VIDEO & PHOTOS: U.S. Senatorial Candidate Steve Lonegan Visits Lakewood

VIDEO & PHOTOS: With just three days to the Special Election, U.S. Senatorial Candidate and former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan visited Lakewood in an effort to gain Lakewood’s support.

The event, hosted by Josh Birnhack as well as by the Republican Club of Lakewood, gave Lonegan an opportunity to speak about his views on several different key issues including To’eiva marriage and other family values.

The candidate was introduced by the Republican Club President Craig Theabolt, as well as by Mayor Albert Akerman. Also in attendance was Deputy Mayor Steven Langert.

According to most recent polls, Booker holds about a 10 point lead over Lonegan.

Elections are Wednesday, October 16. [TLS]


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There are 41 Comments to "VIDEO & PHOTOS: U.S. Senatorial Candidate Steve Lonegan Visits Lakewood"

  • Anonymous says:

    Go steve, tell it like it is. The other guy is a hollywood liberal with hollywood values.
    It would be a tremendous chilul hashem if lakewood votes for cory booker. We have had enough chilul hashem recently lets make a huge kiddush hashem by voting for torah values, morals and ethics over celebrities like cory.
    Vote steve lonegan this wednesday!!!

  • mom says:

    I voted for Lonegan by mail. Don’t make the Corzine mistake again. Support the moral candidate!

  • get out and vote steve says:

    Rabbosai remember the last time america voted in a guy that can give good speeches, we ended up with obamacare and an incompetent ruling party.
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice shame on me!
    Im not falling for anymore nonesense
    Steve lonegan has my vote.

  • please vote for Steve! says:

    (moderated) booker is VERY pro alternative lifestyles. booker is all for obama care.

    Lets all vote for Steve Lonegan and encourage our family and friends to do the same. He is a conservative, a constitutionalist and above all the more decent, moral and family oriented candidate.

    Do not be swayed by booker’s charisma and smooth talk. One man has an attractive outside with a rotten core(y) and the other is a solid conservative.

    And don’t forget to pray for a Lonegan win. We need God’s help on this one.

  • former cory guy says:

    Watch the video, I did and was impressed with what I hear. I was cory now I am steve.

  • lakewood says:

    Guess we have a lot of tea drinkers in Lakewood,sure am glad I like coffee.. When are people going to realize it is the tea party that has gotten the country in the shape it is in?

  • get out and vote steve says:

    The guys who keep bashing the tea party are the naive liberal kool aid drinkers who are biting their nose to spite their face. Guys wake up and realuze that the left is destroying our once great country

  • Old Goyim Billy says:

    ‘When are people going to realize it is the tea party that has gotten the country in the shape it is in?”
    Yup blame all on the tea party…. I have a dollar I can only spend a dollar and what’s wrong with that? Bleed the middle class a little more….comrade

  • Of course I did the jog-a-thon says:

    Lonegan all the way !! And, btw, according to a new poll out this morning, Booker is only ahead by 3% points. We must all go out & vote for Lonegan !!

  • A Bissel Seichel says:

    To #1 and #7
    Your logic reminds me of the time my Grandmother was complaining that “the Fire engines make such a ruckus”.

    When the country is going down the tubes faster than you can say “yes we can “, All you do is blame the whistle blowers.

    The Shame of it is, that people of similar IQ will be voting, [For Booker].

    Oh ! I forgot Cory CARES for the little guy. He even Proved it during the Stunt he pulled off [With the usual media accomplices] when he lived on a Welfare check for a week or so.

    What compassion !!

    What Boldness !!

    My bleeding heart is starting to bleed even more .

  • oh please says:

    tea party shmee party. The facts are that Lonegan is a conservative family man and booker is very liberal. booker is totally at odds with a Jewish way of life, or any decent way of living for that matter.

    Who would you prefer making decisions for millions of people? A middle aged bachelor who runs around the country on speaking tours or a decent business man?

  • Yisroel says:

    Let’s get out and vote for Steve. We need to make a kiddush hashem from the get go. Hopefully we won’t have to run to Trenton with the right representation at the Senate bill. Thank you R’ Birnhack and Captain Seigel for bringing him to Lakewood

  • Daexpert says:

    Write in the captain

  • Free advice says:

    I would rather be a tea drinker than the spiked kool aid you are drinking.

  • rr says:

    “we need a leader, not a tweeter’.

  • Torah yid says:

    You can bash and make fun of the TEA party. But the fact is Obama and liberals have done so much damage and continue to damage this country. Vote for Steve Lonegan.
    Don’t be a fool and blindly vote for dems because you think their cool.

  • lakewood says:

    booker is lkwd guy

  • jewish democrat says:

    Im voting for cory booker.

  • confused says:

    Wasn’t Cory Booker the guest speaker at SCHI’s dinner last year and got all the praises then. Captain Seigel and R’ Burnhak work at SCHI, so WHAT GIVES???

  • think for yourself says:

    Cory booker has been a disaster as mayor of newark so therefore he gets a promotion?! I really don’t understand people. Those who are so excited about booker, explain yourselves. Crime is up in newark. The education system is in the dumps and this is even after getting a $100 million donation from facebook to help schools in newark. So after allthat and much more you want to tell me he deserves a promotion to senator?!!
    Come on people start thinking for yourselves dont get won over by “costumes” and charisma

  • RebRambo says:

    I as well was impressed by the speaking abilities of Mr. Booker but as Martin Luther King said: “(I dream for a day) when man will be judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character…!

    V’hamvin yovin…

  • Torah values says:

    Its time we all make a Kiddush Hashem by voting for Steve who has good (Torah) values, morals and ethics.
    I would love to know what Rabbi Simcha Bunin’s take is on this. If any does know, can you please post it.

    My entire family is making the effort to go out and vote for Steve.Lonegan. I hope that you all do the some this Wednesday.

  • Americams for Morality says:

    Please go vote on Wednesday. Due to this being a special election there will probably be a small turnout. Our votes can really make a difference.

  • lakewood says:

    They raised lots of money for Booker in Lakewood. He has a strong base here, and probably raised the most money that a politician has seen in Lakewood history.
    Booker’s is OUR guy

  • Booker yes says:

    say no to lonegan, yes to booker.

  • Anonymous says:

    Booker raised money Lakewood from special interest groups
    Lonegan shares the same values of our entire community!!

    vote for Lonegan!!

  • the real emes says:

    This Wednesday we can start to reverse some of the wreckage and destruction done to our nation over these past 5 years by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party by voting for Steve Lonegan. Booker has proven himself to be a storyteller, charlatan, who lives and functions in a fantasy world. He makes up stories about events in his life for the purpose of endearing himself to people. He lied about his ‘friend’ T-Bone, and lied about comforting a man dying in his arms.
    Booker has all but deserted New Jersey in favor of the chic Manhattan upper east side crowd, and then wings it to Hollywood to generate money, business deals, and frolic with those super-rich narcissists odd-balls while Newark murders soar. Is Booker the person you really want to represent you in the U.S. Senate. We all know he is a fake and an empty suit who stands for nothing. He has no guiding principles or public goals beyond his own self-aggrandizement. Don’t vote for Booker. He doesn’t deserve your vote. Give your vote to Steve Lonegan who is truly worthy of it.

  • think about it says:

    stop being so confused. There is a difference between honoring a politician and voting him in for higher office.

    The guy has clout, he brings in money some institutions in Lakewood may bring him in. After all, he is in office.

    Now there is a second issue. Who to vote for for Senator.

    The guy who stands for all the things that Torah hates or the better guy

  • Christine Abrams says:

    A reporter for The Daily Caller online was not able to find Cory Booker living at any of the 3 addresses listed under various documents in his name that he claims to be his residence. His campaign for senate is run out of a PO Box. Granted I haven’t paid much attention to this race, and only know of Booker because of his celebrity appearance, but to me this is fishy.

  • Christine Abrams says:

    We need more small government, conservative, pro-life representatives in the Senate because the Senate confirms Supreme Court Justices Something to think about.

  • so says:

    # 24 what are saying ?!

    Bec. a few hockers gave Booker $ WE should vote for him?

  • Chaim Yankel says:

    Because Booker gave a good shmooze at SCHI therefore the oilam has to vote for him? People are analyzing what is important to them, what issues the condidate stands for and then they are going to vote.

    This election the turnout will be real low and every vote counts.

  • daven says:

    As frum Jews lets not forget to DAVEN that Lonegan wins. Anyone who has any idea of the power of prayer would immediately understand.

    DAVEN that the Jews of N.J. use this week’s opportunity to make a kiddush Hashem.

  • anonymous says:

    Due to the fact that its a special election, many regular voters wont be showing up to vote. So even though booker leads the polls it really depends which side is more motivated to come vote. If we are motivate to vote we can make a difference!

  • Simcha G. says:

    It is time that we all unify and show the world (and our self’s) that with true achdus we can get out 10,000 votes!
    I would love to see real leaders (perhaps the vaad etc.) that could stand up and rally the Town to make a true statement as to what we as Yidden stand for.

  • Simcha G. says:

    Remember, every vote counts and WE can tip the scale!

  • Very Interesting says:

    Lonegan has the right ideas. But his advisor should have told him when in Lakewood, do not complain about the expense and inflated use of HUD and food stamps.

    I am afraid too many Lakewooders may not vote on which man has the better values, but who will keep shoveling out the entitlements.

  • Brook stone says:

    Cory Booker has a soft spot for jews and Jewish ideas there will be many Republicans voting for him. He is a friend of the lkwd community

  • Anonymous says:

    who would Reb Avigdor Miller tell us to vote for?? democrat or REPUBLICAN?? i thing u all know, so whats the shaiylah here?

  • Yisroel says:

    Lonegan got my vote. A real mench.

  • South of the Lake says:

    Did anyone play him Shmuel Kunda`s ” the name is LONEGAN NOT HOOLIGAN”?

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