UPDATED: Child Seriously Injured After Being Struck By Vehicle

PHOTO: [TEHILLIM] A child was seriously injured after being struck by a vehicle a short time ago. The child, 7, was struck at the intersection of Kelm Woods and Hillside Boulevard – in Westgate.

Hatzolah BLS and ALS units rushed to the scene.

The child was transported by Hatzolah Paramedics to Jersey Shore Medical Center with leg and head injuries, a source tells TLS.

Lakewood Police Department’s Traffic & Safety division is investigating the accident.

UPDATE: Please take a moment to be Mispallel for Yitzchak ben Yocheved.

UPDATE: 11:20 PM Tehillim now being said at Khal Chasidim Shul in Westgate. 1 Brisk Lane.



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There are 43 Comments to "UPDATED: Child Seriously Injured After Being Struck By Vehicle"

  • Chaim Yankel says:

    Happened on Hillside. A VERY dangerous street to cross. Very difficult to see cars coming around the curve. I urge askanim to put up traffic lights in strategic places or come up with another solution.

  • My Take says:

    Should have a traffic light or two to slow traffic down. It is not safe for pedestrians to cross.

  • bm says:

    speed bumps

  • Hashem Yishmor says:

    What is with all theses accidents in Lkwd?
    Hashem Yishmor

  • Tehillim says:

    I’ll Bl’n do 1-5.

  • Anonymous says:

    Please say Tehillim! He is unconscious and needs our prayers.

  • Robbie Nachman says:

    JUST SLOW ! You don’t ned lights or speed bumps. Just commonsee and derech eretz . . . May this child have a repuah shleyma

  • Lkwder says:

    Speed bumps is the way to go.

    May s/he have a refuah shilaimah bikarov.

  • me says:

    I have a solution. SLOW DOWN just slow down it might take a little longer to get some where but you and everybody else will be safer and it would not hurt to stay off of your cell phones when driving.

  • Levi says:

    Every street in West Gate, should be a, ONE WAY STREET. Its Sakonos Nefoshos.

  • HI says:

    I will do Iyh 6-12
    Anyone else please?

  • Chaim Yankel says:

    Robbie Nachman. We all have to bentch gomel that you are not in charge of traffic safety in this town.

  • Westgate says:

    Any update on the condition of the child

  • bobbyc says:

    13-16 lrfuah shlaima

  • bp says:

    I’ll bl’n do 13-20

  • bp says:


  • anonymous says:


  • Leighann Newman says:

    My prayers for Yitzchak to have a speedy recovery and his family to have the strength to get through this difficult time in their lives.

  • Lesphotoguy says:

    82-100 don’t brake chain

  • anonymous says:

    Hes going into surgery now for broken femur

  • aa says:


  • moshe says:

    Hashem is zicher sending us a message!!! Do TESHUVAH!!! Drive a little more safely…

  • HI says:

    Thank you to all those saying tehillim- we are still missing 22-76 and 102-150. Please post if you have time to say any of these.
    Thank you

  • anonymous says:


  • leah says:

    I bl’n will do 145_148

  • DK says:

    Will do b”n 120-137
    Refuah Shlaima

  • ds says:

    will bli neder do 26-28

  • GL says:


  • GL says:


  • ck says:


  • ck says:


  • ck says:


  • ck says:


  • Thank You says:

    I”ll do 138-144 and 149-150.
    I think theres 102-119 and 56-76 left.
    Thank You so much

  • anonymous says:


  • bh says:


  • BP says:

    lrefuah shlaima

  • Sam says:

    I also want to say that i was in the Hatloleh dispatcher’s house at that time and all i could say was Mi Kiamcha Yisroel. The amount of people stopping right after shabbos to call really amazed me.

  • anonymous says:

    any update?

  • Wow! says:

    Wow! Mi Kiamcha Yisroel. May he have a refuah shlemai

  • special says:

    I will do 102-110 iyh

  • Anonymous says:

    Any update on condition?

  • mas says:

    westgate should put more lighting!!

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