TONIGHT: Event in NY to Mark Shloshim of Sassoon Children; List your Kabbalos to be Sent to the Family

sassoonTonight, Sunday evening, will mark the Shloshim for the seven Sassoon children who perished in the horrific fire in Flatbush.

A Kinus marking the Shloshim will be held 6:15 PM Sunday evening at Kesser Torah, located at Avenue L and East 23rd Street. On Monday, a Shloshim event will be held in Eretz Yisroel.

All are urged to continue being Mispallel for the mother and daughter, Gila Gilsom bas Tziporah Francis (mother), and Tziporah bas Gila Gilsom.

A local family has created a list of Kabbalos which people took upon themselves in memory of the children, which will be sent to the family.

The organizer submitted the following to TLS:

sassoon homeA palpable sense of sadness has overcome our community after the horrific tragedy of the Sassoon family. There are no words to describe the empty spaces in our hearts as we face the reality that seven pure neshamos were taken away from us. A wise person said: What do we live for if not to make life a little less difficult for someone else? Many of us took upon ourselves different kabbalos (i.e. accepting shabbos earlier, shmiras halashon, learning a daf, helping someone in need, or getting rid of not tzanua clothing) as a zchus for a refuah shleima of Gila Bat Francis, and Tziporah Bat Gila as well as an aliyas neshama for the 7 Sassoon Children.

Finding comfort for such a catastrophic event seems unimaginable. Only Hashem has the cheshbon and answers that will one day show us all that the whole picture where we will all be able to see everything is for the good. “Machshavos hashem amko.”

In a small effort to show our sense of imo anochi btzara, we are asking the community to please email or call/text any good deed or kabbala that you have done as a zchus so that a compilation can be sent to the Sassoon family.

Please email to:

Or call/text 347-576-9774.




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There are 15 Comments to "TONIGHT: Event in NY to Mark Shloshim of Sassoon Children; List your Kabbalos to be Sent to the Family"

  • yehuda says:

    i have set a kabbalah to do TESHUVA. but not just personal teshuva. public teshuva on behalf of every yid in klal yisroel for all the pain each yid is going through (from physical to financial etc…)

    Let Hashem know when YOU are ready to do teshuva as a nation together (from frum to frei to chassidish etc…) so theres no more tzaros like this & mashiach comes

    may all these special neshamos have an aliya.

  • Fellow Brother says:

    Yisroel Kedoshim Heim. A special Thank You to the family behind this special project on behalf of the Sasson Family. Thank You.

  • Me too says:

    Any update on the mother and daughter?

  • you don't know me:) says:

    Wow. Is the father coming to speak in Lakewood? He was supposed to before Pesach and didnt end up happening.

  • sara says:

    I took upon myself to speak about the importance of have smoke/co alarms on every floor in homes. And also about only buying uL listed appliances. If anyone is interested in hearing more about my speech please leave your email address on this site. Thank you and tizku lemitzvot

  • Dovi says:

    As a Chesed- Can the correct names of the mother and daughter be verified, haven’t seen any names that are consistent throughout, in this article itself it has differencing names. The father did interview and mention their names but is that the complete names. We are confident that H-Shem hears our tefilos regardless. Refuah shleimah and thank you.

  • Bklyn mom says:

    I believe the correct names are
    Gila gilsom bat tzippora frances
    Tzipporah bat gila gilsom

  • esther sassoon says:

    Siporah bat gila
    Gila bat frances

  • Hey Sara says:

    Hey Sara.
    You really missed the boat in this one . There’s a verified facts heard directly from the family

    A: all smoke detectors were checked two weeks prior and had new batteries
    B: In the end investigators determined it was a wiring fire from a newly installed kitchen, NOT the hot plate. The hot plate story was a NY Post story meant to disparage religious jews (it worked and all the press went along with it)
    Acc to Sara , the message should be let’s have inspections on faulty wiring , NOT!

    The tragedy was not a normal one . It was clearly sent to shake us up out of our slumber Big Time .
    Klal yisrael has so much to work on
    So much machloket
    So much sinat chinam
    So much bitul Torah
    I doubt the message H-Shem is sending is fire safety

  • Shoshana says:

    Sara – I’m sorry someone said you missed the boat because your message is still valid to all of us who do not have working smoke detectors. When can I buy some inexpensively – as well as batteries?
    My budget is very tight – I can’t think of buying three for $30 each so easily.
    Thank you in advance.

  • heorah says:

    Thank you hey sara. Was about to state the same. Shame on everyone who made it about smoke alarms and hot plates. It turned our to be a farce – now everyone can think about the real cause. Hkb”h has many messengers. About a week and a half ago a father and seven children died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator. Can’t even blame elements electricity as it was shut down by the electric company. I think it was a clear message that a gezeira is a gezeira and we need to do teshuvah.

  • 7diamondsweekly says:

    in an effort for unity and to be able to give in some way to the Sassoon family, women and girls can join over 1,000 women and girls that have already joined, in a weekly learning program as a zechus for the 7 sassoon diamonds that we have lost and for a refuah shleimah for gila bas francis and tzippora bas gila.

    Simply send an email to with the words SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

    You will then receive weekly short summarized lessons based on the book Daughters of Dignity.

    Tizku L’mitzvos and Besuros Tovos!

  • stam ah yid says:

    Can anyone RELIABLY verify the post by “Hey Sara?”

  • take the right msg. says:

    I took a skirt from my closet that was a little tight and threw it away! L’iluy nishmat the seven beautiful children and for a refuah shelema for gila bat frances and sipora bat gila.It felt very good to do that!I also went and cut my wig abt 2.5 inches. And I pray for them each time I say asher yatzar. I want that the family should know how we think of each and every one of them each and every day! The grandparents the father the mother sipora and the seven nishamot that left us.

  • I'm hey sara says:

    Yes stam a Yid
    I can verify the info
    Contact TLS and he’ll reach out to me

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