BREAKING NEWS: VIDEO: Person Dead at Shooting Range

BREAKING NEWS: [VIDEO] A man is dead at a Lakewood shooting range, police confirm to TLS. Preliminary reports indicate the gunshot wound was self-inflicted, police say. 

Police responded to the range about 5 PM.

Lakewood’s Detective Bureau and CIU are investigating.

PHOTOS of the scene.



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There are 20 Comments to "BREAKING NEWS: VIDEO: Person Dead at Shooting Range"

  • Yid says:

    So far, we have no specifics, all we know is “BREAKING NEWS: Person Dead at Shooting Range…….Developing story…”

    So I have no idea if an innocent bystander was hurt, if there was a gun battle, if its a child, if terrorism is involved, if the guy had a heart attack…. I really don’t know any details.

    So that said, I woulk like to comment about the knee-jerk reactions that some may have: “See, guns kill people, so we need to ban all guns.”

    To you I say: NO! People kill people. People can use bombs too. People can use assault knives or assault cars.

    In fact, guns are known to protect people from criminals. More than anything else.

    So I just hope that nobody uses this tragedy to further the liberal agenda of banning guns.

    With that said, it is very sad when people are hurt, and without knowing any details, our thoughts and prayers are with the person’s loved ones.

  • anonymous says:

    ban guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    is missaskim needed

  • lior k. says:

    Once again tls is the first to bring the news. Ty tls

  • Anonymous says:

    We need stricter gun control NOW!!!!

  • From Lakewood says:

    a few shooting range in Lakewood which one is it?

  • ohh says:

    If not for guns he would have lived. Fact!

  • jim says:

    “once again Tls is first to bring the news”.. first ?? I think second and third also, there is no other Exclusive Lakewood breaking news site

  • yenta says:

    Which one there are 2 in lakewood brick armory or sure shot???

  • Anonymous says:

    #3 &4, soon we will hear that this happened 3 days ago….

  • Eli says:

    this is insane i walked out of shoreshot at 4:30 it must have been a guy standing right next to me!

  • Anonymous says:

    It happened at shore shot. I work in the building next to it.

  • disturbed says:

    Definitely shore shot from the pic!…not the first time they have a death there…people make decisions.hopefully noone was hurt besides for the victim himself!

  • Larry says:

    Wow! Crazy!

    And yes, once again TLS was the first to break the story! Keep up the great work guys!

  • geshmakalypse says:

    to yid:

    “So I just hope that nobody uses this tragedy to further the liberal agenda of banning guns.”

    tha’ts funny because I hope nobody uses this tragedy to further their conservative agenda of liberalizing gone laws

  • Anonymous says:

    And this is news worthy why?
    Maybe a slow day

  • Rebel says:

    We used to go to the shooting range all the time when I was a kid. Of course, that did not stop us from shooting every other place we wanted. However, since we were minors, we were in big trouble if we got caught with a gun in the city. Cops would usually just call your parents but my friend lost his handgun to his lawyer since he was 17 and a minor. Once we hit 18 (and the laws became more liberalized so that you were able to carry a concealed weapon–not that anyone cared about the laws) we began to carry guns everywhere.

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    thats my range. its the best shooting range in NJ. great people, great prices, and my guns are always inspected for free(for a 2nd opinion).

    very sad.

    people cut their hands off every day with saws while on construction sites, is that the saws fault? should be ban saws? things happen. thats life.

  • mzb says:

    It is right next to the wherehouse of Y. Miller!!!

  • RG3 - DB4 says:

    Wierd. Why did he kill himself at the range ? He couldve done it in his house. He wasn’t gonna get a ticket, or whatever. Also, mzb, what’s a wherehouse ? Just asking.

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