Opinion: Why I Won’t Vote for Chris Christie

By Avi Solomon: In 2009 I was a huge supporter of Chris Christie. I volunteered for his campaign and tried to write as many positive articles as possible. In 2013 I won’t be voting for Chris Christie. If Cory Booker is running against him,I might vote for Booker as long as he doesn’t support values that the Torah opposes. However, the more realistic possibility is that I will just write-in a candidate for the Governor’s election next year.

The reason I am not voting for Christie is because I believe that Chris Christie ran in 2009 as a man who wanted to better NJ. In 2013 he is running so that in 2016 he will have a greater chance of winning the Presidential election. Ever since Christie was exposed to the national spotlight he has become addicted to it. The man’s agenda is no longer about helping NJ, rather Christie is about helping Chris Christie become the next President of the United States. Furthermore, the state of NJ’s economy is not much better than it was when Corzine was in office. A proof of that is that our state’s unemployment rate is around 9%. Perhaps, Obama is to be blamed, but Ohio was able to lower its unemployment rate once the GOP took control of the governorship in that state.

Finally, Christie is wasting his time if he thinks he will win the Presidency. The 2012 Presidential election has indicated to us that the demographics of this country are changing. Maybe 10 years ago a guy like Christie could have won, but not in this new decade. Also, many commentators have suggested that Christie couldn’t win a Presidential election if he doesn’t lose some weight. I disagree with that assessment, but I do believe there is some merit to the argument.


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There are 25 Comments to "Opinion: Why I Won’t Vote for Chris Christie"

  • yitz says:

    Mr. Solomon, i do not understand your concern. If corzine was still in office, then the state would be bankrupt!

  • Yid says:

    There is a huge difference between Romney and Christie, and that is that Romney only had his knowledge and experience to run on, while Christie also has charisma and a jolliness that will connect him to the average voter in America. The voters in 2016 will be absolutely sick of the state of the Obama economy in 2016, and may be able to connect with Christie as he campaigns on sticking it to the public sector unions and other takers who mooch off the rest of us. Romney, on the other hand, was all about being mister nice guy.

    Yes, the demographics are changing, and that may mean that the Republican party will have to nominate someone like Rubio, a hispanic. It is very sad that elections in America have become more about race and identity, than policies. But it is the bitter reality.

    As for Christie only thinking about himself becoming president in 2016….. he is a politician, and you’ve got to be crazy to think that politicians DON’T think about their future. Do you really think that Cory Booker is only thinking of Newark, and isn’t thinking about his future as Governor of NJ? That’s naive to say the least.

    But anyway, the real question is, did Christie save NJ from Corzine? Did he stop income taxes from going up? Did he stop property taxes from going up the way it was going up under Corzine? Did he make NJ more hospitable for businesses? And can he continue to do this for another four years, or will Booker do even better? These are the questions that need to be answered, and I don’t think you even bothered to explore these issues.

    Just saying I’m not voting, because “they’re both bad” is what got us Obama. So many people didn’t vote for Romney because “he’s not much better than Obama”. And now, we have Obama for another 4 years. Real smart.

  • Bill Hobday says:

    The absence of a vote helps no one. I, for one will vote for Governor Christie because he is a force for reason, tenacity, and an advocate for good government.

    Now, if we could elect more Republicans to the NJ Assembly and Senate, he would have more support.

    Your stated reasons for not supporting the Governor are not strong, or persuasive. Christie will prevail in 2013.

  • Anonymous says:

    NOW Governor Christie KNOWS that he will win. As much as I think Avi is a great guy, I think he is batting Zero on his political predictions.

  • David says:

    If you look at Christie’s popularity you will see that he will win on a landslide. No one stands a chance against him. (Maybe you should write in Corzine?)

  • anonymous says:

    Mr. Solomon you would vote for flipflop Cory Booker, you have got to be kidding. He is a Democrat that marches to the beat of the Obama drum, remember him making a statement that was against Obama and how fast he retracted it when Obama snapped his fingers. That will be how he will run the state, right into bankruptcy.

  • Wh are you? says:

    Who are you? What are your credentials? He is a terrific leader with great values. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • mechy says:

    Avi and all those that are agreeing with u have unfortunately not bothered listening in history class, but rather listen to hannity and oreily. When Jimmy Carter was elected all the right wings said this country will never vote for a religious man again, it was the 1960s hippies ruled, weed was a must, religion seemed to be a thing of the past. Yet we came back and elected Richard Nixon, everything that they said would never win again.
    Were a country of progress which in turn means we never stay the same for to long. So all the conservatives can stop moving to Vancouver because someone you like will defiantly be elected in the next ten years.

  • ? says:

    Quote “Just saying I’m not voting, because “they’re both bad” is what got us Obama. So many people didn’t vote for Romney because “he’s not much better than Obama”. And now, we have Obama for another 4 years. Real smart.”
    They are both BAD ~ SAYS WHO ? Romney not much better than OBAMA are you for real ? HUGE differance between these two ,problem is to many want stuf from the government and (47milion on food stamps) , etc. YES there are those who need help but SO MANY ABUSE the system that our government is going bankrupt because of the unsustainable spending . your reasoning is very weak and has no foundation to support your viewpoint

  • moe says:

    If Cory Booker is NJs next governor, you can be sure he’ll be a top contender for 2016 vice president. Eitherway you wont have a Governor in ’16.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dude! you were unfortunately wrong with the Presidential elections but this time I hope you are wrong!!!

  • Common sense says:

    If Christy hadran this time, he would have been president already. You did not say a single reason that Booker would do any better than Christy.

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    you should know, that when you write an article, you are to include dated or at least traceable example as to why you feel someone is good or bad. if you want one, here is one from me: he allowed the port authority to raise tolls on the outer bridge crossing without FIRST asking for an internal audit to find any wasteful spending. the audit was done AFTER christie went along with the toll hikes. i thought that was absolutely disgusting and chris lost a lot of respect in my eyes for that. that was typical back-door, spineless, politics. that being said, if the only other viable option for governor is a looser mayor who has made newark even worse, then chris gets my vote without a doubt!

  • Anonymous says:

    Christie will win handily, unless he gets primaried, which isn’t gonna happen.

  • Anonymous says:

    #8 Mechy:

    Are you trying to make fun of people on this blog? Pretending that you are ignorant . . .

    You MUST know that Nixon was president in the 60’s – BEFORE Carter who was President in the 70’s . . .

  • Barry says:

    To put it short there is nothing good about Christie only big talk no action and he’s a (moderated – no name calling please.)

  • used to think you knew what you talked about says:

    To #16 Are you kidding? Christie has stopped a lot of useless spending by the njea, the group that “cares” about our children, yet they decided that they are not getting enough money so they threatened to strike. No wonder they want him out, they just want to sit behind a big desk and waste our tax dollars.

    To Avi. where did you volunteer for the christe campaign? i know you were not in toms river, jackson or brick, i know the people that ran those offices and they said you were not there. If you did any research on Cory Booker, you would know he does support a lot of things that the Torah is against.

  • Lalewood Parent says:

    The number one issue as president should be putting Americans back to work and while slashing federal programs that are abused.
    Are you suggesting anything different?

  • Anonymous says:

    Cory Booker for President!

  • Local says:

    Can anyone come on here and give their unsolicited political opinion? I thought this site was for news. I think Booker would probably do a good job, but you have to be blind to not see all that Christie has done for NJ (his leadership through the storm aside). To bad-mouth Christie and his intentions after all he has done is irresponsible.
    Not to bad-mouth Booker, but we know Christie does what he says, I can’t trust an Obama follower when we already have a proven leader.

  • A Lang says:

    I resent the comment that public school teachers just sit behind our desks.

    Note the following email I sent Mr. Andersen, legendary LHS leader and assistant superintendent, in September 2008 after a child was denied entrance into two private schools without looking at transcripts, giving an entrance test, or documentation of behavioral issues.

    “I finally understand the commitment to the belief that all students can learn found under ISLLC Standard One and in the mission statement for Lakewood High School.

    “Just as equality has nothing to do with ability, but with the fundamental worth of the individual, the belief that all students can learn also has nothing to do with ability. It is about opportunity and inclusion. It means to give every student the chance to succeed. It implies the willingness to accept every student put into your school and into your classroom. It means not to predict the achievement of a child by subjective and vague impressions of motivation and attitude, but by objective assessments conforming to articulated standards. It means to exclude no child from a school or classroom for behavioral temperament short of actions manifest in violation of clear and written rules of conduct. This is the service with which the public and community have solemnly charged us. Anything less is not in the interest of the child and not in the interest of other children.

    “It is my goal one day that all children in Lakewood have a right to an education. It will happen.”

    Be aware, #17, there is no public servant as worthy and dedicated as the teacher. It is still my goal to give all children in Lakewood the right to an education.

  • Yossie Greenberg says:

    Cristie for Gov!!!

    1. he is transparent
    2. he would get rid of waistfull spending
    3. can handle crisis
    4. can cross the party lines
    5. anything that i’d want from a politition

  • D says:

    Every single candidate is for what the Torah doesn’t support (talk about tiptoeing around the elephant in the room)
    They’re all pro civil unions which goes squarely against the Torah.
    Stop deluding yourselves.

  • Lalewood Parent says:

    people talk from two sides of there mouth. First I read about Booker and Christie, then the NJEA. The truth of the matter is the NJEA like all unions wants there cake and eat it too. One day when America gets smart the unions will be a thing of the past. But before that abused federal programs must go by the way side. There is simply to much waste and fraud.

  • A Lang says:

    Unions go back to Chief Justice Shaw’s historic ruling in Commonwealth v. Hunt (1842), when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court legalized unions.

    If corporations have a First Amendment right to pour billions of dollars into political campaigns preventing limitations over that which Congress has expressly declared to have a corrosive influence over American elections, do not workers have a First Amendment freedom to associate? Shall we go back to the time before the Pendelton Act (1883), when public jobs where filed by campaign workers, or as President Jackson might claim, “the spoils belong to the victor?” Should not a public office be a public trust?

    There was a time when a public servant had to donate to the party in power if he wanted to keep his job. Hence the public employee right of collective bargaining and NJ’s tenure law of 1903.

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