Early Morning Fire Leaves Child Dead, 4 Others Injured; 4 First Responders Treated for Smoke Inhalation

PHOTOS & VIDEO: UPDATED: A 6 year old child died and four other family members were injured in a home fire early this morning, sources say. The Stirling Avenue fire broke out shortly after 2 AM, and prompted a large response from all Lakewood’s Fire Companies.

Upon arrival to the scene, the Firefighters found the rear of the home engulfed in flames, and called for the FAST Team for reports of a trapped party.

After extinguishing the fire, firefighters removed two of three children from the home. The parents and one of the children were reportedly already out of the home when firefighters arrived.

One  child, a 6 year old boy, was pronounced dead at Kimball Medical Center an official told TLS. A 9 year old boy suffered burns and smoke inhalation and remains in serious condition with burns and smoke inhalation at Monmouth Medical Center, Detective Captain Paul Daly tells TLS.

Daly says a 2 year old boy was also transported to KMC and treated for smoke inhalation. The parents were also transported to the Hospital with burns, and for smoke inhalation.

Sources say four First Responders – including Police Officers and EMS personnel – were treated for smoke inhalation as well.

Daly says the fire appears to be accidental, and may have been electrical or caused by a cooking element.

 The cause of the fire is under investigation. TLS-CAC/TLS-CCP.


This Breaking News story was first reported by The Lakewood Scoop.



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There are 32 Comments to "Early Morning Fire Leaves Child Dead, 4 Others Injured; 4 First Responders Treated for Smoke Inhalation"

  • hi says:

    The other victim is an 8 year old child and he is now in Monmouth Medical Center in serious condition.

  • Moshe says:

    This is so sad! May he rest in peace! Such a tragedy…..fires seem to be more common now it is scary. Thank g-d for the lfd whom are very dedicated and professional…

    I remember seeing a statistic somewhere that in nyc nearly every single who died in a fire did so in a structure without proper smoke alarms….people that’s the least we can do for our family…check your alarms….

    May this boy rest in peace and his family find some solace in their grieving.

  • Just Me says:

    I just found out that my mom is in the classroom of the 8 year old boy. The other 2 teachers she works with will be going up to the hospital to keep the boy company since he has no one else. (parents are in a different part of the hospital) I really hope all of the family will be okay and rest recovery!!

  • Anonymous says:

    What was the cause of the fire? Was a space heater?

  • LFD Supporter says:

    I heard that was a rough fire. My sincere condolences to the family and the firefighters that had to endure working that scene. It was cold out. I believe with this cold the fires will become more intense and rougher to work as the weather gets colder. Be Careful LFD its might get rough from here.
    After this great loss to this family everyone should change every battery in every smoke detector in your home. This way you know they are in proper working order. G-D Rest his soul. He is at peace now. Now its time for our LFD Firefighters and his family to grieve the loss..and for our Firefighters..get right back in there and do it all again..Someone’s life will depend on them..They know it, You know it.
    Once again, my condolences for the loss to this family

  • new bumper sticker says:

    Tragic my heart is broken I’m crying for this family

  • Me and Me says:

    May his soul rest in peace.

    May his family be comforted from these words.

    With g-ds help we will reunite, and see him again



  • Yid says:

    OMG. This is every parent’s worse nightmare.

    We need to appreciate everything we have, because it can all be taken in a jiffy.

    Can someone please post ways that the community can help the family. (Visiting, food, shelter, etc.)

  • Common Sense says:


  • Raintree says:

    So sorry for their loss. Our prayers are with them. And as Yid says: don’t take life for granted. I know first hand.

  • so sad.. says:

    BDE – I hope his family can survive this horrible horrible tragedy

  • Anke says:

    so very sorry .Our prayers to all.Please post ,with what we all can help .

  • Yossie Greenberg says:

    more specific location please!!!!!!

  • oy vey says:

    what a terrible tragedy.

  • yes #9.... says:

    of course tehillim, every life is precious, and everyone who is sick deserves tehillim. So stop asking questions and go say tehillim for those injured in the fire.

  • old school LFD says:

    what a tragic thing to happen. Years ago a whole family lost 3 houses away. Thank G*d there weren’t more deaths with those running into the house without the proper equipment on gear on.

  • Einstein says:

    This section of the article really bothers me…..”Sources say four First Responders – including Police Officers and EMS personnel – were treated for smoke inhalation as well.”
    It makes it sound as if our Police and EMS Officers were entering the house. If they were entering the house then why? They don’t have the equipment and training that a firefighter has to enter the house in the first place. I see those uniforms they wear and they look like they can burn very easy and fast. We want to see our Police and EMS doing the jobs they are expected to do not somebody else job. Who is going to do their job if they get hurt.

  • tragic says:

    …it is always approrpriate to pray for those injured and suffering. continue praying. tehillim and misaskim are not necessary in this situation…
    let us continue to pray for the safety of all lakewood residents.

  • Condolences says:

    My sincere heartfelt condolences – May you survive this tragedy and only have happy moments in your life.

  • hmmm says:

    hey einstein it was 2 police and 2 ems workers that were treated . an you say they should not have gone in ? there was a child trapped inside a burning building. what would you do. stand by and watch. these men risked their lives to try and save this child. they are hero’s . if you have no clue about a topic then do not make a comment.further more the 2 ems workers are also firefighters in lakewood. they just happen to be working ems lastnight. once again you have no clue. lastly i am not sure what police officers were treated but i know 3 of the officers there lastnight were once fireman in lakewood as well . . so for the 3rd time you dont know what you are talking about. this is a horrble situation and questioning why first responders tried to save a young child is just wrong

  • Woodsy says:

    I have to agree with Einstein and old school LFD.
    Was there a firefighter or fighters and fire trucks enroute to safely remove the child and other people with out putting others at risk.
    There are a number of things that can happen at a fire to make bigger problems. What caused the fire to happen in the first place what is behind that door. Could those Police and EMS workers make a backdraft, flashover or smoke explosion from entering the house through a door or window which would make the problem worse inisde and outside. Who is going to save who then. Who is going to protect who then.
    So now lets say that those EMT get hurt while doing something they shouldnt do who is going to save and take the child to the hospital.
    So now lets say those Police Officers get hurt while doiing something they shouldnt do who is going to protect others from running into the fire which will only make more patients for those EMT to save.

  • jdk says:

    Einstein, if it was your child you would want them to go in. That’s what they do- protective equipment or not. First responders are the type of people who ALWAYS go toward the danger if it means helping someone else. That’s why they took those jobs in the first place.

    Thank you for your service. God bless that family.

  • LMV155 says:

    My Heart Goes out to the Family & Everyone Involved this Tragedy.
    it’s very sad… Let us just PRAY & Stop trying to figure out who could have done more or less our men & women in Uniform did their BEST & put their LIFE on the LINE to Save them ONLY GOD knows WHY everything went down the way it did. Thank You & God Bless You All

  • sympathetic mother says:

    This is gut-wrenching to think anyone is talking about anything but this poor family whose lives were changed forever and a young child that suffered a tragic death. Regardless of what prayers people need or need not say…regardless of faith… All in mind should be how to provide the assistance for a family to get through such a tragic event all around with an unimaginable outcome. May GOD Bless this family and provide the strength they need to recover both physically short term and emotionally forever. One knows losing a child takes a piece of the soul that changes a mother….a father…brother…sister….and surrounding family and friends and should be able to rely on those around them to help in any way possible.
    May you have the strength to see this through and know how to accept and recieve those that will help you along the way.
    With Sincere Sympathy
    A fellow broken family that shares in your sorrow

  • Former resident of Lakewood says:

    The children are Lakewood public school students. If anyone wishes to help you can send donations and offerings to oak street school. Thank you for offering.

  • LFD Supporter says:

    @ hmmm:
    it was 3 Police officers & 2 EMS workers that were injured. Not to mention the mental damage to those that were inside the fire scene.

    Mental is a lot harder to get away from you keep replaying it in your head over and over until you have the answer…and most of the time you don’t get the answer, you just find something else to occupy your time

  • IfIknewthen. says:

    Rest in Peace little one. We pray your brother fully recovers. We pray that all first responders fully recover. We pray that your family finds the strength to cope with this horrible tragedy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Those who put on ANY uniform will do WHATEVER is necessary to help or save ANYONE. And if tehillim is asking if a certain group needs prayer…. Say prayers for anyone. You won’t be judged for praying for a person in need of them

  • KMCEMP says:

    The 8 year old is at Children’s hospital @ Monmouth Medical Center. The parents are here in the KMC ICU while the 2 year old is being treated in the pediatric unit.

  • starglowshady says:

    So Sad, my heart goes out too this Family .Prayers are with them!!Smoke detecters save lives, Please everyone check yours…What a sad situation for all involved , Pray for all!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    The 2 year old is with family/friends. The mother is in Kimball medical center. The father was transported to the burn center in Livingston and the 8 year old boy is in the I C U in Monmouth medical ( he’ s doing much better) …keep the prayers coming.

  • anonymous says:

    Hey Einstein… There was a child trapped inside, these first responders do what they do because they care about another human life. Not one of them there was thinking about their safety they were thinking of saving a life. Yes what they did was dangerous but none of them would stand there and not try to do something. Instead of criticizing them how about you pray for them to be able to deal with the outcome they tried to prevent.
    Than You first responders.

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