VIDEO: Fire Consumes Another tent at Tent City Homeless Camp

VIDEO: A fire at Tent City left another tent in ashes this afternoon. The fire at the homeless encampment off of Cedar Bridge Avenue started at about 3 PM.

The Lakewood Fire Department was called in but upon arrival requested the assistance of a Brush Truck to battle the flames – about 100 yards into the woods.

Nobody was in the tent at the time.

The Fire Marshals responded to the scene to investigate.

As earlier reported, the Township has refiled their lawsuit against the encampment in hopes of bringing a quick resolution to the ongoing problem. TLS.


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There are 26 Comments to "VIDEO: Fire Consumes Another tent at Tent City Homeless Camp"

  • ddsw says:

    Noone enforced the ordinance passed a few days ago.??

  • whatever says:

    this new is getting boring.

  • yeaaaah says:


  • To ddsw says:

    It wasn’t an ordinance that was passed on monday it was a resolution. And it was only voted on that the resolution would drawn up there was nothing in stone about it. I was at the meeting.

  • Lakewood Resident says:

    Okay. one more down. How many more to go?

  • Anonymous says:

    And Tent City is supposed to be a good thing for the homeless?!?!

  • C Lanouette says:

    If there was adequate decent affordable housing and a shelter, then TC would no longer be. You people should be supporting this and stop being so ruthless and mean. These are our fellow human beings that bleed red. What color do you bleed?

  • Yid says:

    C Lanouette,

    I propose that we use your home as a shelter. In addition, I propose that we use your savings to fund the shelter. In addition, I propose that you quit your job and work as an aide in the shelter, serving the poor homeless meals on your own kitchen table.
    And then, I propse, that we invite all the homeless in the USA, actually all the homeless in the entire world, to come and join you in the shelter in your home (including rapists and murderers).

    And if you don’t agree with my proposals, you’re obviously ruthless and mean. Don’t you understand that because YOU refuse to provide your house as a shelter, that is why these poor people are suffering? These are our fellow human beings that bleed red. What color do you bleed? OMG, you are so ruthless and mean.

  • Neighbor says:

    Mayor Ackerman . WHERE ARE U ? Please let us know what steps are being taken. We knw things are going on behind the scenes but neighbors would like to be updated a out them.

  • C Lanouette says:

    Yid, how do you know who I serve?

  • Seinfeld says:

    “Oh well that’s a shame”

  • shylah says:

    There are more home fires inlakewood then tent fires in the entire state.

  • Askan Wannabe says:

    After Parnassa Expo we askanim should focus on Tent City Expo !

  • shmichelfoofer says:

    wow. first homeless, now tentless.
    poor thing!

  • Just my two cents says:

    How about getting the firefighters a working woods truck. Its just a matter of time before the other towns may not be able to respond for a call to the tents if they are busy answering their own calls. If the fire budget was not defeated so many times a used truck coud be purchased or the current unit could be repaired in a timely manner. It not like this problem with the tent city is going to end quickly.

  • oldmansfury says:

    Yid, Last time I looked all religions said that we should provide for the poor and destitute among us. If you feel that someone should open their house to them then may I make the suggestion that you be the first. If not, then we all must realize that the bottom line here is that the judge has stated that the county and the township must provide for the homeless either in tent city or in a shelter. Both agencies have made a lot of noise but have really done nothing. I don’t want to see my taxes go up any more than the next person, but if they must to provide shelter for these people and to rid us of tent city than so be it. I’m also sure that some creative people can be found to locate and convert some vacant building in the county into that shelter saving some of the money that sooner or later will have to be spent.

  • cool masmid says:

    With fires over there every day no one is paying at’tent’ion anymore!

  • Chaim Yankel says:

    They have shelters already in NJ. Many of them They will be very caring and give them all they need.

    Oh you mean we have to accomodate the destination they prefer….AC then florida in winter. catskills in summer. Make homeless shelters all over.

    Bringham is running and encouraging the people to stay there and it is a terrible nuisance to all taxpayers in the area.

  • anonymous says:

    #16…Let the judge take them all to his house.
    I say to h..l with it and bulldoze the entire area NOW.

  • sammy says:

    people of Lakewood: provide shelter to folks as our constitution says we should.

  • Wedding Dancer says:

    I was coming from a chasunah at Lake Terrace the other night at 11 pm, while driving on cedar bridge ave. near tent city a tall dark skin drunken man dressed In raggedy clothing just walks in front of my SUV, I swerved just like a deer would headed toward my car and Baruch HaShem I missed him.

  • Anonymous says:

    #15-Judge Foster never said that the city or county has such an obligation; rather, the judge wants mediation and not eviction. If tent city was a step for people to get help, get jobs and move on, then this would have been resolved 4 years ago. Instead, tent city residents stay put, do not seek help or jobs, and the downward spiral continues.

    The lawyer for tent city stated that its residents have a constitutional right to housing. The US Constitution makes no mention of this. Neither does the NJ Constitution.

    I feel for these people who lack basic housing. However, they have no right to hurt other people in the process. They can go to homeless shelters and get help and job training. Instead, they blindly follow the (moderated) Steve Brigham.

  • Anonymous says:

    To C Lanouette, The point is that it is ruthless and mean to have the homeless live in these dangerous conditions. Freezing cold weather, fires,unsatnitary conditions, etc. are what they face in tent city. Is it compassionate to house them there?

  • Concerned: says:

    Give the resident’s of Tent City a lift to a shelter in Atlantic City, Trenton or Newark. That is where they belong.

  • Lakewood says:

    Why do they belong in Atlantic City,Trenton or Newark? Maybe they could say you belong in Brooklyn.

  • Heshy says:

    Rabosai, get ready to do bi-yur chametz outside on your property, and never mind communal gatherings in the parking lot of the bais hakenesses erev Pesach. And leave your sukkahs up all year for the children to play in, as long as everyone can do want they want around here. There is no law enforcement for tent city and there should be none for the taxpayers. And while you’re at it, everyone should make a bonfire on Lag B’omer in their own yard.

    Don’t the people of Brick Township care that loads of excrement is being dumped into their water supply by the tent city residents and all their wells are taking it up. That Mai-raglayim is poisoning the water delivery system and now we can have a parasite problem too.

    I was just there today and the numbers are growing every day, it is unbelievable how large it has become. When the cold weather is over, it’s going to be some problem for the township, when all the vagrants from all over come to move in and stay in Ocean County. It is more than double in size. Why hasn’t anyone issued an incitement violation to the rosh ir ha-miklat?

    Maybe we can get some bochrim to erect ohelim next to Lake Carasaljo and run a minyan and kollel there.

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