UPDATED: [VIDEO] Child on Bike Pinned and Dragged Under Commercial Van; Chilling New Details

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PHOTOS & VIDEO: [UPDATED 12:07 PM] A child is lucky to be alive this morning after he was pinned and dragged under a commercial van on Route 9.

The incident happened around 8:45 AM when the 9-year-old boy was reportedly crossing Route 9 at the intersection of Route 9 and 8th Street, when a van turning didn’t see him, and struck him.

Police tell TLS the child was dragged under the van for about 75 feet, until it came to a stop.

Dozens of emergency personnel responded to the scene, including a nearby Chaveirim member, and immediately began jacking up the van.

“I was able to get it (the van) just above the kid so it wasn’t resting on him anymore,” the Chaveirim member, Peretz Gershbaum, told TLS.

After about 15 minutes, Hatzolah, EMS and Lakewood First Aid managed to fully lift the van up, and remove the child. The victim was conscious.

Police say he suffered a broken femur and other injuries, though none appear to be life-threatening. He was transported by Hatzolah to Jersey Shore Medical Center.

officer 1The name for Tehillim is Mordechai ben Yehudis Rus.

A police officer en route to the call was involved in an accident, though he wasn’t injured. The patrol car crashed through a fence at the intersection of Route 9 and 10th Street.

UPDATE 12: 07 PM: In chilling new details, TLS has learned that the van driver was unaware that he had ran over a child.

Police tell TLS that luckily, a parole officer from out of town witnessed it, and pulled over the van.

“He (the driver) wanted to know why he was pulled over,” the officer – who wishes to remain anonymous – tells TLS. “There’s a child under your van,” the officer responded.”

“Had he not witnessed it, the child could have been killed,” the officer said.

Also assisting in stopping the van, was Lakewood resident Ron Holder, who also got the phone number to the child’s parents to notify them of the accident.

UPDATE 2:50 PM: The boy is currently undergoing surgery. The family is requesting that Tehillim be said as a Zchus. The name is Mordechai ben Yehudis Rus.



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There are 36 Comments to "UPDATED: [VIDEO] Child on Bike Pinned and Dragged Under Commercial Van; Chilling New Details"

  • Mordekhai Globman says:

    It was van not a truck

  • Anonymous says:

    say tehilim for mordechai ben yehudis rus

  • Dogo says:

    Is he OK
    Rt 9?

  • Wondering says:

    Where does it say truck, article clearly states van.

  • Yosef A. says:

    Hashem Gadol Refua Shelema Yehudis Ben Rus

  • Yosef A. says:

    Correction: Refua Shelema Mordechai Ben Yehudis Rus

  • Lakewood Rez says:

    B’h b’h b’h

  • Chaim says:

    Thanks all agencies including Chaveirim members 50-48-42

  • lakewood says:

    there was a kind frum women first at the seen who stayed calm and spoke to the boy and kept him calm until Hatzalah arrived.

  • Anonymous says:


  • sara says:

    There was a very special lady who sat on the floor with the kid until hatzala arrived. And then stayed to calm the mother. Its nice to see that there are such caring people on the world.

  • amazing! says:

    i had tears in my eyes watching the video! its really a miracle that this kid lived!!!! chasdei hashem!!

  • Chaim says:

    THANK YOU LPD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amazed says:

    Chaim Zev Smith You were amazing there first on scene and holding stabilization! Tizku LMitzvos

  • Anonymous says:

    Perfect example of why schools have delays in this type of weather (yes I know it was not involving a bus).
    Thankfully everyone is okay.

  • Bless The Lord says:

    Hay scoop you guys are grt anyway to get the copyright not to blurr the pics?

  • David says:

    Go Shaq! Go CZ smith!

  • knows something says:

    wow..chilling story! b”h he is well

  • Louie says:

    Thank G-d the child was spared worse injuries.
    Madison Avenue is a highway. I have seen adults crossing and often even jaywalking without looking to see if it was safe to cross. Because of their recklessness I have almost hit some of them. Madison is dangerous to cross in the daytime and even worse at night. Remember: It may be Madison Avenue, but it’s also a highway so watch how you cross.

  • Sam says:

    B’H he was spared worse injuries,
    How is it that the driver didn’t see the kid, or hear the dragging,
    Might it be that he was texting?

  • AE says:

    A 9 year old boy was crossing Rt 9 alone at an intersection with no traffic light?!?!

  • stam says:

    The is a true Miracle!

  • fan of lakewood says:

    this was a miracle

    I passed the scene, I feared the worst

    whoever that women is she should be blessed

    also the heroism or reb perettz he was like a malach

    chasdie hashem

  • abe says:

    i’m crying, seeing so much chesed and good hatzoloh and chaverim do, day in, day out. this chesed will bring moshiach shortly.

  • wiki says:

    Perhaps they can make those metal barricades like they have in other cities that protect people from entering at dangerous crossroads. The fence can start at Shoprite Lakewood (where many people cross as well, way faster “highway”) al the way until the lake.
    What do you think?

  • Ben Eliezer says:

    If you had SEEN the SCENE you would have been SEEN at the SCENE.
    Get it?

  • Wondering says:

    Why was my comment deleted? Was asking question like AE did about 9 yr old crossing Rt 9 unsupervised?

  • Rev Miller yid says:

    A few lessons we should take from this story. 1: Hashgacha protis, Hashem is watching every second. 2: we must pay attention while we drive. Let’s put the phones down and concentrate. When someone asked the Stipler Goan if he should get a drivers license, the Stipler responded, driving takes zchusim. 3: Obay the traffic laws, it’s common sense and the way of the Torah. “Derech Eretz kudmah L’torah” means to obay the laws. There are biking laws and walking laws, crossing laws and parking laws. One should not cross without a crosswalk, and a child should be tought to walk a bike across a street, especially a busy one. 4: See the chesed Hashem, B”H we don’t hear stories like these often, although this town has many people rushing around…

  • chaim says:

    I see alot of bystanders too close to the scene.Can people give first responders space please?

  • Anonymous says:

    Why is there a cop car that crashed in the pictures?

  • to num 29 says:

    Read the article

    “A police officer en route to the call was involved in an accident, though he wasn’t injured. The patrol car crashed through a fence at the intersection of Route 9 and 10th Street.”

  • Re: Cop Car says:

    Please read the article and then let us know if you still have a question.

  • rhonda says:

    They should have more traffic lights to many accidents r happening refuaha shleima

  • anonymos says:

    refuah sheleima b’karov! will do perek 119 bli neder!

  • ANON says:

    No 1 your an idiot. Does it matter if its a truck or a van!?!? And anyway a van is a truck so there.

  • Anonymous says:

    First thank god he is ok! That is very scary and terrible. Secondly it is nice to see so many people working to help this child and lastly why was he crossing a major highway such as route 9 by himself? It isnt safe for an adult most of the time

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