions here but the truth will come to light in spite of what the scoop will or will not allow on you site.

  • to:? says:

    you’re absolutely right. i’ve had my comments not posted & i followed the “guidelines”- yet others who’ve written disparaging, ridiculous comments have had their views posted. go figure.

  • to:?says says:

    thanks again lakewood scoop for editing my comment. first amendment rights are squashed on this sight!

  • ? says:

    C E N S O R S H I P alive and well here on the scoop

  • Yid says:

    While I don’t agree with TLS editing out the comments, it is very ignorant to claim that TLS is “squashing your first amendment rights.” Your first amendment rights give you the right to open your own blog and say whatever you want. However, you do not have the right to go onto someone else’s privately owned blog and say something that he doesn’t want you to say.

    The first amendment gives me the right to say whatever I want about you, and the government cannot stop me. But I cannot go into your house and say it. And if you don’t let me into your house to say it, you are in no way squashing my first amendment right to say whatever I want on public property or on my own property.

    You may not agree with TLS’ policy, you may thinh it is wrong, as I do. But to call this a “squashing of your first amendment rights” is wrong, misleading, and ignorant.

  • someone says says:

    once again my comments were not allowed.

  • ? says:

    To Yid
    legally you are right! morally you are wrong! when you suppress opposing viewpoints just because it is not to your way of thinking it only becomes selfserving . I see many offensive things posted here that are not deleted ,yet many of the things I post are never make it . Forums should be open to ALL viewpoints not just one side of an issue ,thankfully there are many other places to post where that is an acceptable practice as it should be .

  • resident says:

    thanks Yid for always bringing some sanity into these discuaaions

  • Anonymous says:

    In others action last night, the Board approved re-advertising and extending RFPs for all special ed services. Together, these actions will go a long way towards ensuring more services and better teachers and therapists for all Lakewood children with handicapping conditions, both public and non-public.

    The new Board has accomplished more in 10 days than the previous Boards accomplished in 10 years.

  • To # 13 says:

    “The new Board has accomplished more in 10 days than the previous Boards accomplished in 10 years”

    That’s a pretty strong statement, but you seem very sure of it. Maybe you should identify yourself to give legitimacy to what you have to say.

  • ???? says:

    Michael Should not have been a paid employee by the board while he was the Attorney. To be on the BOE you can not be an employee of the district. You can be a Board member of one district and employed by another but not the same one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Independently verifiable truth needs no other “legitimization”.

  • misinformed says:

    Tell anonymous that RFP for services come out every year !! The board is simply doing what it does every year at about this time. Also remember that public school kids get the special service they need according to their IEP while private school children get services till the money runs out!! KEep that in mind

  • Please says:

    I am very excited about the new board.

    But can you (or they) post the changes as they are happening or is it all going to be more hearsay?

  • zaida says:

    does any body know how to get a little girl accepted in a hebrew primary school next year?

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