Win Your Very Own Sefer Torah in Williams St Shul Raffle

st[ADVERTORIAL] Although there are many raffles and Chinese auctions out there, one local Shul has found a way to stand out. The Williams Street Shul is currently running a fundraising campaign that offers a prize that is truly unique:

The winner will be a proud owner of a new Sefer Torah. While this mitzvah is normally out of reach for most people, for as little as $50 per ticket, this mitzvah is now a possibility for all.

The $50 price is the cheapest report of a raffle for a Sefer Torah. There are multiple-ticket discounts of 3 for $125 and 5 for $200 and 10 for $360.

In addition, if the winning ticket is purchased before Shushan Purim, the winner will also win a crown along with the Sefer Torah!! So don’t delay – purchase your ticket(s) right now!

This is a unique opportunity: Support a Mokom Torah, while giving yourself a chance to win the dream of a lifetime: Your own Sefer Torah! The might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so grab it!

To purchase tickets, text 732-569-2176, or email Click here for more info.

There are 13 Comments to "Win Your Very Own Sefer Torah in Williams St Shul Raffle"

  • freetochoose says:

    Is it just me or is using a Sefer Torah as a fundraiser a little disrespectful?

  • Joe shmoe says:

    It’s just you

  • wow says:

    I see nothing wrong with it. And I am assuming the rabbi off the shul gave his ok.

  • Wow! says:

    Great Raffle! I’m sick of all the Shaitel raffles, as well as electronics, etc. A Sefer Torah! Wow! And $50 is very reasonable. Also a nice gift idea.

  • huh? says:

    #1, its just u…

  • S.B. says:

    I’m impressed with this raffle idea. I will buy a ticket, bl”n. I hope others buy too – as long as I win!

  • RebRambo says:

    Count me in. The Rav of the shul, Rav Moshe Chaim Kahan shlit”a is a beloved by his community and is a pose at BMG as well.

    As to number one, naysayers should keep comments to their very little self.

  • Osher says:

    What a wonderful eitza. I’m going to buy a ticket now- enough talking about this, I’m just going to do. Hopefully I’ll win.

  • Shmiel Mol says:

    This is great! I spoke to a member of the shul. He said that they don’t mind if a group of people get together & buy tickets together so that they can get the discounted price.

    $50 is great for an opportunity to have a Sefer Torah, but if I get 10 guys together- WOW!!!! Just $36 for such an incredible opportunity!!!!!

  • Pothole says:

    It’s amazing how thoughtful this raffle is. I’m going to buy one now.

  • M.S. says:

    My husband always dreams about owning a Sefer Torah. We can’t afford to buy one but maybe I should buy him a ticket. $50 we can afford, and hey, you never know…..

  • ???? says:

    is one yotzeh the mitzva of ksivas sefer torah by winning it in a raffle?

  • Pothole says:

    Dear ????,

    I think they are giving you the Zchus to have it written. You pick the Ksav etc, they pay the Sofer.

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