Police Arrest Hit & Run Suspect Who Struck Two Vehicles, Pole

VIDEO: A man who went on a dangerous spree this evening, was arrested. The unidentified driver’s wild ride began at about 9:30 PM when he sruck a vehicle in the area of the Singin gas station on Hurley Avenue.

After striking the vehicle, the suspect fled the scene toward Murray Street, where he struck another vehicle, and again fled.

Police finally caught up with the suspect on Cross Street, where the suspect slammed into a utility pole before being boxed in by Officer Kevin Doyle’s patrol car.

The driver was subsequently arrested and taken into custody.

There are 12 Comments to "Police Arrest Hit & Run Suspect Who Struck Two Vehicles, Pole"

  • lost says:

    why do you mention the guy as a suspect?

  • . says:

    Was he intoxicated?

  • lkwood says:

    What is a gast station?

  • reader says:

    if I’m not mistaken, I think legally one is obliged to refer to the person as suspect-even if the person is apparently guilty of the crime, until he appears before a judge & enters a plea.

  • lost says:

    perhaps he was suffering from a medical condition

  • lakewood resident says:

    see this is what happens when you drink and drive, so glad no one was injured or worse.

  • L.B. says:

    Good Job Officer Kevin Doyle!!

  • wondering says:

    I feel sorry for the owners of the cars.Good thing nobody was killed or maimed.

  • State Official says:

    Will this qualify to deport the illegal? Or will Obama sue us in federal court for enforcing the federal laws??

  • Josh says:

    Be careful how you drive

  • reader says:

    why didn’t TLS post the story about a hit & run on mass. ave.last week?

  • sam says:

    so where are all those clowns who voted for him in the first place
    what are they saying now ?

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