Freehold Police Officer Helps Deliver Lakewood Couple’s Baby at Gas Station

A Freehold Police Officer helped deliver a Lakewood couple’s baby at a Freehold gas station this morning, TLS has learned. The parents were reportedly on their way to the Robert Wood Johnson hospital in New Brunswick at about 6:00 AM this morning, when they realized they were’nt going to make it there. So the couple phoned police and pulled into the nearest gas station.

Officer Frank Mount from the Freehold Police Department responded, Freehold Police tell TLS, and equipped with the necessary equipment, helped deliver the baby right there in the gas station.

Moments after delivering the girl, EMS arrived.

Police tell TLS that according to their knowledge everything went well, and that the three were transported to the hospital. TLS.


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There are 33 Comments to "Freehold Police Officer Helps Deliver Lakewood Couple’s Baby at Gas Station"

  • Oh says:

    Mazel tov! Hope mother and daughter r ok. Thanks to the officer for his help!

  • chaim says:

    mazel tov E and Z.

  • eddie wolfe says:

    Way to be brutta.

  • m1 says:

    Bh worked out well for all I’m wondfering if the officer gets a check from the insurance company (as a delivery charge ) instead of the doc ?

  • NJCA says:

    Mazel Tov!!Thank you Officer Mount….keep up the great work!

  • Rabeini HaKudesh v'Hatuhor says:

    We just Lained yesterday כי חיות הנה

  • thelakewoodscoop rox says:

    wow! mazel tov!

  • anon says:

    Yes, BH mom and baby are doing great

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    FYI: the picture you have is of a freehold boro police car. Frank Mount works for freehold township.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lucky it wasn’t Howell they would have got a ticket

  • Anonymous says:

    Reply to #6 I don’t know which shul u davened in that leined parshas shemos yesterday but u cud let them know they are off by a week

  • Truth says:

    m1 -“Bh worked out well for all I’m wondfering if the officer gets a check from the insurance company (as a delivery charge ) instead of the doc ?”

    Unfortunately the Doc gets his money no matter what. That’s the deal they make with patients. The question remains can PD/EMS now charge for medical assistance. And I guess this would fall into their policy of how they charge for any EMS call.

  • askan wannabe says:


  • Parshas Vaeira says:

    Rabeini HaKudesh v’Hatuhor – Not sure where you davened yesterday, but the rest if leined that passuk last Shabbos. We leined Veeira yesterday.

  • yoilie says:

    that’s right lucky it wasn’t Howell took the words out of my mouth.

  • Leah says:

    If i gave birth to that baby and saw it posted here as news, id be pretty embarassed. Mazel Tov and leave that couple to their privacy!

  • cool masmid says:

    #11 – In all fairness to #6……..” just ” doesn’t have to mean yesterday. It could mean just recently….. which is what #6 actually means. I JUST thought I would point it out.

  • Oh says:

    #12 it says yesterday in his comment

  • Anonymous says:

    If your so embaressed to have a baby, maybe u should cancel the shabbos kidish, shalom zachor, vacht nacht and have the bris in alaska somewhere

  • Dr.Laura says:

    Hee hee, I was gonna make the same Howell comment!

  • lkwder says:

    Thanks to freehold pd job well done!

  • birds andbees says:

    to # 16 sounds like another home where everythings taboo….
    that backfires in the generation……

  • ck says:

    Mazal tov!! So happy they’re all ok.

  • 2 cents says:

    i’m sure the kid will turn out to be street smart!!!

  • us says:

    full service gas station?!

  • Cdn says:

    To serve deliver and protect.

  • Raintree says:

    congrats!!! good news for a change.

  • your shviger says:

    were they jewish?

  • Raintree says:

    No 28: It’s a baby (a child of God; a blessing). Does it matter?

  • good one.. says:

    #19…your funny…nice

  • Anonymous says:

    mazel tov e and z

  • Wondering says:

    Kudos to the officer. What if c”v cord around the neck or any other problem – what can you do on a gas station? Why not to choose a closer hospital (if possible)? Just wondering. How many Lakewood babies are born on a way to a hospital? Just wondering.

  • Leah says:

    Closer hospitals are not chosen because the doctors wont deliver in them…especially the “close” hospital that boasts such beautiful faciliies but no NICU. Its just irresponsible to assume one will not be needed and then be completely seperated from your baby should it need a transport. Some people need a high risk pregnancy specialist, which Robert Wood Johnson hospital has many and the town of Lakewood has none. Freehold and Route 9 is still a 20 minute drive from the nearest hospital…Jersey Shore…in this circumstance it was best to deliver when the baby was ready, rather than expect the mother to somehow wait until she got to the hospital.
    That being said, I still dont understand the lack of sensitivity to this couple. It is only sensational because of -where- it occurred, which I feel sways more toward being gossip than being news. I have happily hosted and attended many simchas surrounding the birth of babies…because that is appropriate and not potentially embarassing. There is no denial here, just sensitivity, which I am happily passing along to my children. They should not feel it is ok to say or do something that would be embarrassing to another person.

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