PHOTOS: Car Crashes into Home; Nobody Injured

PHOTOS: A 2-vehicle crash ended with one of the vehicles crashing into a home just before Shabbos, as reported on our News Alerts.

The crash occurred at the intersection of Arlington Avenue and Lincoln Avenue shortly after 6 p.m.

The force of the crash caused the vehicle to land its two front wheels into the basement of a nearby home, severely damaging the home.

None of the drivers sustained injuries, an official said. [TLS-52/TLS-28/118/SG]

There are 8 Comments to "PHOTOS: Car Crashes into Home; Nobody Injured"

  • Traffic light says:

    Slow down lakewood drivers

  • anonymous says:

    Lots of luck with that one #1!

  • Speedy Gonzales says:

    it wasn’t speed. The other car ran the stop sign.

  • survivor says:

    Rush , Rush. Cell Phones , not paying attention.What ever. Lakewood has a bad rep. People wake up! After 2 accidents ( not my fault) I try to avoid Lakewood as much as I can.

  • survivor says:

    Yes slow down, pay attention ,get off the phones and give a little courtesy. Some one has to get the idea sooner or later that something is wrong here! Why the Hurry Hurry?

  • Chochom says:

    I know the family very well and they are such amazing people! They have zchusim protcting the home and nobody was hurt.

  • Sarah says:

    The girl did NOT run a stop sign. The woman dirving the jeep came flying down Arlington . the girl stopped, looked and slowly turrned left on Arlington. Please don’t make assumptions so easily.

  • Yoily says:

    The home is “drive thru” no pun intended

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