K9 Dog Sniffs Out Drugs During Sweep at Lakewood High School

lhs sweep 2-26-14VIDEO: A sweep at the Lakewood High School today resulted in the seizure of drugs, sources tell TLS.

In an unannounced sweep, authorities this morning moved in to conduct a search for drugs.

As a K9 dog made its way around the school, it began barking and scratching at a locker, sources say. The dog’s indication of drugs prompted authorities to request a search warrant for the locker. A short time later, the warrant was issued, giving the authorities the right to bust open the locker. Drugs were found inside, sources  – who wish to remain anonymous at this time told TLS.

Officials from the Ocean County Prosecutors Office, Sheriff’s Office, K9 and other agencies took part in the operation at the Somerset Avenue school at about 8 AM.

“The primary focus of sending Dogs into Ocean County High Schools is to raise awareness and educate parents to any potential issues with their child,” Al Della Fave, the spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office tells TLS. “We will not be announcing the results of the searches. Whatever is found will be communicated to school administrators and parents only, so they can take the appropriate steps to address the issue.

The random search program, says Della Fave, will continue throughout the school year.

“And just a warning – though we were at your school today, it doesn’t mean we won’t be back maybe tomorrow. The random unannounced aspect of the program is very important as a deterrent.”


There are 3 Comments to "K9 Dog Sniffs Out Drugs During Sweep at Lakewood High School"

  • born here says:

    I think its a good thing but not only
    Ocean County all counties school even privates schools. Must save the children.

  • old timer says:

    This sweep is done throughout Ocean County not just Lakewood.. Drug use is rampant in all schools private & public. It appears that the “,,higher” the socioeconomic level the stronger the drug!

  • Anonymous says:

    Go to the jackson schools

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