WATCH LIVE: Lag Ba’omer In Meron

LIVE STREAM: [PLEASE NOTE: Viewers should be reminded that the video contains music, and volume should be muted until Shkiah] If you, like many thousands wanted to be in Eretz Yisroel for Lag Ba’omer’s special events but were unable to make it, this is the best you’ll get. Watch the tens of thousands of people rejoicing outside the Kever Rashbi.



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There are 14 Comments to "WATCH LIVE: Lag Ba’omer In Meron"

  • Don't understand says:

    Isn’t this “lifnei ev er mishshol”

  • Lakewood mother says:

    How are you allwoed to listen to music in sefira?

  • To #2 says:

    How is a lakewood mother allowed to be on the internet? Ain issur chal al issur!

  • reuven says:

    There time is ahead

  • Father says:

    # 3,

    Did she say Lakewood, NJ?? do you even know how many Lakewood’s there are in the USA???

  • #5
    Its mestaber that if this mother is on the lakewood scoop that reports news for lakewood nj she means lakewood nj lemaysa im maskim woman should not be on the internet. vho raiah theyre not invited to the asifa. ela mai in that specific house the father is called the mother cause the father works and the mother does not v’dok

  • אפרים חזן says:


    אברכי לייקוד היקרים הי”ו

    אני נוסע הערב בעזה”י להילות הרשב”י במירון

    ואהיה שם עד אור הבוקר ב”ה

    מי שרוצה לתת לי שמות

    לרפואה לישועה לכל דבר שישלח לי למייל הזה

    ובל”נ אזכיר את כולם שם

    בכל הכבוד הראוי לכם בני התורה

    אפרים חזן

    Dear all Lakewood residents
    Bnei Torah
    I go to evening celebration of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
    Right to protect us

    Anyone who wants
    I mention his name
    Name and surname
    Ready to send me names and I will remind them today and tomorrow
    Email box

    With all due respect to you

    Ephraim Hazan

    אפשר לשלוח כל היום שלכם אני מקבל השמות לסלפון

  • אפרים חזן says:

    סליחה האימייל

  • Posek says:

    Where does it say that you are allowed to listing to music tonight??
    You are only allowed to during the day.

  • Correct says:

    Thank you #9. You do not have to be a posek to learn, remember and apply simple halochos that the mishna beruah explains clearly.

  • shmends says:

    why isnt it working im just gettin a white box

  • moshe says:

    Video doesnt work keep getting please install silverlight which I did

  • Linsanity says:

    r u allowed to listen to music tonight?

  • peter says:

    not live

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