Township To Begin Charging Landlords For Tenant Cleanups

In a cost-saving measure, the Township Committee Thursday evening passed a resolution to charge landlords for tenant home cleanups, instead of putting the burden on the Township and ultimately the tax payers.Until now, when tenants moved out, the landlord would place the trash outside as bulk to be picked up by the Department of Public Works. There are hundreds of such cleanups a year, an official tells TLS.

The passed resolution placing the responsibility on the landlords, could save the Township hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, the official says. TLS.


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There are 35 Comments to "Township To Begin Charging Landlords For Tenant Cleanups"

  • lakewood resident says:

    How about tent city?

  • Lakewoodtaxpayer says:

    It’s about time.

  • Joe lake says:

    How about the stores in town garbage pickup?

  • tent crisis says:

    What about tent city first

  • Anonymous says:

    To #1 tent city is owned by the Township .

  • anonymous says:

    Again I repeat what #2 said ….IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Smart idea, I live on a block/neighborhood that on every first wed of the month the houses get cleaned out. On one property alone they so far had 4 pickups this year and it takes a crew of 3-4 people to handle the load!

    Gut shabbos

  • Lakewood resident says:

    The best decision Township made in a long time.

  • huh? says:

    now you will see more garbage dumped on the roadsides in the middle of the night.

  • IfIknewthen. says:

    Inspections of rental properties should be stepped up and occupancy rules enforced. Slumlords are killing our town.

  • Ole Lakewood says:

    Tried that twenty years ago ,they didnt want to go for it, cost to many votes

  • ummm says:

    here’s another great idea. Private schools and house of worships should not have the luxuary of free garbage pick up. I understand all are non profit but when events are go on profits are made.

    The taxpayers can save alot of money in the future. This will benefit everyone.

  • Bill Hobday says:

    Good decision. Now let us be sure that this is carried out. This cost should not be on the backs of the taxpayer.

  • Huh says:

    How about stopping people that live in developements from putting their trash out anytime they feel like it and it staying on the curb for the full month. My pick-up is the 3rd Wed. and alot of people put it out early and a lot don’t even call to schedule a pick up so it stays there for the wholle time until someone else calls because they are tired of looking at the mess.

  • Landlord says:

    Don’t the landlords pay taxes? How about abolishing bulk pick up totally and save a lot of money? Is it fair to single out the landlords?

  • Fair is fair says:

    Don’t the landlords pay taxes? How about abolishing bulk pick up totally and save a lot of money? Is it fair to single out the landlords?

  • its crazy says:

    Where in lakewood do they have this problem?

  • reallynotstam says:

    To anonymous: where do u live?

  • Barry says:

    Excuse me! last i checked landlords pay taxes like anyone else, and they should be entitled to all the services everyone else gets, it makes no difference who lives in the house

  • Jake says:

    Maybe this will serve as a deterrent to potential slumlords. Good job!

  • Anonymous says:

    The tenants should pay, it’s their stuff. Why should the landlord have to pay?

  • Anonymous says:

    How would the township know that a tenant left. Maybe someone is just doing a big clean out?

  • just wondering says:

    How would the township know if its the landlord cleaning up or a reg. taxpayer just moving? So the regular joe can’t clean up every so often throwing out a lot of stuff? If I moved out of my house, there would be just as much garbage as a tenant’s.

  • A Landlord says:

    Oey! The cleanup & Rubbish removal Co.’s charge so much money to take the stuff away, which means less money for my children in kollel.

  • flyinggees says:

    define landlord? what if i clean out my own attic one day?

  • Anonymous says:

    This will not save the taxpayers a dime! its just another way to brinng in revenue by penalizing landlords for services they are allready entitled too.

  • Homeowner says:

    I own 2 rental properties: one of them is a 1968 large Bi-level which I own mortgage free. I rent it to nice clean people for $1,100 a month , I could get double of that from “animals” in which the neighbors would hate me & such money would bring no hatzlacha.
    It costs me nearly $9,000 a year in taxes, nearly $1,000 a year insurance, nearly $3,000 a year in landscaping maintenance (grass cutting, chemicals, leaf & post storm clean ups etc.) as the tenants would not pull a single weed; bi-annual septic pumping & occasional
    repairs & appliance replacment puts me in the red in which I plan to sign it over to one of my sons after they get married one day and I’ll be rid of it. After all the taxes they reiss from me for that 45 year old bi-level they wouldn’t even give me bulk pick up.

  • administrator says:

    #12 you are wrong. School garbage is picked up with no charge because the schools are saving the taxpayers millions of dollars by carrying the burden to educate the children instead of the public schoolls.
    Eventhough a landlord also pays taxes that doesn’t give him the right to burden all the other taxpayers everytime he changes tenants who just fill up their homes with junk and then when they move out leave it up to the landlord to get rid of it. This can happen several times a year per rental unit where as a regular resident would clear out his home once every few years at the most

  • Chana says:

    On the subject of garbage, the township already saves tons of money by only picking up garbage once a week. This is unheard of. Every other place picks up at least twice a week. (In Monsey bulk trash is picked up every week.) In the summer the flies infestation is unbelievable. I never have seen so many and such huge flies in the other places where I have lived, it is a real health hazard.

  • Not a landlord (in Lakewood) says:

    Don’t landlords pay taxes like (almost) everyone else?

  • Anonymous says:

    to 18: sorry i mean’t township land

  • lakewood resident says:

    to #5 I know tent city is owned the township, they should start charging them rent.

  • Anonymous says:

    to #32 well i dont think there is a law that allows the township to charge rent .

  • LKWD says:

    To #29, if you like the way they do things in Monsey,move there.

  • joe shmoe says:

    In Jackson ea property has bulk p/u on one designated day per year.

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