UPDATED: Fire Severely Damages Lakewood Home

fire 3VIDEO & PHOTOS: A fire severely damaged a Lakewood home this evening. As first reported on our News Alerts (@lakewoodscoop), the Fire Department was hit out for the structure fire on Teaberry Court at about 9:25 PM.

Flames were shooting out from the front of the home when the first responders arrived, witnesses on scene tell TLS. The occupants were not in the home at the time, officials say.

Dozens of personnel from Lakewood, Howell and Jackson responded to the scene.

The fire was knocked down before it could spread throughout the home.

The Fire Marshals are investigating.

Askonim asked that TLS reiterate the importance of Menorah safety. [TLS]

There are 5 Comments to "UPDATED: Fire Severely Damages Lakewood Home"

  • !!!! says:

    oh g-d! i know whos house it is!

    may g-d watch over them,
    did evertone get out safe?

  • am yisroel says:

    was this from a menorah? nebach.

  • halachistere says:

    Never leave me or as burning and leave!
    Put them out after half an hour and relight them when you get home.

  • Of course I did the jog-a-thon says:

    Even better : if it burned half-hr after 72 (or even 60), u can put it out & leave it out !! Relight it the next day !!

  • machor says:

    All yeshivas should make the bachorim light only in dining room and not dorm. They should also put out fire after half hour

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