Petirah of 9 Year Old Rochel Leah Newman A’H

It is with much sadness we report to you the Petirah of 9 year old Rochel Leah Newman A’H, following a lengthy illness R’L. Rochel Leah A’H, the daughter of Reb Shmuel and Chaya Sarah, takes with her the thousands of Tfillos which were Davened on her behalf over the last few years. She was one month short of her 10th birthday.

Reb Shmuel, is a 12th Grade Magid Shiur at the Yeshivah Mekor Hatorah, under the auspices of Reb Eisenberg and Reb Silberberg.

The Levaya for Rochel Leah will be taking place at the 7th Street Chapel at 5 PM. The Kevurah will be taking place in Lakewood.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.


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There are 15 Comments to "Petirah of 9 Year Old Rochel Leah Newman A’H"

  • oh... says:

    Borcuh Dayan Emes.
    I know Batsheva Rochel Leah personally.
    She was a beautiful girl inside and out. She was a gem, a shining star, so happy, so sweet and so sincere.
    She will sorely be missed.
    May we have only good news and no more tragedies.

  • sad says:

    hshen should give the fam comfort in this hard time…

  • eli says:

    A sweeter girl you could not meet. She charmed everyone she met. We are so sad. Bb”e

  • askan says:

    Enough already. I can’t hear the tragedies anymore. We need moshiach NOW.

  • so sad!! says:

    She was not even 10 yet but that doesn’t matter… She was mature beyond her years! such a sweetheart! I used to spend so many nights with her in the hospital.. She was such a good kid!

  • Chaim says:

    To eli & everyone

    may the neshama have an aliya

  • crying says:

    hashem please help us !
    hashem we know that you are the one sending us these messages

    we will try to speak less or no loshon horah
    we will try to speak only good about other people
    we will seek the good in other people
    we will help other people
    we will dress more accordingly in and out of our homes
    we will be more careful in out acts between each other [ aka bin odom l’chavario ]

  • Leighann Newman says:

    I was sad to hear that this beautiful little angel lost her battle in life. I was blessed to have met her and in the short time I spent with her I could only feel her strength and love for life. She was so beautiful my words can never say enough about her. May it bring comfort to her family to know she touched so many lives and will always be in our hearts. I know this little angel will always be close to her family comforting them with her strength, love, & happiness.

  • duvy says:

    May Hashem give strenght to these wonderful parents and may Hashem say enough to our Tzorois and Hardship!!

  • me says:

    So heartbreaking – where does the family live?

  • eli says:

    The shiva will be at the newman home 4 capital lane in prospect park

  • Leah says:

    Baruch dayin emes. It was my girls good friend. Mamash a sweetheart. My daughter raelly misses her.

  • Yerach Ben Yomo says:

    BD”E. My heart goes out. May she be a meilitz yosher for the family and klal yisroel. HaMakom yinachem eschem b’soch shaar aveilei Tzion v’Yerushalayim.

  • papa bear says:

    does anyone know shiva information?

  • rochel litt says:

    my heart always breaks at the passing of a child—bde

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