BOE: District on Regular Schedule Tuesday

snow school busBoard of Ed President Isaac Zlatkin tells TLS he was notified by the Transportation Director that the Lakewood District is operating on a regular schedule today.

Zlatkin also noted that several other towns are on a delayed schedule, and that the contractors were instructed to make Lakewood their priority to ensure the buses run on time.‎


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There are 40 Comments to "BOE: District on Regular Schedule Tuesday"

  • Yid says:

    Who’s gonna be the first to complain today?

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem is that you can’t make a decision at 4:18 for that days school. The decision should be made at 6:00 am


    good luck the bus drivers will need it–i just drove to work from Jackson to Lakewood

  • chochom says:

    Skanta chamurah meisorah! Please be diligent when driving. On Reb Volbe’s ZT”L bais hamuser there was a sign. ” Tov labed regah bchaim mlaved Chaim bregah”.

  • question says:

    i don’t know what lakewood knows that every other district doesn’t–for all the other districts to have delayed openings. i do not have children in school any longer but i do not know if i would put my child on a bus today

  • Jas says:

    In this town better be safe than sorry does not apply.

  • Anonymous says:

    i wont put my kids on the bus.
    did you ever see how these bus drivers drive they speed and run stop signs in my neighbor hood

  • anonymous says:

    If your not gonna delay then the plows should have been out much earlier. Spruce st school starts at 8:00 and they r just plowing it now. All buses I past this morning are covered with snow. Should have had a delay. Better safe then sorry,

  • Lakewood teacher says:

    They cannot make a decision at 6 am. Not all schools start at 9:00 the public schools start as early as 7:30. That does not give teachers, or bus drivers who live out of town a chance to arrive on time.

  • Opportunity says:

    I hope these decisions are made based on the children’s safety only!!! Always err on the side of caution…

  • ach says:

    let see how many cars accidents……………… I hope BOE replace them lol

  • Anonymous says:

    2 bbuses out of 3 are delayed the bus company says 2 accidents already they dont understand why there is busing if Lakewood is not plowed. Great job once again Lakewood Township

  • daas says:

    You should have been a 90 minute delay as every other district New Jersey had.

  • Simple says:

    It’s grave danger to put children on the bus today before the roads were all plowed.

  • Yid says:

    Great! The complaints keep coming in! Keep it up!

  • Avi says:

    Complaining about complaining is just as bad as complaining

  • Yid says:

    I can’t think of a any scenario in which there wouldn’t be complainers on TLS. That’s why I don’t take these complaints seriously anymore.

  • Chaim Yankel says:

    One thing is for sure this ‘Gus’ fellow in charge of transportation can’t win.

  • anonymous says:

    Jackson 2 hr delay today..

  • Lakewood mom says:

    Thank you to the bus drivers, Mr. Latin, and the BOE. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

  • anonymous says:

    Not sure what regular schedule means. One bus didn’t show up at all, and the second was 45 minutes late.

  • Chaim says:



  • Wondering says:

    Doesn’t anyone connected with the Lakewood BOE care about the safety of the students that have to walk? The Middle School and High School have to be in class before 7:30, there are elementary students that have to be in by 8;00, they are out walking where sidewalks have not been shoveled, cars speeding by with snow flying off There is more to safety than busses. A 90 minute delay would have been the best decesion all around. No the other towns did not make a bad decesion, they made a wise one. They care!!

  • lion says:

    Every other district had a delayed opening. Does the BOE not care about its employees who commute from other areas of the state? Their commute could have been dangerous since there was no delay and none of the roads were plowed.

  • Chaim says:


  • no bus came says:

    My children waited until 9:15 for 8:30 bus. I saw maybe 3 buses out of dozens come into the development. If you say there are buses they should show up! My office opened regular time in North Jersey and everyone was expected.. I understand if the buses run a little late but 45 minutes is no exuse

  • anon says:

    was the re any reason not too have bussing today. The roads seem clear to me since 800 today

  • Wondering says:

    Maybe the roads were slippery!! Maybe it took awhile to get the busses cleaned off

  • Luisa says:

    No. 23 Mr. wondering I called this morning the superintendant office leaving a message because when my daughters left it was still snowing a lot. This is the only freak town that put kids and other people in risk.

  • Chaim Yankel says:

    A 100 years ago the kids walked to schools in this weather.. get a grip people.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love sunny and warm southern Florida!

  • Wondering says:

    A 100 years ago there were not a million people driving like crazy on snow covered roads.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, a delayed opening a regular opening you have a right to keep your child off the bus. We as parents can drive our kids put them on the bus or keep them home. The BOE is not in charge you are. My child isn’t going to learn anything today that’s worth his/her life.

  • ANON says:

    Heres the deal. Gus has to make the decision at around 4 am which is very tough to project what the roads will look like 4 hrs forward. That being said lets be honest. He’s had an awful season. Delaying or canceling when it turned out he shouldn’t have & not delaying when it turned out he should have.

  • One more time says:

    Today I made the decision to double the amount of life insurance on my wife the lakewood school teacher. The weather she has to drive in (because of the Boe incompetence ) is crazy. I believe it will be a miracle if she lives through the winter . Thank you b o e for the stress and constant worry. Wake up before someone does not!!!

  • school administrator says:

    ALL of my busses arrived to my school by 9:15 this morning. Thanks to all the drivers and support staff at the bus co and BOE for ensuring that every student had the opportunity to get to school safe and on time for a full day of learning. Car pool is a disaster on the congested roads of our town.

  • OMG says:

    Lakewood is absolutely ridiculous!
    In more ways then just bad calls on closings and delayed openings.
    The decision to close or delay is NOT made by just one person (Gus). It is a group decision, however the “group” that decides this has absolutely no concern for the public school students, teachers, bus drivers, or parents!
    What a shame and soon to be a tragedy!

  • anonymous parent says:

    delayed openings are the best thing. Why take chances????the weather is awful, some teachers live out of town, bus drivers live out of town, a little consideration for the walkers. Why would any parent put there children on the roads that are not plowed and clear?I do not understand if every town around is waiting why must Lakewood not wait? People are scared of driving,isn’t NJ Ins high enough???wait, be safe, spring is coming. Delay when the roads r bad……

  • JOE LAKEWOOD says:

    The whole point of the 90 Min DELAY is to by you the time to see what the road conditions will be later in the AM ! if they clear up you go in to school …if not you CLOSE! you don’t have to guess at it …that is what it is for ..its a tool to use to assure the children and employees get to school safely !

  • old timer says:

    Lakewood should have had a delayed opening! At 6:00 am when many high school and middle school staff are driving to the roads were horrific. You couldn’t even see the lines in the road. Cars were skidding and sliding all over the place. Many student were waiting on the street for their bus to arrive in snow and hail. (Unfortunately many people don’t think it’s important to shovel their sidewalks ) We were fortunate that none of the cars that were sliding didn’t hit a child. Also 2 LHS staff members were in car accidents on their way to work. Was it worth it?

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