Using Credit Card? You Could Now Be Charged a 4% Checkout Fee in NJ

Using your credit card in New Jersey could cost you an additional 4% checkout fee, as of yesterday. New Jersey is no longer from the states which ban the extra charge on purchases.

The surcharge which could now be passed on to the consumer, stems from the surcharge retailers are charged for credit card purchases.

The fee only applies to credit cards.

The added surcharge is still illegal in New York and other states. TLS.


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There are 36 Comments to "Using Credit Card? You Could Now Be Charged a 4% Checkout Fee in NJ"

  • Anonymous says:

    will stores have to post that policy BEFORE you reach the register???

  • Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know which stores in Lakewood will be implementing this policy? (So I know which stores to avoid)

  • Anonymous says:

    Stores need to post this both at the entrance and near the register. also those with websites need to post this on their home page.

  • to #3 says:

    Is this part of the law or just your advice?

  • alte Lakewooder says:

    I believe so far no stores in NJ have implemented this & will certainly have to give notice when they do.

  • oh well says:

    we wont be shopping in any stores that do this

  • Bob says:

    I’m remaining calm. I doubt if any of the retailers that I frequent will do this. They stand to loose too much business. I would avoid any retailer that did institute the surcharge. They’ve been accepting credit cards for years. If they are smart, the charge they pay to the credit card companies is already reflected in the price of the merchandise. On the other hand, the big ticket business (i.e. funeral parlors and auto dealers) who don’t rely on your loyalty to come back next week, may jump on this. If I were a retailer, I would put up a big sign in my window stating that I’m NOT charging the fee.

    Ju my 2¢

  • Anonymous says:

    To #4
    It’s the law.

  • JAS says:

    they are just going to raise there prices 5% , cash should get a 5% discount, the gas stations charge less for cash.

  • NJ EMT says:

    Finally can by a bagel under 5 dollars with Credit Card. Who cares about the 4 % charge, now they cant legally deny your credit card for a minimal Purchase .

  • Anonymous says:

    they will have minimums anyway knowing the stores around here

  • larry says:

    @NJ EMT
    Are you stupid? 4% adds up very quickly for those of us that buy more than just a bagel.

  • Anonymous says:

    are cc companies allowed to institute a rule that no retailer may charge the surcharge? we should ALL refrain from shopping in stores that do charge it and then no stores will

  • Anonymous says:

    If i am a store owner i would give a discount for cash payment and leave CC the way it is.

  • Anon Trops. says:

    Buy Almost everything on eBay!!

  • Anonymous says:


    They couldn’t deny your purchase before, either, without violating their merchant agreement with the card issuer.

  • Hockster says:

    I snapped my Credit Card in half …

  • hatejewishstores says:

    It is time we stick up for ourselves and not shop in these stores with the complicated credit card and return policies. If they are unwilling to sacrifice for us their costumer then its time we start shopping in places that will.

  • Robbie Nachman says:

    Welcome to the ” User unfriendly state of NJ “

  • shimon says:

    Credit Card companies are not “allowed” to make rules for business to follow, they can make recommendations. Only a government agency can make rules and laws. Learn your laws people.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am glad that all u consumers are furious with his new law…what about when u go to a store and buy something for 3 dollars and give your credit card? The store loses money on the sale!! Do u care then?

  • all stores says:

    all stores should implement this fee, so they will not lose money on each sale!!! sorry customers it’s not right we should lose money

  • hatejewishstores says:

    Anonymous 21 you are so wrong. You don’t understand the basic business concept of courtesy. Its a give and take if i am your costumer who shops by you every day you should return the favor and take the credit card when i don’t have cash. And don’t fool yourself a tuna bagel costs a dollar to make they sell it for $4 no one is losing money

  • hatejewishstores says:

    oh and when a clothing store only accepts returns if you pay with cash and return the item the next day… why would i patronize you!? i can buy the same item or similar from the mall with better costumer service, smiling employees, and a return policy of anywhere between 30-365 days.

  • Anonymous says:

    Will the stores charge us the 4% on Small Business Saturday as well?? Or then they’ll want us to use credit cards…..

  • the law says:

    NJ EMT: the new law also states that stores can have minimum purchase for cc.

    Robbie Nachman: Law effects 40 states. Not just NJ.

    To all: AMEX is not effected.

  • by a business owner says:

    I’m not saying we should charge the fee but use your common sense especially in a mom and pop store. There are so many fees the merchant swallows as it is just to run daily operations that if ur purchase is low try to pay with cash or it will come to bite you back when they either go out of business or just keep raising prices.

  • I like cash says:

    when you return a purchase that was done with a credit card, I think the retailer does not get their cc surcharge fee back, so don’t look for that on returns.

  • YODEA DOVOR says:


  • Anon says:

    The 4% fee that credit card companies have been charging the stores all along was hidden in the price of the item, same as all the other “overhead” the store has – electric, water, gas, salaries, health ins., etc. Will the stores now reduce their prices by the 4% now that the customer has to pay for it? NO, THEY WON’T.

  • Bill Hobday says:

    Just be careful at gas stations! With gas prices at $3.30 and above per gallon, most sales are paid with credit card. A fill up amounts to about $66.00. I do not carry that much cash with me.

    Also, some gas stations only take credit cards between the hours of 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM for security purposes. They keep no cash at the pumps to avoid robbery.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would love to see a 4% cash discount instead!

  • ? says:

    Quote”. And don’t fool yourself a tuna bagel costs a dollar to make they sell it for $4 no one is losing money”
    Ok does anyone who is in business sell their products for what they cost ? Business are in business to make a profit , the true cost of an item includes all the overhead of running a business not just the item itself ,paying emploees, rent, insurance ,telephone advertising ETC ETC ,anyone who has ever run a business will understand this those who have no clue will complain !!!!!

  • anonymous says:

    I own a business in Lakewood (not retail) and we are NOT adding any surcharge. I refuse to do it.

  • anonymous 2 says:

    Where do debit cards stand? Do you still get charged the extra 4% if you use a debit card? I use it for everything.

  • hatejewishstores says:

    33 stay calm i wasn’t complaining about the price of a bagel I was saying that there is still money to be made even when someone uses a credit card. And the fact that this is even a discussion is ridiculous. And I’m all for profit and making money but when u restrict your costumer and not allow him to pay the way he likes it is disgusting and a lack of appreciation in the business he provides u with

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