Man Shot In Golf View; Home Pierced With Bullets, Narrowly Misses People Inside

JUST IN: [PHOTOS & VIDEO] UPDATED 1:57 AM: A man with gunshot wounds was brought into KMC Hospital this evening. Police say preliminary reports indicate that the victim was shot by someone driving through the victim’s Golf View neighborhood.

After the victim reported he was shot in Golf View, Police swarmed the area in search of the shooter.

A home neighboring the Golf View development was also hit with bullets, miraculously missing the children and other occupants inside the home.

The homeowner tells TLS that when his wife heard the gun shots, she ran to the window and saw a black man holding a gun. The home was was reportedly struck by at least three bullets, one narrowly missing a child inside a bedroom.

CIU and Lakewood Detective’s Bureau are investigating.

The victim’s condition is unknown at this time.


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There are 41 Comments to "Man Shot In Golf View; Home Pierced With Bullets, Narrowly Misses People Inside"

  • Mr. Conservative says:


  • What area says:

    What neighborhood? TLS can do a better job reporting. Although, I do understand it is breaking! please update.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Fire Dude1 says:

    GolfView it happened between 11pm and 1130

  • Dexter says:

    Creepy. Hope the persons alright. Tls please keep us updated!

  • wild west says:

    Golf view

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    SLUM-LORDS = reap what you sow!

    lets see how reliable all those worthless camera’s are! what dumps like golf view need is armed security to PREVENT crime, not video camera’s that help AFTER the crime has been committed.

  • Very Concerned says:

    There must be a strictly enforced curfew in Golfveiw. There was a lot of young children outside playing at the time of this shooting. A few brave teens ran around getting these kids safely in there homes. The parents should be forced to get their children off the streets at an appropriate time.

  • NYTEWYND says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, Mr. COnservative, The slumlords don’t reap what they sow because they stay far away for the areas they rent out. It’s the neighbors these areas that reap what the slumlords sow.

  • party says:

    now that’s what im talking about,some action!

  • Anonymous says:

    To Mr conservative: I would say you have a one track mind but its possible u have two tracks they are just both going in the same direction!!!

  • alamitos says:

    Change the name from golf view slumlord view or Hood view or Gang view or Shoot’em up view. lets vote. I say Slumlord view.

  • why is it? says:

    I think the cameras in Golf View should be connected to a 24/7 live surveillance monitoring company if they’re not already. What we need is crime prevention not just crime records!!

  • where is Golf View? says:

    I know TLS named the place, but, where in Lakewood is it? A lot of us are not familiar with the names of all the developments in Lakewood and where they are located. A street name or an intersection would be helpful.

  • Armed & Dangerous says:

    Where is Golf View? Is rent cheap there?

  • Mapquest says:

    Off Joe Parker Rd. behind Woodlake Country Club

  • Yitz says:

    Golf View is off of Joe Parker

  • mother says:

    golf view is right near raintree, off of joe parker (which is off county line near brick).

  • weareingolus says:

    Golfview is on Joe Parker.

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    #10 – you’d be surprised how many slum-lords live in lakewood!

    #14 – whats the point of having people monitor security camera’s 24/7? just get armed security there, and everywhere else that needs it! they while on patrol will deter thugs from so easily walk the streets, because they know the cops are only a split second from being phoned. being on foot, they can hear, chase, and apprehend criminals.

  • just wondering says:

    anybody else seeing a growing trend here in Lakewood? When I lived in Monmouth County years ago people were always talking about Lakewood being a bad area. Compared to present day, it was paradise. Lakewood is hitting rock bottom.At this rate it will end up like Detroit!

  • jj says:

    Is this not where officer matloz was shot?

  • heard the shooting says:

    golfview is in raintree. i heard the shooting…. it was scary

  • To #17 says:

    Sounds good to me!

    Does that mean we get a new Football and Baseball Stadium? How about a casino?

  • chestnut says:

    welcome to lakehood the city of broke down dreams

  • lkwd says:

    Its on joe parker

  • So Tell Me... says:

    Would someone please enlighten me – Where is Golf View ?

  • Anonymous says:

    golf view is on joe parker blvd

  • Anonymous says:

    Lakewood has very diverse neighborhoods. Of course when everyone out there hears about this they think Lakewood is BAD but in reality you can count on one finger teh BAD areas and they are concentrated in their own neighborhoods

    2-Golf view
    3 -Joe Parker
    5- MLK

    Anyone know of any other “shady ‘ area. Overall Lakewood is a safe and wonderful place to bring up a family.

  • slumlord says:

    highpoint will implode soon and i will rake in da $$$

  • hi says:

    Friday night I was pretty sure I heard a few gunshots in the arlington MLK neighborhood, but I didnt hear any news about it. Anyone else over there heard it?

  • angry man says:

    The slum lords for this place live in the (moderated). They are safe at home counting their cash rent money. How does that make all of us feel?

  • why is it? says:

    #21 Do you have any recommendations for armored security companies in the area?

  • not the only areas says:

    To add to your list of “shady” areas: 6. pine Acres (across 70 by Larry Dizo park)
    7. Coventry Square
    8. Old Pine Acres (Across from New Hampshire by recycling center)

  • Yitz says:

    #30: It’s funny that Coventry Square didn’t make it on your list when just a few posts down it shows a picture of a car painted with a swastika. You must be in denial.

  • Mr. Conservative says:


    2-Golf view
    4- Coventry

    And guess what happened? They were replaced by incompetent property management that thought camera’s could do the same job as armed/unarmed security patrols. These officers were legally armed with certified batons/pepper spray/cuffs, some with guns, fully outfitted patrol cars, etc. They were NOT police officers, but they still were trained & certified and did plenty good to chase away hoodlums from our neighborhoods. Once the contracts were canceled by property managements to save money, those communities turned into unrestricted breeding grounds from crime.

    Unfortunately you have seen that the lakewood Police are stretched beyond their means as it is. The guys cant be everywhere at once, so the people need to either voice their opinions and demand extra coverage by Security Companies, LCSW, and fork over the necessary funds needed for the dedicated patrols – or simply wait for lakewood police to make their rounds and maybe come through your community once every so often(if at all at times).

  • Anonymous says:

    Mr Conservative. I am well aware of the security company. they were not worth the $$$ as there was much crime with the security company so why waste all the $$$.
    Coventry again is not a bad area. there might be one block that has issues. The swastika very likely was not painted in Coventry.
    So add Pine Acres to the list. Again these are very concentrated areas of crime over all Lakewood is a great place for family.

  • Grr says:

    .. New tenant in building.. Moved here in may.. Arrested within first 2 weeks.. Always extra traffic and parties.. I hope the victim recovers.. May God bless the Golfview and other “less than great” areas of Lakewood …

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    #39 – thats not true – every normal tenant relied upon that security company, and was fighting tooth & nail to get more hours for them. Every normal tenant was extremely upset to see them go. Furthermore, why dont you supply facts regarding how they were not worth the money. i have facts, how they kept crime down.

    (and if you think uniformed individuals will keep crime down to significant levels, then why dont you go and fire the police dept and tell them, they are not worth it – since lakewoods crime is rising and the millions the police dept costs – i guess isnt worth it for you either)

  • Anonymous says:

    #38 (the guy in la la land): There was a woman robbed at gunpoint in Coventry this year. Also, the kid robbing cars in Brookhill was from Coventry. While I’m not saying it’s a sakana to live there, I don’t understand how you can say it’s not a bad area.

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