UPDATED: First Winter Storm of the Season Arrives

pan downtownPHOTOS: Drivers are being urged to use extreme caution on the roads today as the snow and sleet is causing very harsh road conditions.

Close to a dozen accidents were already reported in Lakewood since the beginning of the storm, and over 20 accident were reported in Toms River.

Snow is expected to turn to mostly sleet and rain after 9 pm, according to the NWS.

Police Captain Gregory Meyer is urging drivers to reduce speeds to allow a safe distance between vehicles. The Captain is also asking residents to avoid any unnecessary trips.

hatz 12-8-13Snow accumulation is 1-3 inches, according to the NWS.

Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein is reminding Lakewood residents to sign up for the Lakewood Township Notification System, which alerts subscribers about emergencies; Department Of Public Works information, such as trash pickup, snow removal and parking during snow removal; traffic problems; weather related events; school closings; power outage updates; and legal notices.

Residents can receive the alerts via email or text to their cell phones. Sign up for Lakewood Township alert system at Click on the Notification Signup on the right side of this website. The Township alert system is free; however, standard text messaging rates from your carrier may apply.

UPDATE 4PM: The National Weather Service has extended the Winter Storm Warning until midnight tongith. 5-12 inches of snow accumulation possible.

UPDATE 7:30 PM: Mayor Akerman tells TLS crews are hoping to have the roads clear in time for the early commuters, and school buses. Crews are currently out salting the roads.


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There are 44 Comments to "UPDATED: First Winter Storm of the Season Arrives"

  • Anon says:

    Remember to clean the snow off of your car before you drive. It’s the Law!!just saw a car go past my house with only a space cleared on the front window. No other snow removed How unsafe is that, could be why so many accidents. Take ai minute and.clear your car not only for your safety but for others.

  • skeptic says:

    is there bussing tomorrow?

  • Kas says:

    The National Weather Service issued an alert at 12:41 pm indicating that we will get between 3 to 5 inches of snow and sleet in our area. It will then change over to rain after midnight when the temperature goes above 32 degrees. The roads are very slippery. I saw a school bus fishtail at Cross Street and Route 528 at 1:30 pm. My advice to everyone is to stay home if at all possible.

  • ? says:

    does anyone know how the highways are?

  • Hanky panky says:

    I drove on 9mph and stil skidded

  • I heard says:

    I heard the Parkway is clear

  • ? says:

    should I go to a vort I have in NY??

  • REALIST says:

    Don’t be silly!
    Drink at home and have the best of both!

  • Working yeshiva guy says:

    Just came from ny, everything was clear until the parkway. As we got closer to Lakewood and in Lakewood itself, it was much worse

  • ? says:

    Ok we are not going to NY even though it is a family vort…better be safe than sorry

  • Anonymous says:

    Where are the plows?????????

  • Ashley Avenue says:

    Ashley Avenue between Wynatt and Lincoln is the Forgotten Street in Lakewood. It has still not been plowed or salted. Very hazardous conditions on this major important thoroughfare. I hope DEP will clean this up quickly.

  • ananomom says:

    Remember: Windshield wipers on then headlights on. I saw so many vehicles without headlights today. That’s dangerous.

  • Ashley Avenue says:


  • Attn Rosh yeshivas says:

    Boys trying to hitch on Central Ave. don’t realize how dangerous it is for drivers to make sudden stops which can cause a chain reaction accident in the snow. Also it’s extremely dangerous to walk in the shoulder of the roads when cars are unstable due to the slippery conditions.

  • Of course I did the jog-a-thon says:

    Ive been driving around alot today. Sadly, it seems Lakewood is the forgotten town. I havent seen 1 (one) plow.

  • Anonymous says:

    chilax!!!! noone was plowed, your not forgotten.

  • Anon says:

    No plows ? Because it’s going to rain tonight is no excuse for not plowing. The plows should be out there. If someone gets hurt out there it’s on the townships conscience. We pay our taxes .get to work. Make the streets safe . All that feel the same way please post so that we could make a statement loud and clear .

  • REAL WEATHER! says:

    please note that according to, lakewood is supposed to get A mixture of wintry precipitation will transition to rain showers by 11pm. Cloudy with temperatures steady near the low 30s. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. About one inch of additional snow through 11:30pm. i looked at the winter storm warning and its issued out of philly, which is totally not our area! please do not freak everyone out for no reason and have schools cancel bussing for no reason!

  • 123 says:

    Ashley avenue you are not the only ones not plowed, I haven’t seen any streets plowed yet. Post if your street was not plowed.

    I watched in horror today as the school buses with our children were skidding down the streets…


  • T says:

    S-L-O-W D-O-W-N!!!!!!

  • I heard says:

    anyone know how many reported accidents in lkwd 2day?

  • anonymous N-10 says:

    The attitude from lkwd dpw when it snows is retarded! Not to plow till it ends snowing just makes matters worse! Why they didn’t plow or sand/salt today is a question everyone should ask at the next township meeting

  • Jas says:

    Philly forecast is better for us then New York. This little storm is coming from the southwest towards the northeast. We had snow way before the new York city area. Be safe

  • ANON says:

    All anyone knows how to do is complain about plows! Its disgusting! This was an unexpected storm that all the weather services got wrong. Sometimes you have to cut them a brake.

  • thank you! says:

    Lol…with all due respect, when did Ashley Avenue become an important road in this town?

  • ANON says:

    And btw the fact that you pay taxes (if you really do) is irrelevant. If you want better service your taxes will go up. That’s the bottom line after all the complaints. Because the taxes you pay now goes to the current budget. If you want more it costs more. I’m not getting involved in all the issues where theres waste, where to cut etc etc. Its just plain logic if you want better service costs go up.

  • common sense says:

    roads will be icy tomorrow-should be no bussing for all schools

  • Chaim Klein says:

    This was not a unexpected storm the scoop has been warning us about they must start following the alerts on the scoop

  • Concerned says:

    Why doesn’t Lakewood schools have opening delays like every other town for tomorrow??? The roads are going to be very dangerous with the wintery mix and snow that has fallen. Doesn’t the BOE watch the weather channel??? No concerns for the children or staff?? What’s going on with this town???

  • My Take says:

    It doesn’t make sense to plow if it keeps coming down, then they’ll have to plow again. I cleaned off my car to go shopping, parked in a parking lot for just a few minutes and had to completely clean my car off again. That’s why it makes more sense to wait to plow , because it keeps on coming.

  • RebRambo says:

    ANON, you are right. The Weather Channel Gods were nowhere to be found on this storm! They only began issuing warning as the event began to unfold.

  • Anon says:

    salt sand that gives traction . All responsible city’s do that

  • to # 30 says:

    Stupid argument! First of all how are people supposed to get around (those that must) during the storm, if the roads have not been plowed at all. Second, its much harder to plow all at once, and much easier if its been continuously plowed.
    I bet you’re the guy that waits for 2 months worth of mail to pile up before you take care of it, instead of taking care of it when it comes. Its called procrastination!

  • anonymous says:

    To #16…hitchhiking is ILLEGAL in any weather!!

  • Anon says:

    All the schools around Lakewood are having delayed openings why is Lakewood not having delayed ? Just goes to show that the BOE doesn’t care about the safety of students and there are staff members that live out of town. It would be safer to travel later. A 90 minute delay makes more sense than maybe someone having an accident just to please those that go to private school.

  • Concerned says:

    Anon, I agree with you 100%! I myself work at a Lakewood school but live in Toms River and would have to travel in those dangerous road conditions because the BOE has no concerns for the staff and not to mention the safety of the children. People with children in the private schools are more worried about getting bussing for their children. I am guessing if Lakewood public schools had a opening delay it would interfere with their bussing scheduling. Am I right or wrong????

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why you need a delayed opening for 3 inches of snow, that has basically stopped! The plows/salters/sanders are out working. The mayor said he hopes to have the streets cleaned by the morning commute, so what’s the problem?

  • upset says:

    Did any1 besides me get into an accident then have a cop give them a ticket for careless driving?
    When I asked the cop why he said I should be more careful on slipper st

  • anonymous says:

    to #36
    Lakewood public schools don’t delay opening unless it’s really bad weather because that would interfere with the private school schedule.

  • anonymous says:

    To all those who complained that the boe doesn’t care about anyone and should have delayed schools opening today…did you still think so this morning when it rained all night and there was no snow….if they would have delayed school, this morning you would’ve complained that they should start on time….never can please anyone here

  • raintree says:

    The plow came down our street last night. No need now; it’s only rain, that is, until tomorrow.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are people complaining about busing for private schools? I didn’t see that mentioned at all in the article? Why are people just assuming things? Only people in private schools want their kids to go to school when the roads are clear, just a little wet? Why not the public school parents?

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