VIDEO: Officials Serve Violation Notices to Tent City’s Founder

VIDEO: Officials from the Inspection Department this afternoon were escorted by Lakewood Police Officers as they served violation notices to Tent City’s founder.

The Inspection Department officials handed Minister Brigham an envelope of papers containing code and other violations pertaining to the illegal tents at the encampment off of Cedar Bridge Avenue.

Township and other officials over the last six weeks have been working diligently to find a solution to the problem, which has only grown into a greater concern for the well-being of the homeless as well as for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Since the December meeting at which residents demanded action from the Township Committee, the Mayor along with Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien have held several meetings with officials and attorneys in hopes of bringing the saga to an end. [TLS].


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There are 34 Comments to "VIDEO: Officials Serve Violation Notices to Tent City’s Founder"

  • Kim says:

    Bravo! What took so long. Enforce ordinances, Zero tolerance.

  • GREAT! says:

    GREAT! Hope this leads to the end of tent city and a safe shelter somewhere in the county for the homeless!

  • PRIORITIES says:

    well if the state would actually help the people that need help i bet half of the people in there would never have been there stop giving money to crackheads and help REAL families in need. so many families “make too much” to get help but yet they dont make enough money to survive but someone with a needle in their arm will get help with everything ITS DISGUSTING! a mother with 2 children was told to sleep a a church when they had no where to go but a drug addict got housing from the state…. thats horrible. the homeless should be able to get the help they need to start off somewhere be it in a shelter or whatever and if they turn around and become drug addicts they should be declined all help

  • carefull what you wish for says:

    Zero tolerance. For one, for all. Not just tent city, but for all of Lakewood twp.

  • lucy says:

    It’s only a matter of time.Shut it down, and we don’t have to answer any questions.
    Before anyone packs up what’s going on with all the donated money,and what happened to the plan?

  • Anonymous says:

    they should build the homeless shelter on that property legally that would solve the issue.

  • Eric says:

    How about holding the drivers of Lakewood accountable for their driving violations? Enough of this sense of entitlement.

  • anonymous says:

    Is the Township Inspection Department going to do the same thing to the landlords and owners of all the dangerous buildings in Lakewood?

  • oh well says:

    a dangerous building can be fixed , a tent can’t!

  • Tent City Supporter says:

    Stop wasting time harassing the homeless and build a shelter!

  • anonymous says:

    Dangerous building? Just knock it down and say you are cleaning up the neighborhood. Those who just lost their housing have now become homeless, as the new buildings will not be available for them, but for those new out of towners.

  • ke says:

    Ty ty ty. What ever anyone does is never gd

  • Crystal Clear says:

    Sad to see many comments here mocking Lakewood, whether it’s the drivers, landlords or anyone else. Why do any of the above mentioned issues have any reflection on the illegal encampment on cedar bridge. We all are in agreement that there are plenty of poor drivers in Lakewood, just as you have in any town that’s overly populated with outdated infrastructure. But are we going to constantly use that as an excuse for everything else that’s wrong

  • Crystal Clear says:

    One antidote worth mentioning here. For those people ignorant enough to believe that these homeless people are now Lakewood’s problem. I personally did my research on quite a few of these homeless people. None of them are Lakewood residents. In fact many of them are from out of state and were somehow recruited by someone with an agenda to pin them against the Lakewood residents. These people are not looking for a homeless shelter. If theywould

  • huh says:

    What dangerous buildings are you talking about??

  • Crystal Clear says:

    If the would be they would find it in Trenton, Camden, Atlantic City or Newark. And don’t let anyone tell you that its too far. These people came here from much greater distances. Finally, local towns don’t build shelters the county does. So if your complaint is that Ocean County does not have a shelter then go vent your frustration at the county freeholders. Dont hold your breath thinking that a shelter will solve this issue. These people are NOT

  • Crystal Clear says:

    looking for shelter.

  • Truth says:

    I can’t help but think everyone’s anti tent city stance is racially motivated. Why can’t we think of a solution rather than just say throw em out !!

  • Me and Me says:

    replace there shelters somewhere else please.
    (I mean a real housing opponent)

  • Neighbor says:

    To #12
    Racially motivated? Against which group? There are whites, blacks,Hispanic people living there as well as Dogs and chickens . Tell me wich group is the anti tent city sentiment against?

  • duh! says:

    how can anything be racially motivated when the race of the tent city dwellers is never shown?? only one race lives there?

  • GREAT! says:

    it must be us Neighbors who deal with their garbage, disgusting smoke stink in our homes each evening, and a danger with mentally ill people that don’t WANT real help and r roaming the neighborhood (a man pushing a shopping cart on a near-by busy street, walking the wrong direction IN the street traffic and all the cars needed to go slowly around him….) it must be that we have a racial agenda Against TEnt citys Chickens!!! Please, people that don’t live hear – Close ur mouths until u live next door for a week! Crystal clear said it well.

  • Any says:

    Now go to every slum lord in Lakewood and serve them violation notices for all the rentals that are in shambles

  • Resident says:

    Usually the inspection dept. Issues the summons to the owner of the property. Should the violations be served on the owner, the Township of Lakewood???

  • Anon says:

    Great step one. Now step two; violation notices to the slumlords. Then step three; follow up with fines and convictions.

  • bk says:


  • yossi greenberg says:


  • Concerned Resident says:

    Thank You to our City officials for finally cracking down on this illegal encampment. Lets hope we can get them out and into a REGULAR homeless shelter. Put our tax money to good use!

  • fedup says:

    so he brings them to the judge who tosses it in the garbage
    then what

  • Anon says:

    We would like homeless shelter in Lakewood
    Is that ever will be possible ?

  • Tent City Supporter says:

    Crystal Clear, if it’s not too far away please go visit the A.C. Mission. I have been there many times and seen first hand that Ocean County’s practice of sending it’s homeless there for many years has caused terrible over crowding. Not only are the mission’s in other counties completely unable to shoulder any more of our burden but the county is currently involved in a multi-million dollar lawsuit for it’s illegal practice of sending homeless out of county. As far as as your concept that they are not town residents, they reside in tent city, they can’t be residents of another state if they live here and have no home anywhere else, doesn’t work that way.

  • anonymous says:

    just build a shelter tent city people

  • Just the Facts says:

    Contrary to disinformation frequently stated by some so-called advocates, homeless shelters in New Jersey (and most states) are NOT built, owned, operated or staffed by municipal, county, state or federal governments. Shelters are operated by faith-based, charitable, non-profit agencies such as Salvation Army, YMCA, Catholic Charities and numerous nondenominational Christian groups, like the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, the Camden Mission, etc. Some of these shelters do receive limited government (taxpayer) funding or grants from foundations, but they operate mainly from tax-deductible donations. Often staff members are non-paid volunteers from local churches, who serve the needy because of their faith. Paid staff members have limited fringe benefits, compared to the public sector. Shelters typically have stringent rules about length of stay, drug and alcohol use, and a specific plan an individual must follow to take personal responsibilty to get back on their feet.

  • Make Rentals Safe! says:

    Post my comment! It’s been “awaiting moderation” for two days! There’s nothing derogatory or slanderous written. Please start posting the truth, the residents need to know!

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