Man Robs Wawa With Kitchen Knife

Lakewood and Howell Police Departments are on the lookout for a man who robbed a Route 9 Wawa store with a kitchen knife, police say. The man, described as a white male approximately 5′ 9′, wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans, used a kitchen steak knife to rob the store at about 10 PM, according to police.

The man stole cash and fled.

Police are looking for a dark Subaru BRZ, which was last seen heading towards Lakewood.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lakewood or Howell Police. [TLS-00/TLS-CCP/TLS-MK. File photo].

There are 11 Comments to "Man Robs Wawa With Kitchen Knife"

  • Anonymous says:

    Time to ban steak knives!
    btw- 2 cars just went racing down James passing the shopping plaza in excess of 100 MPH! it was FAST and NOISY!!

  • brooke dud says says:

    they should put detectors on store doors.

  • Robbie Nachman says:

    # 1 they had a heter

  • Lakewoodtaxpayer says:

    Looks like the one on County Line Rd

  • Anonymous says:

    #4– it says “file photo”. Figured i would explain that so that your next question isnt “why is it daylight at 10pm”

  • yo says:

    Pa license plates ?

  • Neighbor says:

    Lets check tent city. Maybe it was one of the residents. Its not his fault that be was hungry, the township,or its residents should have given him a three course dinner! Poor thing

  • Yid says:

    There should be licenses and annual permits required for kitchen knives.

  • lkwd guy says:

    you had to make it a racial thing by saying he was white, didn`t you? 🙂

  • Barry says:

    Oh but i thought if they ban guns there will be no more crime stupid liberals!

  • Me says:

    What’s next a screwdriver ?

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