Missing Woman Found Sipping Alcohol in Lake

PHOTO: A woman reported missing several days ago was located alive this evening in Lake Carasaljo, police confirm to TLS.

At approximately 6:35 p.m. Police responded to Lake Carasaljo in response to a call received from local fishermen who said they observed an unidentified woman, emerge from the water, take a sip from an unknown bottle – which sources say was vodka – and then submerge under the water again.

“Responding units were able to locate and pull the woman safely from the lake,” said Detective Sergeant Greg Staffordsmith.

The woman was reportedly a resident of a local institution, with her family residing in Woodbridge.

“Further investigation revealed that she was reported missing several days ago by Woodbridge Police Department,” says Staffordsmith.

Another official said the woman told police she had been living in the lake for a couple of days.

She was transported to KMC for evaluation. [TLS]


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There are 18 Comments to "Missing Woman Found Sipping Alcohol in Lake"

  • briskerdude says:

    Great! So this will be the new tent city….

  • ANON says:

    Living in the lake for a couple days??!! Hmm maybe a new tent city?

  • Joe says:

    the rescue jet ski was there too

  • let's see says:

    I must ask …. after reading the first few comments…. what if this person was a part of your own family? Would you post the same comments? We as human beings have been taught compassion and sympathy as both traits are basic human nature but yet it seems as if the person who is possibly in need of some kind of help whatever that help may be isn’t “from the community” then it is a bombardment of remarks of a “New tent city ” and the such …… I do not know the person in question and my comment is of my own opinion but I would please ask everyone to treat everyone else equally

  • ANON says:

    To lets see
    Also I see nowhere in the article what community she’s from. So it constitutes jumping to conclusions on your part.

  • r u for real? says:

    #4, you gotta admit this is strange…cmon, maybe you should also hv a sip of a l’chayim…

  • Its True says:

    Maybe this lady hear that the minister of Tent City was letting more people in ( he still is despite a court order) . Last year residents of the Lexington House went to Tent City because they heard there was no rental fees. They then were able to spend their disability checks on drugs and alcohol. Seen it with my own 2 eyes walking down the streets of Lakewood .

  • Ms Candy Kane says:

    Fortunately she is safe tonight

  • Message to "let's see" says:

    I have read your comments and agreed with everything you said regarding the poor deranged individual found in the lake. This woman’s plight should not be an opportunity for cheap jokes. But I take great umbrage at your comment decrying the previous posters as unsympathetic to someone who “isn’t from the community”. That’s despicable on your part. If the posters were non sympathetic what difference does their “community origin” matter. And maybe more importantly, how do you know what community they are from? Surely 1 of the 2 posters called him/herself Anon. And besides since when is a “name” on LS proff of any community.Is it not appropriate for ANY lakewood resident to ctiticize, tent city? Do you have to belong to a specific “community” to object? Your point of sympathy to another living being could have been made without disparaging an entire community. Quite the opposite of a sympathetic human being!!!

  • UncleMo says:

    Lakewood- Truly a unique town!!

  • UncleMo says:


    Hey, relax. Don’t you think slipping in and out of the lake sipping vodka is a bit odd regardless what “community” one is part of?? You are making a mountain of a molehill.

  • oldmansfury says:

    The woman was reportedly a resident of a local institution, with her family residing in Woodbridge.
    “Further investigation revealed that she was reported missing several days ago by Woodbridge Police Department,”

    I guess a bunch of readers missed these paragraphs by which one could deduce that the woman once lived in Woodbridge, has mental issues of some type and is institutionalized locally and escaped from that facility.
    Her community is that of her fellow human beings.
    It never ceases to amaze me how many reader’s compassion ends at the exit door of their church or synagogue.

  • Moshe says:

    @ Let’s see, how do you know that the poster ANON was from our “community”?

    I too was quite disturbed at the insensitive comments, yet did not jump to conclusions as to which person wrote it.

    Quite frankly, neither I, nor you,know the ethnicity, or the religion of the commentator.

    An insensitive comment was written and you properly admonished the individual. I hope that person realized the error of his or her ways. But, it is not necessary to paint our entire community with such a broad brush to include those that agree with you.

    For all you know, you and I might share the MAJORITY opinion of our community.

    Most people that I know from our community are compassionate and sympathetic to ALL ethnicities and religions.

    Therefore, I would please ask of YOU “to treat everyone else equally”

    Why did you jump to conclusions that that the insensitive individual was the majority opinion of our community?

    It’s just not fair.

  • oldmansfury says:

    And my comment was moderated for what reason?

  • Anonymous says:

    oldmansfury- thank you for your comment

  • Yid says:

    As a human being who is also an Orthodox Jew, I have tremendous compassion for every and any person who is in any sort of sorrow state, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

    In fact, I teach my children that all people are special to G-d, and that we need to treat all people with the utmost respect and love. We go out of our way to help our fellow human being, no matter the community they belong to, because we are all the same human community.

    That said, I find it quite humorous that a human being was living in a lake for a few days, submerged under the water, coming up every now and then to take a drink of vodka. I’m trying to imagine my own grandma (who suffers from dementia) doing it, and I can’t stop laughing, seeing her popping out of the water for another shot.

    I hope the poor women gets all the help she can. The families of such people go through alot, as my family does too.

    A good laugh now and then actually helps family members get through their trying times.

  • My Take says:

    She probably took refuge in the lake due the extremely hot weather.

  • huh says:

    If you submerge under water with a bottle of vodka, it will be water by the time you come back up.

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