2 Bachurim Robbed At Gunpoint

JUST IN: [UPDATED] Two Bachurim were reportedly just robbed at gunpoint. Sources say the Bachurim were on South Lake Drive when a black male and black female drove up alongside them in a silver Altima, jumped from their vehicle and pulled guns on them demanding their wallets.

The Bachurim handed over their wallets, which contained cash and credit cards. The perpetrators then fled.

The black female, the driver of the vehicle at the time, was reportedly wearing a white headpiece.

One of the Bachurim is a Chosson, who is getting married later this week.

Police and LCSW are on the lookout for the suspects who may have fled into Toms River. TLS.



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There are 48 Comments to "2 Bachurim Robbed At Gunpoint"

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope Lcsw cath these guys

  • Anonymous says:

    Was Toms River PD notified?

  • otcase says:

    One bochur didn’t have a wallet on him, he just took the credit card. It occured on southlake drive. SILVER altima.

  • Dexter says:

    Oyyyy. Hope those bachurim are alright. Hope they catch em!!

  • Dexter says:

    Maybe they could provide more specs of the car, a year maybe???

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe its time we got some gun permits and some carrying permits

  • weuven reiss says:

    Unlikely that they had a chance to ask the gunmen for the year the car was made before they took off.

  • otcase says:

    01 altima possibly with wing on back

  • Lakefront resident says:

    That couple was probably desperate for drugs, but Baruch Hashem the bachurim are OK.
    South Lake Dr. As beautiful as it is has some tumah, oey what goes on there shabbos afternoon with revolting teens, my wife says “don’t look”

  • neighbor says:

    one of the boys lives across the st from me the other down the block. it was a silver 01 altima, possibly with a wing. occured on corner of lapsley and south lake. car came from hope annd went towards rt 9, they have no idea which direction on rt 9 it went, maybe lakewood maybe toms river, they dont knw

  • Anonymous says:

    we need a camera system

  • Menachem says:

    iillegals almost never do that. do we now stop renting to blacks? of course not. do we shun there landlords or mortgage company? were are all the jealous big mouths now? collecting there benefits off Lakewood investors income taxes!!!!!!

  • the son inlaw from far rockaway says:

    hi from the son inlaw from far rockaway

  • BTW says:

    Criminals roam the streets after midnight. All g*d fearing upstanding citizens shuld be safely in bed.

  • krepple says:

    “getting married next week” what does have to do with story? is that a public invite?

  • Gun Zu Letova says:

    Very sad! And to think that a law abiding citizen can’t get a permit to carry a gun in this crazy state, is even sadder!

  • Anonymous says:

    its simply no longer safe to walk the strees of lakewood after dark anymore, what a shame.

  • Barry says:

    They will catch them in no time, thanks to them for being so stupid and involving their car

  • dave says:

    chief !
    how about more pd patrols

  • Lakewooder says:

    Thank you Lcsw for having over 5 cars respond and really put in effort to try and locate the fleeing vehicle , we were overly impressed with the turn out and professionalism , from the Myrtle south lake residences that where there

  • Yid says:

    LPD is absolutely amazing.

    On two separate occasions, I had to call Lakewood PD, and they took the call very seriously, and responded immediately. LPD is dedicated and professional, and most importantly, they care!!!

    NJ State Police is a different matter. I once had to call NJ State Police on the GSP, and they took their merry time, then after twenty minutes told me that they had no patrols available and they just hung up.

  • Anonymous says:

    They won’t use the credit cards, because they can be traced. They probably just wanted the cash and will probably toss the cards somewhere.

  • Jacob says:

    We need to get these guns off the street, enough is enough. Thank god they didn’t get killed, we need to give harsher punishments for those who are cought with guns illegally.

  • cool masmid says:

    #15 – krepple. First off the story says that he is ‘getting married later this week’ – so not sure how you missed that one. Secondly it has everything to do with the story in that BH the boy is ok, and that in the week of his marriage makes us all appreciate H-shem’s infinate kindness all the more so. How sad that you missed the beauty in this story with a happy ending and feel the need rather to spout your anger or jealousy on someone.

  • Barry says:

    #23 i dont know were you live but ive never seen a gun on the street i hope you pick them up when you do see them so that a child wont. you say we need to give harsher punishment, i’m not sure you know this but the current punishment for possessing a gun illegally in N.J is 7-10 years thats with out using it, I think its pretty naive of you to think that if we up that to maybe 20 years all of a sudden crime will disappear. Laws do not stop crime they just make some naive people feel good

  • Splinter says:

    You have to look at the bigger picture there’s a good and bad to this story it’s a crying shame that Lakewood turned into a crime infested dump, but it’s a good thing that there is an organization like Lcsw that had over five members respond and try to help pd locate the garbage in this town it’s nice to see this kind of response to bad they got away it would be nice to set example

  • Anonymous says:

    State police rock!!

  • idea man says:

    I would like to see if LPD can send some police as decoys to catch these guys. I know that in Brooklyn the cops dressed-up as relegious jews and walked the streets at night. They were successful in catching thugs preying on jews walking at night. I believe LPD did the same, years ago & were successful as well. Perhaps it’s time to reactivate this plan.

  • lakewooder says:

    thankfully the young men were not hurt. everyone must be aware of his surroundings and be alert particularly at night. even if you walk in pairs or in a group.

  • Yid says:

    If you want to ban guns to prevent crime, why won’t you ban cars to prevent car accidents? I forgot; you’re a typical liberal hypocrite. Sorry for asking.

  • crazy says:

    we need reflectors that will solve all problems

  • askan wannabe says:

    We need more shmorim patrols at all times

  • geshmak says:

    rabosai please stay safe out there.
    may hashem watch over us.

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    ban guns = they will use a knife.
    ban knives = they will use a bat.
    ban bats = they will use a shank(like they use in jails for stabbings)
    ban weapons = and they will put a dart in a PVC pipe and make a blow gun.


    if you want to stop criminals = jail them longer. make jails harsher. allow citizens to stand their ground without retribution. (but in this liberal state they pander to the criminals by making jails softer, sentences shorter, and removing things like the death penalty & labor camps.)

  • lcsw ? says:

    What would lcsw do to a guy with a gun ?????

  • cohen says:


    guns can be concealed ,cars ..

    cars are easily traced , guns..

    It is impossible to hold one at carpoint,…

  • al tadin says:

    #9 I hope for your kids sakes that they don’t turn into “revolting teenagers”. Although with your impecable kavod habrios, that might be wishful thinking.

  • ahron says:


  • ahron says:


  • papa bear says:

    did he tell the perps that he’s a chosson? did they wish him mazel tov? what kind of credit card was it? how many points or miles did he have on it? lady had a white headpiece? is she a kallah?

  • hello says:

    what we learn from this story is there is no reason for anyone to be walking around at 12:00am and later.

  • krepple says:

    to #24 “cool masmid” How touching you brought tears to my eyes.
    ( i finally found some one more bored than I am ,heck of a masmid)

  • anonynomous says:

    And now we want to build low affordable rental units in lakewood!

  • Anonymous says:

    # 1 “I hope LCSW was notified”
    Why??? LCSW markets themselves as watch our schools and Shuls from terrorist attacks! They r not to watch and help the community day to day! So for that we gotta thank Mr. Pinter!

    I think it’s time for Lakewood to create its own Lakewood Shomrim just like Brooklyn! For Shomrim to work with the police to watch the COMUNITY day and might!

  • Just thinking says:

    Does this story really sound true? Sounds to me that something is fishy beside the Lake

  • to # 34 says:

    you are 100% correct in your observations!

  • TG says:

    To #24 – cool masmid, you kinda missed the point also.

    The fact that he’s getting married later this week and B”H the story had a happy ending isn’t the lesson here. It’s the fact that he’s getting married later this week, and so therefore HE NEEDED A SHOMER WITH HIM wherever he went, THAT’S the beauty here! Imagine if this bochur was all by himself when these perps pulled up. Who knows? Maybe they would’ve hurt him, just for good measure. But bec. he couldn’t be out and about without someone guarding him, when these thieves came to rob him, they left him alone bec. he was with someone else.

    So you see, everything that we do, whether halacha, minhag, or chumrah, when you’re doing it lishmah, that mitzva watches over you. Sheluchei mitzvah einan nizokin.

    And THAT’s the lesson we should take away from this story ^^

  • askan4trouble says:

    just wondering why they may have gone to Toms River over any other place in the world? Shout out to the choson mazel tov!!!

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