PHOTOS: LPD Conducts Final Pedestrian Crossing Safety Initiative

PHOTOS: The Lakewood Police Department today conducted one final Pedestrian Crossing Safety detail before beginning actual enforcement, police tell TLS.

Though several safety educational details were conducted and enforcement was set to begin, police decided to conduct one last educational detail before handing out actual summonses.

Police set up shop today at the intersection of Clifton Avenue and 11th Street, and handed out fliers to motorists who failed to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

An intersection does not need to be painted with stripes to require drivers to stop for crossing pedestrians, police say. [TLS-46/TLS-CCP]


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There are 15 Comments to "PHOTOS: LPD Conducts Final Pedestrian Crossing Safety Initiative"

  • Chesed vs. common sense says:

    This law is getting out of hand. First of all someone I know got this flyer for not stopping for a pedestrian when the pedestrian wasn’t even off the curb. If everyone has to stop by every intersection waiting for people to step off the curb, we’ll have a bigger traffic nightmare. People who wait at the curb to begin crossing are not supposed to start crossing when they see a car coming, only when the car is not yet there and usually people wait to make sure they are going to be able to cross safely. This ordinance will just cause confusion on when to cross the intersections by drivers and pedestrians alike. I still will not cross when I see a car coming, because maybe the driver won’t stop for me.

  • in shidduchim says:

    I think it is unclear when to stop 4 pedestrians. I never have a prob stopping however sometimes there are random short stops from someone stopping for a pedestrian, a red light is noticeable from a distance thereby maintaining safety for drivers and pedestrians. I am just adding to #1.

  • in shidduchim says:

    But thanks LPD for keeping the streets safe as always.

  • Bus Driver says:

    I think the police should start enforcing this on Forest Ave. between 2nd and 10th St. It’s the worst I have seen anyware in Lakewood. I’ve been stopped to let people cross ( usualy with children in stroolers) and on coming driver just fly by with total disregard for the pedestrians.
    Most of the time the drivers are on their cell phones. The LPD should also address these same drivers are passing school buses with there red lights on and stop signs deployed.

  • Mr. Conservative says:

    if you have not noticed, this isnt about improving pedestrian safety. this is about STINGS held by police to generate serious amounts of money for the coffers.

    the government LOVES finding ways to raise revenue under the guise of “safety initiatives”. the sheep buy into it, and sheep dont complain. red-light camera’s are a prime example, along with this pedestrian crossing safety ‘initiative’. another line i love thats often used to gain compliance: “its for the children”.

    PS: i dont blame the cops so much. they do as they are told. i blame the people who come up with this junk. but then again, (moderated).

  • r u for real? says:

    this is so unreal. so dangerous. cars stopping instantly cause some person steps off the curb….it just makes no sense. common sense would be for a pedestrian to wait 15-20 seconds till its ok to cross…but unfortunately-common sense isnt so common. i cant believe that if im heading north on clifton and someone steps off the curb on the south side that ill get a ticket for not stopping.

  • I never wrote a comment before says:

    Last Thursday, I stopped on Monmouth ave at 6th or 7th St to let a child cross. A red 2 door Volvo came behind me speeding and started passing me from the right. In order to save the child from being hit by this driver, who didn’t see the child I pulled my car to the right blocking the roadway.
    The Volvo made a short stop and missed my car by a hair. After that the driver of the Volvo started cursing me for almost causing him to hit my car.
    Based on my experience I think that, although this law is meant to help pedestrians it actually has given them false confidence and is very dangerous.

  • Waiting to Drive says:

    I am still unclear what to do when at a big intersection (like New Hampshire and Cedarbridge) and a pedestrian crosses. Do I need to wait from them to cross the ENTIRE street before turning? The light is red by then. (My understanding of the law is that one must wait until the entire street – even opposite traffic – is crossed).

    The truth is even at smaller intersections a pedestrian can take most of a light to cross the entire street.

    As it is I get honked when I stop for pedestrians due to this law.

  • bc says:

    we called the police dept after the first “initiative” and they said it only applies to those intersections that are marked with the white stripes across – not all intersections

  • are cops fair? says:

    I don’t think they can give tickets in such a fashion, (standing on a corner and popping out in front of cars and than pulling them aside) look at the quoted part of this statue,

    New Jersey 39:4-36. a. The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, except at crosswalks when the movement of traffic is being regulated by police officers or traffic control signals, or where otherwise prohibited by municipal, county, or State regulation, and except where a pedestrian tunnel or overhead pedestrian crossing has been provided, “But no pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield. Nothing contained herein shall relieve a pedestrian from using due care for his safety.”

  • Spencer says:

    This new law will cause more ha than good. I need to keeP my eyes on the road, not on the sidewalks. Also, making short stops causes accidents- that’s why we have yellow lights, to prepare people.

  • Bubby says:

    Can anyone tell us if ‘blocking the box” is illegal in NJ? Even if not, it is a matter of common courtesy.

    At Central, approaching Rt 9, there is a dotted line at the intersection of Caranetta on one side and South Lake on the other. This is meant to be left empty so that cars can make a left onto Caranetta etc. Yet when I stop before the dotted lines, cars are always passing me and blocking the intersection.

    It’s also egregious at busy times of day at Rt 9 & Rt 88, Clifton & County Line, Forest & County Line etc.

    I think an education campaign about this would be very appropriate.

  • Jerry says:

    The law clearly states (as per the flyer handed out) that at an unmarked intersection you must YIELD not STOP.

  • Trying to be Observant says:

    I couldn’t agree w #7 more. This has happened to me about FIVE times already. I thought for sure that the pedestrian was going to get hit. I even called the police station and spoke to a high ranking official. I told him that drivers are swinging around me and all he told me was that “Everyone needs to get used to the new law”.
    I think this initiative definitely causes more harm than good.

  • Long time resident says:

    Instead of causing an accident go up one block west and make the left. don’t know how many near accident caused by the Very dangerous set up that the town has allowed by letting left turns be made at that intersection. the town should dead end Caranetta at Central to eliminate this hazard and to let the traffic flow better.

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