UPDATED: VIDEO: Firefighters Battle Large Fire at Tent City

JUST IN: [VIDEO] Firefighters are battling a large fire at Tent City after a tent reportedly caught fire and became fully engulfed. 

Small explosions are also being heard inside the encampment, possibly from propane tanks, sources on scene tell TLS. Some trees began catching fire as well.

Muliple Fire Companies are on scene attempting to bring the fire under control.

A Brush Truck from Brick was also requested.

There are no immediate reports of injuries.

The Fire Marshal’s Office and Detectives are responding to investigate the incident.

UPDATE: The fire was brought under control about 20 minutes later.



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There are 19 Comments to "UPDATED: VIDEO: Firefighters Battle Large Fire at Tent City"

  • fed up says:

    And guess whos gonna be footing the bill for this, thats right the lkwd taxpayers why do we continue to let them use our resources when they dont pay for it and besides it puts our firefighters at risk! Can we please for once and for all get rid of these people who are just ruining lkwd for the rest of us.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was always afraid that a fire will endanger the houses next to the tent city

  • No Hope for Humanity says:

    Instead of posting negative feedback like every other ”caring” Lakewood resident, I just pray that everyone is okay- homeless and firefighters alike..

  • Geshmakalypse says:

    Fed up:
    Your primary concern is about the waste of your tax dollars for the fire department response. As disturbing as that is, what your forgetting is that a homeless shelter will certainly be a bigger drain on the taxpayers but is still absolutely necessary to remove this encampment. I also want tent city gone, the sooner the better but before that can happen, there needs to be a safe alternative for these residents to take shelter like mentchin

  • M1 says:

    Let them get the hell out of there the” apts” are not up to code we LL’s. Would never get away with an apt looking like that -add the fire hazards to top things off -so why r they different??

  • Alex Libman says:

    Fed Up: are you proposing murdering all poor people, or do you actually have a solution to homelessness that saves taxpayers more money than Tent City does? If so, you should share your discovery, because no one else has thought of a better solution before you.

  • ok then! says:

    it’s almost a new yr- lets see the township put there foot down and end tent city for good – first priority. before lakewood neighbors get hurt from their craziness, enough is enough!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    typical that my comment was not posted….

  • Does anybody says:

    consider utilizing the old Ft. Monmouth barracks that are not in use as an alternative?

  • lakewood resident says:

    What has Lakewood done to resolve this ?—————
    that’s what I thought!!!

  • Zvi says:

    The county would be the one footing the bill for a shelter as this is a county issue unlike the fire department which utilizes township funds.

  • alex says:

    tent city does not save us anything!!!! the county needs to open a homeless shelter not Lakewood. then the cost will be split between the entire county , effectively costing us just cents. that all means nothing though because the shelters require you to stay sober and off drugs. which we all know that will not happen ., So a shelter will get opened and you people wont use it and its just such a waste of time and energy.. just go away already !!!

  • yossi greenberg says:

    status quo is NOT an option

  • IF says:

    Tent city is in Lakewood because Lakewood allows it. No other place will stand for this garbage. A homeless shelter must be opened,however it does not have to be in Lakewood.
    Enough! before a real major tragedy happens.

  • David says:

    Its very simple, pass an emergency ordinance:
    Absolutely no fires on public land, no matter if in a fire box or not. Enforce zero tolerance and stiff fines and jail time.
    This is a danger to us all!

  • zvi says:

    This really is a double standard. I cant put a perfectly safe, brand new fence on my own property, on which i pay a substantial amount of taxes, without getting a permit or i face a fine. and these people are putting up structures, building fires, creating garbage, etc… and nothing, zip, zero they just keep on doing it. I’m wondering where all their human waste goes? again a double standard, buried paper creates an uproar but feces, drugs and who knows what else their disposing of, no problem.?!?

  • shmichelfoofer says:

    zvi do you want to know where their waste goes? right into you water supply. no joke. that area runs into our water source.

  • SICK OF IT says:

    to #2 Anon- Take a drive on the west end of Tent City and see the 2 new homes destroyed by the tenters and local gangs! A Tenter was caught selling the copper wiring he stripped out of those house, you can still see the paper covering in the woods . It would have been better had they burned them down, as the houses are uninhabitable in their current state.

    But Will the man who lost a tent is a very nice man, so don’t blame him along with the rest of the Tenters – he is decent, but fell on hard times .

  • What Now? says:

    Alex Libman- just because you are saving money, doesn’t mean Tent City should continue, how about the few residents each year who die due to cold exposure, overdose, health conditions ? The addicts need treatment so they can re-enter society, and it seems there is a growing number of Tent City residents who want to get out of Tent City and enter into normal housing. People don’t need to live in tents – nor should they. If you want to stay in the woods – please find another place after Tent City closes. But don’t try to prevent the inevitable – the people need to come out of the woods. The saving in medical costs for all the future fire victims(burned by wood or propane fires at Tent City) would offset any “savings” Tent City provides . There have also been quite a few stroke and heart attacks from Tent City residents, many which could have prevented had they been in housing and able to provide normal healthy food for themselves, along with proper environment ( is heated ) .

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