Swastika And ‘Hitler Is Back’ Scrawled In Burglarized School

PHOTOS: A Swastika and the message ‘Hitler is back’ were found scrawled in graffiti inside a local school building after it was burglarized, TLS has learned.Several rooms throughout the elementary boys school were vandalized during the burglary, a source tells TLS, but it’s unclear if the suspect – or suspects – made away with anything from the school.

School officials returned to the school in the morning to find the anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on the school’s hallway walls, and attempted to cover it over, as pictured.

CIU was called in to investigate the crime. TLS.


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There are 24 Comments to "Swastika And ‘Hitler Is Back’ Scrawled In Burglarized School"

  • Security says:

    Shameful! Chances are the thugs who wrote that have no clue of the atrocities fascism.

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    this is a perfect example of the liberal degradation of society.
    while conservatives are trying hard to build & maintain a tight relationship with Israel…. liberals and the ron paul types are doing everything possible to throw Israel and Jews into the garbage.

    ….. think before you vote people.

  • papa bear says:

    #2, this has nothing to do with Israel. (which btw is a major cause of anti-semitism)

  • mr. k says:

    mr conservative no one has tried to throw in the garbage israel in fact it seems to have nothing to do with the incident nor was it mentioned. and in fact the you said ron paul types it makes u sound alittle racist smh….however who ever did this should be held accountable for there actions

  • lakewood resident says:

    what school is this?

  • Anonymous says:

    papa bear – Israel is not a major cause of anti-semitism – extremism is a major cause of anti-semitism. Israel has to defend herself like any other sovereign nation.

  • Cool says:

    More Lcsw patrols don’t always count on the police there bound by budgets

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    #3 papa bear says: “this has nothing to do with Israel. (which btw is a major cause of anti-semitism)”

    My Reply: actually it all goes hand in hand. liberals HATE Israel and HATE jews. They hate Jews because Israel is blocking off the Gaza strip (for good reasons.) The liberals then turn around and teach this hate to their children(which is who i think committed this stupid graffiti.)
    And Israel doesnt cause its own problems. Thats like saying blacks caused slavery. nice try blaming the victim yet again. Israel has every right to protect itself against violent bombers & attackers. Its these vicious extremists that cant seem to live in peace. These are the same scum that attacked us on 9/11… so are you saying we deserved it? are you saying we egged 9/11 on? oh wait… your a liberal, of course you think 9/11 was either deserved or an inside job.

    #4 mr. k says: “and in fact the you said ron paul types it makes u sound alittle racist”

    My Reply: i was not aware ron paul followers, are now a race; for me to be “racist”. its liberals like you that have diluted the word “racist” by throwing it around like its worthless.

  • PD Fan says:

    We need more police

  • Yid says:

    What Mr. Conservative refers to is the fact that we all know that Israel is defending itself against a blood-thirsty mob of a couple of hundred million muslims and arabs surrounding her and threatening to destroy her. And all the leftists and liberterians in the world do not care. They blame Israel for the situation. It’s irrational, but then again, anti-semitism is irrational.

    Anti-zionism is the new anti-semitism.

    And yet, the Republican party has been chosen by Hashem to defend Israel. And thus, the Jews.

    So yes, think before you vote.

    (And to those who think that even if Obama wins, it won’t get bad for the Jews here in America, think about it this way:

    Israel attacks Iran and destroys its nuclear weapons. In response, Iran attacks Israel, America, and all the “moderate” Arab countries. Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, and China, Venezuela, Argentina and North Korea all join Iran on one side. Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, and Brazil all join the US on the other side. World War 3 erupts. In addition, terrorist bombs start going off all across America.

    There will be a huge backlash in America against the Jews “who caused all this”. But it will be from the American left, who blame everything on Israel. The backlash will not be from the American right, who support Israel in its fight to defend itself from annihilation.

    Who would you rather should be the president? Obama or Romney? Think about that.

  • legal says:

    Chances are whoever did this was probably on hitlers list to exterminate ie.blacks hispanics and everyone who is not aryan.

  • RebRambo says:

    It is apparent that Mr. K is a Ron Paul supporter. After all, many of his supporters aren’t recognized for their spelling and grammar acumen.

  • Just Sayin' says:

    This is rediculous..was the school doors open or was the doors forced open? how did they get in

  • To RebRambo says:

    Most writers in this forum aren’t recognized for their spelling and grammar acumen. Most don’t even know what acumen means.

  • jacks says:

    Pray for peace please

  • MARK LEVIN says:

    Only one solution
    CCTV let it go viral n these dudes lives are basically over

  • Ms Candy Kane says:

    There are plenty of idiots in the world, just get a can of paint and move on.

  • resident says:

    getting back to the article; are there no security cameras set up, particularly since, if I understand correctly, this is not the first time this school has been targeted?

  • Anonymous says:

    Support Lcsw

  • resident says:

    by-the-way, Mr. Conservative. your comments regarding this particular story in which you somehow try to connect the dots with your political views is demonstrative of your thoughts being skewed.

  • ck says:

    Sometimes I think parents need to be more involved in their kids lives but then again they can’t control everything. There is always a reason that kids get into trouble like this. Maybe hanging out with the wrong friends or something going on at home.
    I believe that these kids want attention. I also believe that they need the right kind of attention in order to grow up to be the respectful adults they can be. Anyone disagree? Comment.

  • fact says:

    all doors are open in Lakewood burglary’s, thefts, vandalism’s, graffiti incidents. this is common knowledge by all so don’t be shocked. and I am sure if the policemen weren’t so worried about their retirements they would be out catching these folks…..

  • Already Known says:

    I wouldnt read into it anything more than this being symptomatic of a moron.

  • justsayin says:

    This is just a little message from Hashem that Lakewood is not Yerushalayim and that golus is still not over. We get very comfortable in golus and think that this town is ‘ours’. Which is the same reason why I’m a little glad yet a little sad when I hear the church bells toll on Rt. 9 south.

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