Chaveirim Member Who Was Struck by a Vehicle Recovering at Home; Thanks Lakewood Community

Moshe Aron ben Miriam Zissel, the Chaveirim member who was severely injured after being struck by a hit and run driver in February, has come home from rehab and is on his way to recovery.

The member tells TLS it’s the care from the professionals and the Davening and Zchusim of the community which his recovery can be attributed to.

“With much thanks to Hashem, I’m home feeling and looking as unbelievably good as can be, and I’m sure that was only made possible by all the thoughtful, caring and good-hearted people that contributed their time and effort to help, Daven, Learn and do Mitzvos in my Zchus,” says Moshe. “I may never know who you are that was there to contribute, but will always be very appreciative. Thank you to all known people family,friends, Chaveirim, Hatzolah, LPD, LCSW, and the unknown from the Lakewood Community and throughout the entire Klal Yisroel. May we only hear of happy occasions and share in Simchos together.”

Moshe was seriously injured on February 9 when a hit and run driver – apprehended and arrested eight days later - crashed into the Chaveirim member just after assisting a motorist with a flat tire. He was transported to the Jersey Shore Medical Center where he underwent extensive surgery. From there he was trasnported to rehab.

Now home, Moshe is on the road to a full recovery, I’YH.

There are 8 Comments to "Chaveirim Member Who Was Struck by a Vehicle Recovering at Home; Thanks Lakewood Community"

  • out at 730 says:

    Baruch Hashem!

  • Elizabeth Yeshiva says:

    We are so happy to hear the good news, we davened and will continue to daven for your complete recovery.

  • Anonymous says:

    wowo bh i was the second one on scene and saw him on the floor i was soo shooken up i havent stopped davening since then wowo bh and thanks tls for the good news

  • Go Chaveirim says:

    Boruch Hashem! Hoidu Lashem ki toiv ki l’oilom chasdoi

  • abc says:

    go Peretz!!!!

  • baruch hashem says:

    was waiting to hear good news may he have a full and speedy recovery bsoch shiur chleh yisroel

  • Member says says:

    LC-73 thanks for the update! may Hashem grant you a full recovery, and we shall share only good news!

  • anonymous says:

    I’m really getting emotional reading this letter. Hodu lahashem ki tov ki leolam chasdo, moshe u should know its a huge zechus 2 make a seudos hodaah and u should know that every time I see u walking I can’t stop thanking hashem, hagomel chasadim tovim laamo yisroel! I wishing u and your family the best of luck coping with the situation and have lots of nachas!!

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