Resident Allegedly Pistol-Whipped During Armed Home Invasion; Shot Fired in Home

breaking news tls 2 submittedFIRST REPORT: A Lakewood resident was reportedly pistol-whipped during a home invasion this evening which left a bullet hole in the home, TLS has learned.

Police were called shortly after 7 PM to the home, where the resident says an armed man ransacked the home and hit him in the head with a gun before fleeing.

Multiple officers and a K9 unit from Brick responded to the scene, but as of the time of this report were not yet successful in tracking the suspect.

While at the scene, police also discovered a bullet casing in the home and a bullet hole through the ceiling, sources say.

ciu scene home invasion lkwdThe resident was reportedly not seriously injured.

CIU and Lakewood’s Street Crimes detectives are investigating the incident.



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There are 17 Comments to "Resident Allegedly Pistol-Whipped During Armed Home Invasion; Shot Fired in Home"

  • Askan says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Where was this???

  • chaim says:


  • hi says:

    The scoop always does this.dont put in a story to scare us,and not tell us just makes us more scared.

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep them loaded and ready, send a message to these (moderated). Oh wait, we live in jersey, where if someone points a gun at us and we shoot them, we go to prison. (moderated)

  • Paint says:

    No description? Gee wonder why

  • Anonymous says:

    Why wasn’t LCSW called? They would of had this guy caught already

  • Paint says:

    If you live in NJ your a sitting duck or supreme law makers use this line. You have no justifiable need to protect yourself hence you can not carry a gun to defend your self or your family learn to talk duck folks quack quack

  • Anon says:

    #7 can we PLEASE stop going to LCSW for major crimes??? this isn’t something for a “civilian” to handle. stick to driving around snitching on everyone. but the LCSW is NOT more powerful than the LPD and cannot conduct the same kinda investigation. they are a CIVILIAN watch group.

  • anonymous1 says:

    Really though.. If anyone could have guns… how many would end up in criminal’s hands from it? More than they have now.. it’s not a black and white situation, there are gray areas that could be just as bad. Alternatively, crime is getting worse. Maybe we could see more police presence in this area… before it turns into another Asbury park.

  • Afriend says:

    A mandatory Firearm in every house!!!! Now!!!!!

  • think says:

    Was the LCSW called? People must learn to always call LCSW after calling 911.

  • Laura says:

    It would be nice to know where this happened. I work in Lakewood and would feel better knowing where

  • out of towner says:

    It’s sad how Lakewood had been turning into a town where these incidents occur frequently. Glad I got out a few years ago…

  • Johnathan says:

    To all the firearm in every home! i totally agree But! being involved in firearms for many years i can tell you 80% of people who buy a gun, buy it shoot it once and leave it in the closet for the next 10 years. My friends if that is you, your gun is a liability to you it is not a tool that will help you. If you buy a gun and not practice and commit to it by practicing weekly for the the first 6 months and monthly after that you will never be able to use the gun properly under stress. You will shoot the very person you are trying to save. a jackhammer is a great tool at ripping up concrete but without proper training and practice you will take your foot off. I applaud anyone for buying a gun but take the next step and practice with it on a regular basis, be familiar with it be able to take it apart and back together with your eyes closed. I talk from experience from my many friends who have bought guns over the years. buying a gun is not just another toy, well it is a toy but take the responsibility that comes along with it i know its expensive to practice but thats the choice you made, if you cant afford it do yourself a favor and sell the gun and rent one in the range when you feel like shooting

  • Kosher Shooting says:

    I am with Jonathan 100%. Buy a gun and KEEP PRACTICING. It’s not just a paper weight without the training, it’s a liability. G-d forbid your kid finds it, because you don’t know how to store it safely. Practice makes perfect.
    Good Shabbos.

  • cee says:

    People are a joke don’t worries where or how it happen now what’s gonna get done people work too hard for another person to come in there home an take something I say the new law for home owners should be past robbers check in but they don’t check out .. oh we can’t do that either because then people will start taking advantage of that .keep your Windows doors lock an if u see something funny report it ..keep where u live safe..

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