Kindergarten Student Suspended After Threatening To Bring Gun To School

After the Newtown school shooting, it seems school officials aren’t taking any threats lightly – even from a small child. A kindergarten student was suspended from school today after threatening to go home and get a gun to bring to school, TLS has learned.

Police were called to the Spruce Street school this afternoon after school staff suspended the five year old student who got mad and threatened to go home and bring the gun.

“The parents of the child were contacted and he received a two day suspension”, a school official told TLS. Had he been older, he would have received a 10 day suspension with a Superintendant’s Hearing, the official said.


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There are 22 Comments to "Kindergarten Student Suspended After Threatening To Bring Gun To School"

  • parent concerned says:

    so very sad that any child would make that threat. 2 days out of school won’t change his behavior. he obviously needs something else with this suspension. would his age being another year older make it more serious? it’s serious now!

  • ke says:

    Smart move ! Time to crack down

  • Yid says:

    Time to ban kids from schools. They could bring a gun to school.

  • Outside Lakewood says:

    Did the police check the parents home to see if a gun was there? If they found a gun was it registered? If there was a gun in the home it should have removed as this student poses a threat to himself and others.

  • larry says:

    Any info on the massive MVA on pine and new hampshire??

  • the professor says:

    it’s time to investigate the parents. i hope social services was contacted.

  • Anonymous says:

    Did the police check if their is a gun in the house that the child has access too.

  • Lakewood teacher says:

    Disturbing…. I’m not sure why we teachers need to keep the doors to our classroom wide open. That policy needs to go.

  • Mr. knowitall says:

    I think he should see a shrink

  • Anonymous says:

    he should write 1000 times “i will not bring a gun to school”

  • GUN!!! says:

    If this child said he has a gun- I believe him. He must have seen one at home. Hope LPD investigates.

  • safety says:

    where does a 5 yo get the notion that its ok to say something like that in the wake of the past history? I hope his parents spoke to him and make him understand that what he did not only make everyone fear him but has marked him for both anger issues and threats for the rest of his life. What could have been so bad that he made threats to do that? Is there a gun in his household?? What is this world coming to?

  • parent concerned says:

    #6 always thought my childrens classroom doors were closed due to fire code? has that changed? isn’t that why they build steel doors? seems safer to close them. Lkwd fire inspector?

  • really? says:

    It’s so easy to judge without knowing for all of you who think that this child is a freak let me just tell you that this particular school gave the kids information about sandy hook about two weeks ago during a lockdown drill. Detail information using words like mad man, shooting.. I mean 5 year old kids don’t understand this things. Now there is a bunch of kids talking about killings and shootings and everybody decide to blame the parents or said that the child is some sort of freak. Well maybe they shouldn’t have told the kids all of this detail information. Kids are just dealing with the stress that this cause them and this is normal. Five year old kids don’t really know how to deal with this. I do not agree with this punishment. I hope the parents take action.

  • lkwdtaxidrvr says:

    In the wake of all that has happened in Newtown, I cannot believe people would actually think that LPD would not investigate this incident fully and make sure that this child has no access to a firearms. My heart goes out to this 5 year old who clearly needs help and not condemnation. Has anyone considered that perhaps this is a result of what the child learned about the Newtown incident.

  • sam says:

    I think it’s sad that a we traumatize a 5 year old for acting like a normal 5 year old.

  • Faigy says:

    I think this is a bit extreme. a kindergarten aged child only repeats what he has heard. He definitely needs to speak to someone and understand that you can’t do things like that but he’s 5-6 years old. My son say’s things that he doesn’t fully grasp the meaning of – not about guns because he doesn’t know about them but they are tape recorders at that age. They hear and they repeat and if they get a response they repeat again. Back off the kid- he’s probably petrified and still doesn’t fully grasp what he did wrong.

  • Me and Me says:

    this is the real problem and you must agree with me all the way!
    this is often;
    when a child plays with toy guns, waterguns and all the influental stuff.
    Then the child thinks “fake” but…. then…… older….. real!!!


    WE need to teacht he childrern the purpose of a gun, not that they should play with a fake one… Same to video games, shooting etc. They think they have 3 lifes. NO

    1 life. 1 role. 1 gun – will kill many.

    please note: You don’t want it to be your child.

    there is a truth behind everything…..

    so next time (chas veshalom) we hear of a shooting… it may be from a 5 yr old… CHAS VESHALOM..

    May moshiach come… NOW!

  • bk says:

    social services should take him away from his parents if thats what he sees and learned at home

  • Rediculous says:

    I agree with Faigy!! It is NOT OK to play with guns, swords…. We must teach our children, and teachers must teach their students that guns and swords r not toys, and not cool, and not allowed. In my class this is implemented from the first day of school.

  • Have you seen the news lately?? says:

    Schools MUST take any and all threats seriously. Have you watched the news lately????? Kids of all ages need to understand there are repercussions for their actions. I dont think any parent who lost a child due to gun violence would feel this is extreme.

  • worried mom says:

    this is serious. 2011 a kindergartener brought a gun to school and it fell out of bag and went off, injured 3 other students. This does happen.

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