VIDEO: Tent City’s Minister to Twp: We’re Saving You $1 Million Per Year

VIDEO: Frustrated that the ‘move out’ process is taking too long, several Tent City residents on Thursday came to the Township Committee meeting to voice their concerns.

One of the speakers, a woman, complained to the Mayor asking why the plan to move the eligible homeless to shelters has not yet come to fruition. The Mayor, who has been actively involved in the process and who is largely credited for ‘getting the ball rolling’, said the process required the coordination of many factors, and that STEPS and other officials are closer than further to bringing a full resolution.

But Minister Brigham, the founder of the encampment, took on a whole different approach during his brief address to the Committee.

“I’m saving the Township about $1 million a year,” said Brigham – calculating the amount a hotel stay would cost for 80 or so residents for a year – provided by social services. Brigham added, that he’s “sacrificing for the cause, because there’s no shelter in Ocean County, and instead of getting praise for saving them a million dollars, I get grief.”

Accoridng to the latest agreement between the parties set forth by Judge Foster, the encampent is to come to a halt by providing shelter for those eligable – for twelve months.

Additionally, the encampment was not allowed to accept more residents – a part of the agreement whiach had allegedly been broken, according to officials. [TLS]


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There are 11 Comments to "VIDEO: Tent City’s Minister to Twp: We’re Saving You $1 Million Per Year"

  • Neighbor says:

    It’s time for them to go. My kids are scared to go outside , especially with the influx of new residents to tent city. Young hoodlums , drugged up ladies who stop to talk to the kids, and the ferocious dogs that are there. The other day I asked a lady who stopped to talk with my kids to kleave them alone.she started screaming and scaring all the kids. They gotta go NOW

  • Jim says:

    First off, who are you to say I did not charge anyone rent?? Its not your property! Secondly what about all the tent city residents that came to tent city from other counties? We all agree we have an obligation to help out our local residents however more than half of the ‘residents’ at tent city are not from Lakewood or Ocean County at all.

  • Bunch of Freeloaders says:

    He’s not saving the township anything. Why should Lakewood have to put these people up in hotels? They should work like the rest of us and pay their own way. If the township shelters them for a year, you think they’ll all move away after a year? They’ll still want a free ride. It’s not gonna happen.

  • oh ok says:

    sure, saving us $1,000,000 a year, and in return, you average 1-2 deaths per year in the camp due to fires, stabbing etc.

  • lakewood resident says:

    It is such an eye sore.

  • Nonsense says:

    Wait until tent city expands to over 250 people and then it will cost us $3 million to get them out!! Don’t wait!!!! Evict them now!
    Besides, this is NOT a normal way to live! No matter how much we save…

  • ANON says:

    All you gotta do is knock down all the trees. That’ll clear em out. Oh I forgot it’s wetlands! There the government goes again. Dumb rules and regulations by democrats who have nothing better to do but to make more and more laws just ruining everyones lives

  • Anonymous says:

    Tent city has tripled in size since they said they “weren’t allowed to expand” it gets to the point when you need to stop being a humanitarian politician baiting for votes and do what is right. Everyone feels bad for them because they are homeless but the fact of the matter is that 90% of them have a problem i.e. drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. Why are we conforming to help them when they can not even help themselves. We need to revert to Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” in some cases. These people have been given opportunities in life and squandered them, why then should everyone else suffer for their inability to act like a reasonable adult human being?

  • area guy says:

    They are Illegally squad-ding… they get tax free garbage removal.. and free fire wood… tons of donations… I blame the town for letting this go on so long….

  • an out cast says:

    The days of hippie communes are long gone. These ‘people’ have no code, no purpose. The place is riddled with garbage, the woods. Drugs are a part of life there. Brigham embraces this. And what makes him a ‘pastor’ or ‘minister’? And where are the records of the non-profit license for this alleged church?

  • Tenter in Lakewood says:

    We have been trying to get out, but social services is not handing out housing, and STEPS (Solutions to End Poverty) is dragging their feet . Not all are drug addicts . There are at least 5 Jewish who need help also ….please do anything you can to get us housing anywhere affordable.

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