4 Year Old Injured After Being Struck By Vehicle

A four year old boy was injured after being struck by a vehicle this evening, officials confirm to TLS. The young child was reportedly playing ball near his home in the Villas shortly before 7 PM when he ran into the street after the ball.

Hatzolah and Police responded to the scene.

An official says the child suffered an arm and head injury, but injuries do not appear to be life threatening.

The patient was transported by Hatzolah to Jersey Shore Medical Center in stable condition.

Police are investigating the incident. TLS.


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There are 28 Comments to "4 Year Old Injured After Being Struck By Vehicle"

  • yenta says:

    drive safe have a good night

  • me says:

    slow down what dont you under stand slow down.

  • anonymous says:

    When will these accidents end. We use to keep count of the homocides in Lakewood, now we have to keep count of pedestrian and bicyclist accidents.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thankfully the boy is ok, but usually you are taught when driving that when a ball goes into the road it might be followed by a child

  • Frmrlkwdresident says:

    First, thank God the child is ok!!!!
    Second, (moderated) Far too often I see young children (which to me means anywhere from 3-10yrs old) walking, riding & playing in the steet without an adult in site. This is all over Ocean County, but far worse in Lakewood than anywhere else. Now because we don’t have the facts, maybe the driver was going too fast, maybe not. youre talking about a child who is too short to be seen over the hood of a car, playing in or near the street. A 4 year old should NOT be playing in or near the street.

  • calm down says:

    calm down i know the driver personally, before making judgements and accusations hear the whole picture ….the boy clearly ran into the street into the path of an oncoming car the driver was not driving fast all the officials who came to the scene said it was not the drivers fault he the child ran into the street after his ball and it was dark so he wasn’t even seen, parents should take this opportunity to teach their children road safety no matter how much they want that ball we can always buy them another one but to never run after it into a street ! oh and a 4 year old child is much to young to be playing outside himself …. it could easily happen to any of us so instead of accusing the person who was driving daven for the child who was hurt you will get alot farther in life .

  • hm says:

    sad but typically here in lakewood….welcome to lakewood

  • tehillim says:

    name for tehillim?

  • Anonymous says:

    Planning board says smart growth with cluster housing off of lawrence , Brook Road Sptruce Street is a good idea….. Go figure!

  • chaim says:

    the accidents will end when we will not allow the developers build irresponsible the way they build in the villas, single family homes crowded together in small cull de sacs without any space for the cars to park outside the cull de sac necessitating people to park in the cul de sac where the kids are playing

  • chaim says:

    to #6 i live in the villas and i know for a fact that its a very dangerous situation with the cars going into the small cul de sacs.

  • ghost says:

    To frmlkwdresident

    Who cares that u know the driver well. Ofcourse your going to say its not his fault. are u a lawyer. Go back to your box

  • for real says:

    a 4 yr old can run into the street even while supervised. This happens all over the country. What’s with the Lakewood bashing? Its unfortunate, but thank heavens the child is going to be okay. This is not an unheard of occurence.

  • Anonymous says:

    Planning board said the clustering in the smart growth was a bad idea, btw. The twp committee thinks its a good idea, but B”H the planning board blocked it.

  • anonymous says:

    Stop the insanity! Stop building. It seems that the master plan for Lakewood is to build itself to death!!!
    No care for the infrastructure, if one actually exists, still.

  • to calm down says:

    how do you “hear a picture”? is that like see the whole story?

  • Anonymous says:

    Its ALL about speed. I drive under the limit in most areas of Lakewood. A few days ago I stopped for someone crossing the street while I tried to make a right turn and the impatient (self moderated) person behind me honked TWICE!!

  • askan wannabe says:

    watch your children and drive slow and cautious!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Where in the story did it say that the parents weren’t there? Did I miss a line? When a 4 year old child chooses to run into the street, not always can a parent stop him on time! There is absolutely nothing in the story that indicates that anybody was negligent in this case, and that other than a 4 year old acting like a 4 year old can, all I see is a tragic story that happily didn’t end as a tragedy. (Do you really think the parents never taught their child not to run into the street? Please!)

  • Anonymous says:

    why is everyone blaming the driver when it clearly says the boy ran into the street there is definitely room for improvement in lakewood as far as driving there is alot more improvement to be made on the supervision front

  • Yossie Greenberg says:

    our self inflected accidents…WE NEED:

    1. Mr TLS should report stats in Lakewood vs similar city/population
    2. side walks
    3. better lighting
    4. speed limit enforcement
    5. town-hall meeting chaired by the Mayor. The Mayor should give full stats with comparative analysis

  • Gevald says:


    I sure hope you live in your OWN LITTLE BOX You are a very RUDE person! Hopefully noone else has to put up with your rudeness!!!

  • yitzy says:

    i almost ran over a 15 month kid yesterday AND I WAS DRIVING 15 MPH WASNT SPEDDING AT ALL
    the kid ran right into the street
    luckly a women stared screaming to stop
    the mother wasnt around
    PARENTS WATCH YOUR KIDS OR DONT LET THEM OUTSIDE ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guess what says:

    too many people + too many cars – enough space = big problems + more accidents

  • 1solution says:

    22 comments and not a single mention of REFLECTORS???

    I agree with #21 that the Mayor should give full stats, comparative analysis, etc. Whatever it may be, please Mr. Mayor, make this a priority and help keep our citizens safe.

    I also like the idea of TLS keeping track and making the Lakewood pedestrian injury/death “stats” public on the TLS home page..perhaps it will be just the “shock and awe” we need to wake us up and do something proactively to lower these #”s and save lives.

  • oy vey says:

    maybe instead of everyone blaming everyone else , take some time to daven and say tehillim that this poor boy should have a complete refuah sheleimah……

  • IfIknewthen. says:

    Thank goodness the boy will be OK. Children will run into the street. I have a problem with a 4 year old playing ball in the dark at 7PM. Shouldn’t they be getting ready for bed or winding down for bedtime?

  • A Person says:

    In re reading this article, I noticed my comment was removed. Why? there was nothing to indicate removal. It was straight forward. no name calling …. like what I have been reading. Best part of this is when LKWD Scoop removes a comment then the others following that comment are not in sync. when someone mentions a number and go back and check that comment.. It does not match or refer to the newer comment. go figure,, censorship at its best

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