Bais Yaakov of Scranton Dedicates Performance in Memory of Rebbetzin Becky Fine Charlop a”h

This Motzei Shabbos, Bais Yaakov of Scranton will be presenting a dedication of their student’s performance l’iluy nishmas Rebbetzin Becky Fine Charlop a”h (Rivka Chana bas Devorah Leah, that many that davened for), who passed away just over a week ago following a lengthy illness.

Rebbetzin Charlop was the daughter of lbc”l Rav and Rebbetzin Mordechai Dov Fine shlit”a, of Khal Machzikei Hadas in Scranton. Her husband is Reb Alexander Charlop, shlit”a, Rav of Khal Zichron Chaim in Cleveland and former Rosh Kollel of Cedar-Green Community Kollel in Cleveland. Rebbetzin Charlop was the daughter-in-law of R’ Zevulun Charlop of Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchak Elchanan and dedicated mother of four wonderful sons.

Her siblings are well known throughout the Lakewood community and beyond: R’ Yonasan Fine, R’ Menachem Fine (Chicago), Mrs. Esti Frankel, Mrs. Chevi Weisler, R’ Zvi Fine, R’ Meir Fine (Chicago), R’ Dovid Fine (Eretz Yisroel), and Penina Fine.

This evening of drama was particularly chosen for this dedication, as Rebbetzin Charlop was very talented in the art of drama and saw it as her mission to try to bring happiness and inspiration to others.

Donations of all amounts towards the dedication are warmly welcomed by family, friends and, of course, Bais Yaakov of Scranton former talmidos. To join the large group of family and friends participating in this dedication, please call Mrs. Esther Elefant at 570 347 5003 (leave a clear message for call back) or email Mrs Elefant If you have stories you would like to share with the family, please email


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There are 3 Comments to "Bais Yaakov of Scranton Dedicates Performance in Memory of Rebbetzin Becky Fine Charlop a”h"

  • scrantonian says:

    A truly unbelievable cause. Everyone please please help out this unbelievable mosad, which is operated solely l’shem shomayim, and is in deperate desperate need of financial assistance. May your tzedaka be an aliyah for the neshoma of Becky, Rivka Chana a”h bas Horav Hagoan Rav Mordechai Dov shlit”a.

  • rebitzin says:

    play was phenomenal!
    thank you rebitzin elefant and the amazing bais yaakov, the attitude of such a small school is a real inspiration.
    may all the tzedaka raised and continue to be raised be a true meilietz yosher for becky

  • Beautiful job says:

    BYS did a great job! Really so special that it was dedicated in memory of Becky who brought a smile to every face – She would’ve been proud! Mrs. Elefant and the Bais Yaakov- you went all out and really had us spellbound! You show the world what you can do with achdus and effort and devotion!

    Thank you for the opportunity to give a zchus for Becky’s neshama!

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